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David Brühlmeier
25 March 2006

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The content is related to TYPO3 - a GNU/GPL CMS/Framework available from

This project is a proposal for an ECT (Extension Coordination Team) project to create a single Podcast extension which incorportes all functionalities needed.

Current Situation

There are currently several extension offering podcast functionality:

  • nbo_podcast by Noel Bossart
  • db_podcast (not public) by David Bruehlmeier
  • podcast (not public) by Franco Ricciardi
  • mc_podcast by Maximo Cuadros Ortiz
  • tfc_podcast by Tony McCallie

Ideally, these could all be combined into this new extension.


Backend related

  • Unlimited number of podcast channels and episodes
  • Each episode can be assigned to multiple channels
  • Categories can be picked from a predefined list
  • Full localization support, including categories in different languages
  • Integration with DAM (optional)

Frontend related

  • Output templated based (markers and/or TemplaVoila)
  • Integration with Flash MP3 Player (fe_mp3player) by Jean-David Gadina
  • Integration with a Video Player

RSS related

  • Creation of Standard RSS-Feed
  • Creation of iPod RSS-Feed
  • Create XML using DOM (PHP5), but offer support for PHP4 as well
  • Optionally create static XML-files