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notice - This information is outdated

This page has not been updated for a while. Some of the links are broken.

This page can be used to add a new TYPO3-project that is relevant for the public. Add a new line in the Active-table. Tell us who is in charge of the project, and what are the relations to other projects. Add this in the head of your new page.

See also the Teams what the projects belong to, and the Mission Statements - please watch the T3CON-keynote-video, where Kasper explains why they're very helpfull. (former name: "Team Contracts")

Subversion/ CVS

You can also ask for a Subversion repository in If you want to do so, please read the page about Subversion/ SVN.

See also Helpful Tools and the Extension Developers Guide.

Projects on

Now also TYPO3 4 - projects can be created.

Active wiki projects

This list is a wiki extension to

If there hasn't been any activity in a project for a long time, move it to the table below

Active projects HOT - list in alphabetical order
project (list cat) team (list all)/ coordinator state relation
Alternative starting page aka Dashboard - User configurated starting pages for TYPO3 BE - Andreas Balzer team state relation
Bugfixing - Guidelines on the workflow in Bugfixing Team running relation
Zap The Gremlins - "Gremlins" is a symbolic description for all those bugs and usability issues which nag you while working or developing with TYPO3. This project is about fixing the most requested ones. Oliver Hader, Ben van 't Ende in preparation relation
Calendar - Optimize the overview of the different calendars team running relation
Commerce - Feature requests/whishlist for the commerce extension - Ingo Schmitt, Volker Graubaum, Thomas Hempel team running Inline Relational Record Editing, Party Information Framework
DEV3 - IDE for FLOW3 David Bruehlmeier, Sebastian Böttger, Eckhard M. Jäger running
Directmail Rewrite - Easier to use and better UI Olivier Dobberkau started/ collection of interest Mail Framework
eFAQ Project - efaq - educational project for advanced extension development ECT/ Elmar Hinz started MVC Framework lib/div
Extension Comparison in Cooperation with the T3N-Magazine Gina Steiner, Wolfgang Schröder running Extension coordination team
Formidable documentation - Project Formidable, FORM cObj & RAD with TYPO3 Jerome Schneider in progress
htmlarea RTE - List of feature requests for HTMLArea RTE team state relation
Human-Computer-Interaction HCI/ Jens Hoffmann running relation
Inline Relational Record Editing - The relations between objects can be 1:n and 1:1 - diploma thesis Oliver Hader running Commerce Shop EXT, Party Information Framework
KnowledgeBase based on Jive
Alex Heizer
running - improvements
Mail Framework - from ExtensionCoordinationTeam David Toshack started Directmail Rewrite
MVC Framework - lib/div - base for future Extensions ECT/ Elmar Hinz in alpha/beta development kickstarter, eFAQ Project
Party Information Framework - A Framework for all partner-related issues David Brühlmeier started! Commerce Shop EXT, Inline Relational Record Editing, New login box, Users Addresses
Performance tuning / Database optimization) - Suggestions and thoughts about making TYPO3 and DB access faster Marc Wöhlken running MySQL configuration
New login box development coordination Ingmar Schlecht and Stefan Strasser running Party Information Framework
README files - The readme files of the TYPO3 packages are collaboratively edited in the wiki team state relation
In the moment it's the planning-phase for the Rebuilding See the list of things what needs improvement and the Team Summit in germany.
Matthias Schreiber KnowledgeBase based on Jive
Users Addresses - relations between fe_user and tt_address, best practice discussion ECT/ Elmar Hinz running Party Information Framework
WebDAV integration Karsten Dambekalns, Andreas Förthner planning Apache2 TYPO3 WebDAV
Install-Tool 2.0 - reorganize the install tool to make it better usable Thomas Hempel planning
T3template - Design Template for T3 Dominique Feyer, Eike Diestelkamp in progress
Translations - TYPO3 Core & Extensions Translation Chief Translator & Community Always something to do
Hardcoded - TYPO3 Core Translators & Community Make hardcoded labels replacable
l10nmgr - Extension l10nmgr l10nmgr team Always something to do
free project free team free state free relation

Current inactive projects

If a project has restarted, move it to the upper HOT-table - list in alphabetical order

Inactive projects - put restarted ones into active table
project (list cat) team (list all)/ coordinator state relation
Eclipse Integration team state relation
Pluggable Authentication Modules - Sven Wilhelm team state relation
Wiki to OpenOffice-convert - a project proposal at University User:OldSylvain needs a check
Project for creating flexible community extensions team state relation
free project free team free state free relation