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notice - Draft

Change the {{draft}} marker to {{review}} when you need a reviewer for text and TypoScript. info

Trouble Shooting

  • Thumbnail images do not show up: ImageMagick 6.2.4 has been known to fail on the thumbnail resizing. However, it does not fail on the resize operation for the detail view of images shown in the back end via the DAM extension.

Feature Requests

  1. Separate pages for list, detail, and slide show modes. Similar to the way that tt_news gives the option of a PID for each type of front end display. This would allow a page with a list of albums and other content elements while preserving a detail page view that did not have the related page elements of the list page.
  2. For album thumbnail view have the following options for the text below the thumbnail.
    • TItle
    • Description
    • Date (date would need to be added to the DAM category record)
  3. Add support for prefetching the next image
  4. Specify key picture to be used in album listing. The first picture of the album may not be the one that should be used in the album listing. It would be nice if one you specify for each album which one of the pictures in the album should be used in the album listing.
  5. Add copyright or watermark to images.
  6. The dam_tweaks extension provides RTE support for categories, but, RTE is not displaced in the front end for albums.
  7. Add random image mode. This mode will randomly pull an image from the selected category.


  1. Commented out line 482 of class.tx_cegallery_pi1.php
#$photo .= '<h2' . $this->pi_classParam('detail_header') . '>' . $thephoto['title'] . '</h2>';
  1. Changing strings in the default local lanaguage. In the setup section of your template add the following code to change the string value of the local language . For a list of strings look in "typo3conf/ext/ce_gallery/pi1/locallang.xml"
plugin.tx_cegallery_pi1._LOCAL_LANG.default {
    back_to = Return to &nbsp
  1. Moved photo description above photo.

Move line 509 of, "typo3conf/ext/ce_gallery/pi1/class.tx_cegallery_pi1.php ", to line 499.

        $photo .= '</div>';
-->     $photo .= '<p' . $this->pi_classParam('album_header') . '>' . $thephoto['description'] . '</p>'
        $photo .= ' </span>';
        $photo .= '</div>';
-->     $photo .= '<p' . $this->pi_classParam('album_header') . '>' . $thephoto['description'] . '</p>';
        $photo .= '<div' . $this->pi_classParam('detail_entry') . '>';
  1. Change back link text

Approximately line number 669

        $backlink .= $this->pi_getLL('back_to');
        $backlink .= $this->pi_linkToPage($row['title'], $GLOBALS['TSFE']->id, '', array('album' => $album));
-->     $backlink .= $this->pi_getLL('back_to_postfix');
  1. Link picture to next picture and last picture to gallery
       if (isset($nextphoto['uid'])) {
            $photo .= $this->pi_linkToPage($this->buildDetail($imagePath, $thephoto['uid'], $altTag), $GLOBALS['TSFE']->id, '', array('album' => $album, 'detail' => $nextphoto['uid']));
        else {
            $photo .= $this->pi_linkToPage($this->buildDetail($imagePath, $thephoto['uid'], $altTag), $GLOBALS['TSFE']->id, '', array('album' => $album));