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Neos Code Sprint October 2014

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Agenda / teams

Food teams/schedule

Food plan

Neos Code Sprint October Expenses


It's time for another memorable code sprint. Two years ago we had a code sprint in Copenhagen on a houseboat in 2012 and that's the recipe we're using again this time. What is special about it is that the working and accommodation arrangements are in the same location. This allows for more time without travel time to and from locations as well as allow for late evening coding. It's all taking place in a manor house in the southern Denmark in the end of september/beginning of october. The code sprint will be a large one with many participants, looking about 25-30 in total. The code sprint is organized by Aske Ertmann.


Saturday, September 27th 2014 15:00 — Sunday, October 5th 2014 10:00


  • Improve workflow
    • Automated tests (phpunit, behat for Neos packages)
    • Automated build job (ensure sass compilation, documentation rendering, r.js minification)
  • Project management
    • Introduce Jira (workflow)
    • Move tickets (team effort)
    • Deprecate
    • Define processes
      • Task requirements, workflow
  • Finalize 1.2
    • Blockers
    • Release beta
    • Reviews
    • Bugfixes
    • Documentation
  • Planning
    • 1.3 (goal/release manager)
    • Next code sprint
    • T3CON14EU
  • Discuss business aspects of Neos
    • Discussions
  • Contribution
    • How can we get more contributors?


Lungholm Gods

Rødbyvej 24

4970 Rødby


Google maps

Lungholm Gods


Lungholm Castle is located in beautiful rural setting on the southern island of Lolland near Rødby. The castle's history dates back to 1434, and have historically been owned by various noble families. Today the castle is owned by Baron Nicolas de Bertouch-Lehn, who has performed a thorough and very brilliant restoration of the site. Lungholm Castle now stands as a very modern castle, which has managed to preserve the estate's original style with the family's original furnishings. The historic buildings with their stately atmosphere is tastefully and luxuriously furnished. As a tenant, you will have the main building and west wing with wellness facilities like swimming pool and sauna, a fitness and recreation room. Main house has 3 floors, the ground floor is decorated with 5 reception rooms, one with a pool table, 1 large dining room for 24 people, two smaller dining rooms and a large kitchen with seating for 15 people. The 14 rooms, including 6 bedrooms have direct access to bathroom / WC, is distributed on the 1st and 2nd floor and in the west wing. Total options include 8 bathrooms and 3 guest toilets. From the castle there is access to several cozy terraces, and as a tenant you have access to the 15-acre, beautifully landscaped park.


  • Persons: 28
  • House area: 1800 m2
  • Ground area: 17000 m2
  • Building year: 1639
  • Renovation year: 2008
  • Swimmingpool: 20 people
  • Distance beach: 5000 m
  • Distance shopping: 3000 m
  • Kitchen appliances: Dishwasher, dryer, coffee machine, kettle, microwave, fridge, freezer, stove (6 hobs), oven
  • Terrace: Yes
  • Grill: Yes
  • Pool/billard: Yes
  • Internet: Yes

Additional images

Rooms Building Park

Getting there

The location is easy to get to by train and by car. It's located right next to the ferry city of Rødby, which has ferries leaving to Puttgarden (Fehmarn). The easiest way to get there is by car if possible, which will also be useful since the location is pretty isolated.

By train

Use and use destination Roedby Faerge. Trains are going through Lübeck and it's about two hours further than Lübeck.

By plane

Fly to Copenhagen or Hamburg and take the train or arrange getting picked up in a car by someone else. If taking the train from Copenhagen airport (Koebenhavns Lufthavn st) use or and use destination Roedby Faerge, the travel time is about 2:30 hours and ~€ 60 for a return trip. If coming from Hamburg airport use and the same destination, the travel time is about 4:45 which is why it's probably easier to fly to Copenhagen.

From the train station

Get in touch and we'll try to arrange a pickup for the remaining 15 kilometres, shouldn't be problem. In the event it is grab a taxi (Taxa Lolland) by calling (+45) 54 95 11 11, price is about 250 DKK.

By car

Take the ferry from Puttgarden to Rødby and drive the remaining 15 kilometres.


