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The Newloginbox extension was probably the most used Frontend user login box of TYPO3. But since TYPO3 4.2 this extension is deprecated and has therefore now the status obsolete. The reason is that the login-functions of newloginbox and a lot of enhancements (especially redirecting) have been integrated into the core as system-extension 'felogin'. The userlisting-part has been put into a separate new extension 'feuserlisting', available from TER. Newloginbox has been initially developed by Kasper. Because of the obsolete-status it isn't being maintained anymore with the exception of security-fixes and language-enhancements. See also release-notes of 4.2.

This wiki-page is being updated to the current facts.


Please report bugs of Newloginbox to the TYPO3 bug tracker at (project extension>newloginbox).


See the Wishlist page.

Freqently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have put all Freqently Asked Questions here


  • Stefan Strasser <strada at>
  • Newsgroup "typo3.projects.newloginbox" on news:// (getting unsupported)


The subversion-project of newloginbox has been deleted after stating the extension as obsolete.


Curently we are working on the following tasks.

New XHTML template

We have got a new XHTML template from Typoheads which have to be tested before implementing it. Read more in the Newloginbox/Xhtmltemplate wiki page.

Redirect functions

We are looking at different ways of redirecting after login/logout. Look at the Login page for extensions to discuss for integration.

Update manual

The manual should be rewritten/updated and more modern. We have started this task on the Newloginbox/Manual page.

Integrate related extensions

This is a huge task. We plan to start with listing all login related extensions (look at the Login page) and see if any of them can/should be integrated. The next step would then be to have an discussion on which extensions to implement and how to do it.


Here you see a short description for each Newloginbox release from 3.0.0 and forward. For more details, see the release notes pages or take a look in the ChangeLog.


Here's a list of the Newloginbox extension members:

Name Email SVN   Responsability
Ingmar Schlecht <ingmar at> x Coordinates who gets SVN access, reviews patches written by others
Stefan Strasser <strada at> x Currently the most active developer, owns the newloginbox extension in TER
Brice Bernard <contact at> x He was once the project coordinator
Sebastian Roth <sebastian.roth at x He'd like to make some improvments to newloginbox

An "x" in the SVN column means he/she has got write access to the Newloginbox SVN.


Other relating projects to Party Information Framework (edit this, in alphabetical order)

  • Commerce Shop Extension This extension use an 1:N relation for addresses and included an own addressmanagement, which should be part of the Party Information Framework.
  • Enhanced Rights Management - a pear class for a RBAC / Role Based Access Control.
  • Inline Relational Record Editing - 1:n relations for BackEnd-Forms -- Oliver Hader
  • Newloginbox development coordination - Ingmar Schlecht and Stefan Strasser
    The User list plugin (pi3) of Newloginbox is related to the Party Framework. If the Party Framework will ship with a user listing plugin, the pi3 of Newloginbox wouldn't be needed any more.
  • Users Addresses - relations between fe_user and tt_address, best practice discussion - Elmar Hinz
  • dkd_feuser_belogin - relation between fe_user and be_user