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notice - Note

short reference: <TypoScript>, ext, wiki, forge, api, mm


OpenSearch gives the possiblity to define the search-engine for your browser. You will know it from google or wikipedia, now you can use it for TYPO3 related search.

If your Browser supports OpenSearch (IE and FF works) you can go to and add the TSref Search.


The Search is in experimental status at this time, if you have a suggestion, let us know:

You can use some prefixes like "forge" to search in or "gg" to search in google. If you do not use a prefix you will be sent to the - search. But if your search term is in a list of keywords (like IMAGE, typolink, stdWrap) you will be sent directly to the TSref-Wiki-Page.

In this Example the search term "stdwr" was typed in. You get all Objects and functions which has an property starts with "stdwr

In this Example the search term "stdwr" was typed in. You get all Objects and functions which has an property starts with "stdwr".

Using TSref Search

If a keyword is found which is available on you will get redirected there.

You can type in any TypoScript function or Object and you will be sent to the corresponding Wiki Page.

# You type in
# then you will be sent to T3Doc:TyposcriptReference/ContentObjects/Image

# You type in 
# then you will be sent to T3Doc:TyposcriptReference/Functions/Stdwrap

So it is a shortcut for sending you to TSref/# that you typed in.

Searching in

You can send a search request directly to with the prefix "ext".

# You type in
ext tt_news
# will result in the same result as if you had typed in search-box

Searching in

The prefix "wiki" will search in

Searching in forge

The prefix "forge" will search in

# You type in
forge docteam
# will send the search request to

search in the api

The prefix "api" will search in

# You type in
api typoLink

search in mittwald medien forum

The prefix "mm" will send you to the mittwald medien forum (german only)

konvert timestamp in date format

Just type in the timestamp and wait a few seconds for the suggestions.

Opensearch pi suggestion.png

which options are possible ?

# Type only an
# you will get all options as suggestion

Screenshot: Type in ? and wait a second.

At the moment these shortcuts are available:

mm | search in mittwald medien
ext | search in
?/help/hilfe | this help
wiki | search in
snip/snippets | search in
any typoscript Object or function f.e. "stdWrap" or "typolink"
forge | search in
api | search in latest api (if you enter api only, you will get an overview of available apis)
api4.2.1 / api3.8.0 / ... | search in api of requested version
gg | search in or depends on search-plugin language
leo | search in
php | search in
mysql | search on
wec | search on
typo3forum | search in
list / list #listname# / f.e. list documentation ... | search in TYPO3 lists
selfhtml | Search in selfhtml
selfhtml css/html/js | suggestion of all properties available in selfhtml quickbar, f.e. selfhtml js onclick
prototype | Search in prototype API on
flickr | Search at flickr
1234567890 | convert timestamp to an date - wait for suggestion!
now() | the actual timestamp
myip | your ip - wait for suggestion!
ix | ix | search with ixquick
comment | write a comment to this feature (this comment will be noticed and you will be sent to the wiki)

something is missing?

perhaps, sometimes there will be a code completion via suggestion or a documentation via suggestion?

The Search is in experimental status at this time, if you have a suggestion, let us know: (and assign that issue to Martin Holtz please:)

more info

More about OpenSearch:

Opera and OpenSearch

Currently the Opera browser does not support OpenSearch. But Opera offers another possibility to add custom searches. To add the wiki to your Opera do the following:

  • Go to any TYPO3 wiki page (you can do it on this one your reading at the moment)
  • Right click into the wiki search field on the left
  • Choose "Create Search..." from context menu
  • Enter a name for your search and a keyword
  • You are ready to use your new search
  • For testing your new search just open a new tab and enter in the address bar [your keyword][Space][your search] p.e. T3W TSref
  • FYI: This way you can create custom searches for nearly every page that has a search field. Just try it!


You need help?

You are missing a function?

Something different?

Send me an E-Mail: typo3 @