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RFC Listview improvements

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Category: Informational

Daniel Pötzinger


RFC Listview improvements

Status of this Memo

This memo provides information for the TYPO3 community.

It is currently in work and also has to be structured to some common TYPO3 RFC Rules.

Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


As you know the Listview enables you:

  • to see all records in a page (grouped by table)
  • to have a "single" listview of a table (with the options like "search" and "set fields")
  • to work with clipboard (experts)
  • and to access much more functions (like "new", "edit", "versioning") for records.

There are some reason to improve the Listview:

  • Usability Improvements (see Featurelist)
  • Often special backend modules do something very similar to the listmodule. So they could be implemented with extending or adjusting the list module. ((limited to special tables) and adding some special options.)
  • The implementation is a bit old and could need some refactoring.


To have a well structured, scalable Listview Implementation with all the options it has today and some more.



  1. More Control and flexible Configuration, to use the Listview optimal for diffrent purposes:
    1. Control which tables should be shown (per TSconfig)
      • so it is possible only to show "News" on the "News-Sysfolder" and only show "Fe-Users" on another page
      • also it is possible to hide "tt_content" entrys in a TV based website.
    2. Control the options (control-buttons behind a record) (per TSconfig/TCA)
      • means the possibility to (add) or hide some buttons (like "delete", "new" and so on)
      • possibility to make them more userfriendly (e.q. large Buttons with text like "Create New")
      • skin aware
    3. possibility to set the "singlelistview" as default for certain sysfolders (or pages) per TSconfig
    4. Label field of Records should allow combining more than one field. (e.g. Label="surname, lastname")
    5. Control which records should be shown
      • e.q. with an extra Querywhere or some flags... so you could hide records with certain properties
  2. add a common resultset-browser to be able to comfortably browse through lists with huge amount of records (~>100)
  3. Enable a Treeview for Records
  4. Powerful Search Function in Listview
    • Search for separate fields. (Searchform depends of Fieldtype)
  5. Possibility to add completly new Control-Buttons (per TCA)
    • I think this is a very powerful possibility
    • Example 1: Say you have "events" and in the Listview there are a button says "show registered users" behind every entry
    • Example 2: Or the news: You have newscategories and buttons "create new subcategory" (to allow user friendly BE input)
  6. Possibility to see which records belongs to which extension. (e.g. by Tooltip or extrainfos in the wizard or headline)


  1. Possibility to use listview by extending control-options and adjust settings from extensions (per TCA)
  2. Possibility to inherit from the Listclass(es) and use the List-API for creating own BE-Modules.

Needed changes and Core adjustments

high priority

low priority

  1. change on TCE: improve the possibility to set defaultValues for new records (support for MM relations etc..)


Later: Discussions to class-structure


Later: Specific implementation details

Use Examples

Later: Maybe link to a documentation.


RFC Structure