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Extension detail information
A shop extension, this shop-extension uses the paypal-express-checkout feature.
documentation state draft document state list
licence OCL
usergroups list of usergroups forAdmins, forIntermediates
author(s) Martin Holtz
TER category fe
dependency commerce

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This shop-extension uses the paypal-express-checkout feature.

At this time, it is only available via bugtracker Update: Meanwhile a newer version was posted to TER at

This Extension uses the paypal-express checkout and it is based on the PayPal PHP SDK Samples. (Name-Value Pair Api:

It uses PHP with CURL extension enabled.

You add via Backend an paypal-Payment-Article and have to set the database-Field "classname" to "paypal" (you find it in the table tx_commerce_articles) AND you have to set an price (maybe 0 Euro).

You should test via

Your API-Key in the sandbox is different from the API-Key in your live-system The API system will only work with Paypal business accounts. Directions to find your API username, password, signature are found here:

You will send to Paypal in the last step. There you can login and pay. I do not use the address from paypal at this moment. I am not sure if it makes sense.

Please configure in typoscript: config.baseURL =

This extension was sponsored by - thanks!

What does it do?

This Extension will send your customer to the paypal-site where he logs in and send you the money.

After that, you will be redirected to your site.


Uploads via Special:Upload

Users manual


  • MAIN:FATAL! No payment possible because I don't know how to handle it! (class not set!:, file not found!:)

Create an article "Paypal", set a price for it (may be set it to 0). Now you have to edit the field "classname" of the "Paypal"-Article in "tx_commerce_articles" and set it to "paypal".






Property: Data type: Description: Default:
yourproperty string / stdWrap Your Property description - more about wiki-table the default value


Known problems

  • since v. 0.2.1 Tested with php 5.2.4 maholtz 22:56, 12 December 2007 (CET)
  • Tested with php 4.4.7 without problems.

To-Do list



Technical Informations