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notice - This information is outdated

This extension is obsolete. See Newloginbox.

Author: Kasper Skårhøj / Peter Kindström
Extension key: newloginbox
Document status: Draft
Major revision: -
Minor revision: See page's Last modified date
Prerequisites: -

notice - Open Content License

This document is published under the Open Content License

The content is related to TYPO3 - a GNU/GPL CMS/Framework available from


What does it do?

This is an alternative to the good old login box. This version features a little more functionality, including success/error messages, cookie check, forgot password feature etc.

Actually there is two plugins in this extension so you also get a user listing plugin as well.

After installing the extension on your TYPO3 system you will find two plugins added in the content elements plugin list. Further a static template “newloginbox” will be added globally to your TypoScript templates.


This is the login screen of


In the backend it is extremely easy to enter custom messages for the plugin:


... and here the "forgot password" feature:


User listing

There is also a plugin for listing, browsing and searching the current users:


... and for each user you can click the username and get details:


Shortly how to configure the extension

  1. Install the extension via the extension manager.
  2. Create a user folder where all users are stored that shall be able to login via newloginbox.
  3. Create some dummy users for testing.
  4. Create an advanced page and choose from the page point "General Record Storage page:" the page id that stores the user data.
  5. The extension should work fine.

NOTE: The storage pid "PID of user archive" that is available in the Constant Editor "CONTENT" has no meaning to this extension anymore (As I have experienced).