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Overview of Wiki


This is an overview of what is currently in the Wiki. The categories are being used to categorize and tag the Wiki. There are some ways to categorize the content e.g. by DocumentState, by ContentType etc.



Already moved:


The category can be used to mark the state of a wiki page (e.g. draft, outdated) etc.


Number of pages

  • number of (content) pages: 717 (as calculated by {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}, does not count category pages, template pages etc.)
  • number of exception pages: 283 (as of May, 2019)

You can also see an accurate number of (content) pages in the statistics:


Number of pages
Date Total Events Exceptions Blueprints
May 14, 2019 1071 ? ? ?
Apr 7, 2020 1072 ? ? ?
Apr 12, 2020 943 ? ? ?
Apr 15, 2020 699 216 297 40
Nov 12, 2020 769 ? ? ?

Lists of pages

More Information

See also: