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RTE on Mac OS X

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The TYPO3 version is obsolete.

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RTE works very well under Mac OS X with the following configuration:

typo3 3.6.2, macos 10.3.5, Mozilla 1.7 / Firefox 0.10.0 (beta)

installed extensions:

- rte_pb_htmlarea (0.1.8)
- css_styled_content (0.10.0)

(i didn't de-install the "shy" rte extension, i guess that Windows IE would automatically use this one, instead)

(i'm not usign Safari (even 1.3beta) with Typo3, because it has still some problems loading the page tree/task center, and some UI in the backend) i didn't check Opera and Omniweb, neither Explorer

the _only_ problem i'm having with this configuration are the popup windows (links, images, tables.. everyone) that always go _behind_ my main window, instead of popping up in front of it.

I'm on Mozilla 1.7, and I am having problems with the above configuration in the following ways: - It adds linefeeds when i save - It adds "<>" and "</>" in the RTE after some saves (like after having changed between text alignments.

I have tested all of the RTE's and found none of the available extensions as working well enough for me to use them. :-(