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Neos Code Sprint May 2013

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The Neos Code Sprint May 2013 is a community driven TYPO3 event for developers.

The goal is to stabilize Neos in order to get as close as possible to a first stable release.

The sprint is organized by the TYPO3 Neos team.


The hashtag for the event is #typo3neos

Google+ Event


may 13th (monday) — may 17th (friday)

Map and Location Office Kaiserallee 13a, Karlsruhe, Germany

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

Feel free to add topic suggestions here! Please provide your name as a reference (name != responsibility)


Name Arrival Departure
Berit Hlubek 12. 17. ( early morning)
Christopher Hlubek 12. 17. ( early morning)
Karsten Dambekalns 12. 16.
Robert Lemke 14. 16.
Markus Goldbeck 13. 17.
Aske Ertmann 13. 17.
Christian Müller 13. 16./17.
Sebastian Kurfürst 13. 17.
Pankaj Lele 13. 17.
Tim Kandel 14. (evening) 17.
Irene Höppner 14. (evening) 17.
Rens Admiral 14. 17.
Bastian Waidelich 14. 17.
Mathias Schreiber 15. 17.
Sebastian Hens 15. 17.
Rasmus Skjoldan 14. 17.
Mattias Nilsson 14. 17.
ben van 't ende 15. 16.


Acora Hotel


  • Room & Coffee is sponsored by
  • Travel & hotel costs for Aske, Rasmus & Mattias are sponsored by MOC A/S
  • Travel & hotel costs for Rens Admiraal are sponsored by... Rens Admiraal!
  • Travel costs for Pankaj are sponsored by Lelesys


If you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with: Bastian Waidelich (bastian_at_typo3_dot_org)