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notice - This information is outdated

This extension is obsolete. See Newloginbox.


A part of my site is public. When I click on a link for which I should be logged in, I am correctly redirected to the login page. But then, after I successfully login, I should be redirected where I wanted to go at first. Can I do that with newloginbox?


How do you get the Newloginbox XHTML-ready?

We are currently working on XHTML-compatibility. The following seems to work, your test results are welcome:

1. Be sure to have the following lines (or something similar in meaning) in the constants-part of your template:

config.doctype = xhtml_trans
config.xhtml_cleaning = all

2. Use the (attached) new xhtml-compatible template from Boris Podzeit. Just copy the two files [1] to typo3conf/ext/newloginbox/res/ and add the following line to the setup-part of your site-template:

plugin.tx_newloginbox_pi1.templateFile = EXT:newloginbox/res/newloginbox_01.html

3. As long as the forgot-password-link isn't shown, the displayed newloginbox should be XHTML-ready. A solution for this is found (see [1]) and will be in the next version of newloginbox.

[1] See thread about the new template in the Newloginbox newsgroup / mailing list (typo3.projects.newloginbox).

No forgot-password-mails when language is german

When using "config.language = de" in my TS Template to display german text output no mails are sent after clicking on the "Forgot Password"-Link of the newloginbox-Plugin. No error message appears. Without "config.language = de" there are no problems - mails are sent.

This happen because the provider has the subject "Ihr Passwort" in the mailserver's blacklist. Some time ago there was (or still is ?) a virus which sent mails with this subject, so some provider reject these mails. Affected users have to change the subject. [taken from]