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Newloginbox/Release 3.0.0

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notice - This information is outdated

This extension is obsolete. See Newloginbox.

Here you can read about the different enhancements made up to and including the 3.0.0 release of Newloginbox (from 2004-11-06 to 2006-09-13):

New features

  • Added support for Permanent Log-In (aka "Stay logged in") that just entered Subversion trunk of the Core
  • Minor cleanup and locallang changes while merging with the TER version
  • Revision of the manual : added explanation about templating system
  • Improved default css style in ext_typoscript_setup.txt file
  • Added DBAL compatibility
  • Added a new template file (res/newloginbox_00.html) to control the pi1 (pi1/class.tx_newloginbox_pi1.php) display. A lot of changes have been made and some stuff where deleted from 'pi1/class.tx_newloginbox_pi1.php' because they are directly set in the template.
  • Added customProcessing functionality for field values, especially useful for "image" field.
  • Added ID attributes to <input> tags.
  • Merged hook for Bernhard Kraft's md5 password extension from TER version to CVS
  • Added general hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['newloginbox']['login_confirmed'] that is executed on successful login.
  • Created hook in pi1 class for dkd_redirect_at_login extension.
  • Few cosmetic changes
  • Smaller cleanups


  • Corrected
    linebreak problem in locallang files.
  • Added/corrected some french language in locallang_db.php and pi1/locallang.
  • Fixed bug #0001110: bug in the hook for kb_md5fepw.
  • Fixed bug #0001059: Users don't have to login twice anymore when the option domains is enable...
  • Fixed spelling mistake in pi1/locallang.php file.

Thanks to

  • Stefan Strasser <strada at stradax dot net>
  • Ingmar Schlecht <>
  • Brice Bernard <>
  • Sebastian Roth <>
  • Alistair MacDonal for work with the new template file
  • Dietrich Heise for reporting bug #0001110
  • Ries for reporting and correcting bug #0001059
  • Glen Gibb for reporting spelling mistake in pi1/locallang.php file