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notice - This information is outdated

This extension is obsolete. See Newloginbox.

XHTML template

It would be nice to have a more modern template for newloginbox, with

  • XHTML compatibility
  • Only DIV markers for design so one can use CSS to make it look the way you want it
  • When you get to a page with a login form, the cursor should automagically be "put" into the Username field (configurable)

Boris Podzeit has done a great work and contributed a new template which is xhtml-compatible. We'd like to integrate this template soon, but it should be tested first! If you want to help, please take a look in the news group! Boris wrote:

> I recently saw in the todo list of the ext newloginbox that a
> xhtml-template for better formatting with css is needed. So I
> made one for a project and thought that it would be nice to
> contribute.
> The structure of the template is converted from a table-based to
> a <fieldset>,<label> etc approach. These tags are standard
> defined for layouting forms and easily can be formatted with
> css. I tested the template for mac/safari/FF/opera8 and win/ie6/
> FF/opera and put some tweaks in it so that it function properly
> everywhere.
> For the sake of usability I put also a little javascript inside
> which focuses the first input field.
> To make the ext full xhtml compatibel '