Please fill out this doodle with the specific dates you are going to attend. Even though there are only 28 beds more can be arranged, so don't let that be a limitation for participating. Get in touch if you're in doubt or have any questions. There's no registration date limit either, so if you can't answer at the moment just wait until you know. Extra sleeping arrangements can be made if needed and will be checked just before the sprint if it's necessary.

The code sprint is open to anyone as long as they can work primarily independently. We need help in all kinds of areas, so there's something for anyone being that development, writing, testing, design, project management or the like.


There's beds for 28 people, but if should happen to exceed that amount on some days we can easily arrange some mattresses to sleep on. That can be addressed shortly before the code sprint if the doodle has some days with more participants.

The beds will be distributed to suit everyones needs best as possible, so in case you're uncomfortable sharing a double bed with someone else we can try to arrange a single bed or you can bring your own mattress or possible lend one. Get in touch if you have any needs.


  • The work location/accommodation is covered by the Neos code sprint budget from the TYPO3 Association.
  • Food and drinks is not covered by default, but sponsors will probably be found for much of it. We will likely go grocery shopping for breakfast, lunch and some dinners and create a pool that people need to pay to for the days they participate and put all sponsor money into that pool.
  • Travel costs will be reimbursed up to a limit of 200€ per person (exceptions are probably possible, just ask Karsten as our official budget responsible, if you would need a higher budget)


Grocery shopping for breakfast, lunch and some dinners will be done and people will share the responsibility of making the meals and cleaning up after them. Some evenings we will likely order take-away or go out to eat.


The accommodation/working location and travel expenses are kindly covered by our TYPO3 Association budget.

However you can still motivate the developers and show your appreciation for everyone spending their spare time improving the product by sponsoring food and drinks. We have to cover ~30 people in total. The easiest way to sponsor is to use the TYPO3 association shop and pick "Codesprint TYPO3 Neos" and let us know by dropping us an email or a tweet. We'll thank you by mentioning your contribution here and in our code sprint summary news article as well as give you a shout out on Twitter. Thank you in advance.

What sponsoring will go towards

  • Drinks
    • Coffee
    • Soft-drinks
    • Beer
  • Food
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner

As you can imagine this will amount to quite a lot over the course of 8 days, so we're hoping to get as many sponsors as possible. In case there's money left it will be kept and spent during the next code sprint.


If you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with: Aske Ertmann (aertmann gmail com) – (+45) 53 55 51 59 or

Packing list


  • Regular stuff
  • Passport
  • Laptop + charger
  • Mobile + charger
  • Extension cord
  • Converter (Denmark uses different plugs!)
  • Mice, mousepad, keyboard
  • Swimsuit
  • Favorite suana suit
  • Danish currency / creditcard

No need to bring

  • Towel
  • Sheets


  • Good coffee machine
    • Robert?
  • Extension cords
    • Aske
    • Rens / Henjo (normal plugs)
  • Converters
    • Aske
    •  ?
  • Routers/switches
    • Aske
    • Rens (GB switch / small wifi router)
    •  ?
  • Network cables
    • Aske
    • Rens
    •  ?
  • Beamer
    •  ?
  • Speakers
    • Robert?
    • Rens (big jambox)
    •  ?
  • Drinks for everyone (buy at bordershop before ferry)
    • Beers, softdrinks
  • Drink shaker
    • Aske
  • More? Games?


The hashtag for the event is #typo3neos

Other good stuff to know

The currency is Kroner / DKK, Denmark is part of the EEA and exchange rate to the euro is fixed at a very narrow window. 1€ = 7,5 DKK is the rule of thumb

Tips are not expected. Employees are payed pretty well and do not rely on tips for an income, usually tips are only given if there is an extraordinary good service.

Denmark is expensive, food and drinks are about 20-30% higher than Germany.

Phone/Data plans

If you interested in having a local phone/data plan while here, you can get a 3hr/3GB plan for 99 DKK (~14€) but they need to be ordered asap. Yes that is a 1 month plan including 3GB of data and 3hrs of phoning. The phonetime only includes danish numbers, calling and receiving calls from Germany is about 0,50€/min on top. I have to make sure that we can get the sim-cards in time, please note if you need regular or microSim

  • Markus Goldbeck would like to have one, need microSim