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This page belongs to the News team (category NewsTeam)

The News Team

The News team collects and proofreads articles and news about TYPO3 to publish them on and / or The goal should be quality instead of quantity.

Editorial process

  1. People submit news ideas via the form on
  2. Submitted ideas go to a private mailing list set up for the News team.
  3. The idea is discussed in the ML and then assigned to a News team writer.
  4. He/she writes the text and posts it to the ML for discussion.
  5. A News team spellchecker checks the news and approves it.
  6. Someone from the Association approves it.
  7. News are published.

If completely finished news are submitted, the workflow starts at (4/5).

How to participate

A form is available on [1]. With this form, users can submit suggestions or complete news items.


The team is coordinated by Thomas Hempel


  1. Peter Kindström: submitter
  2. Patrick Gaumond: submitter, writer
  3. Ben van't Ende: submitter, writer
  4. Jan Christe: submitter, writer
  5. Jeff Segars: spellchecker
  6. Floyd Arguello: writer, spellchecker
  7. Michael Stucki: approval
  8. Thomas Hempel: submitter, writer, organisation, publishing
  9. Sebastian Kurfürst: submitter, organisation, publishing
  10. Rupert Germann: technical support
  11. Robert Lemke: submitter, writer, approval, technical support