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This page belongs to the Rebuilding  project (category Project)

See here for more information.

Meetings Meeting (Januari 25 2008)

A meeting is scheduled on friday the 25th of januari 2008 in Dusseldorf



  • Mattes
  • Sander Vogels
  • ben van 't ende
  • Gina by cam
  • Jo Hasenau
  • Sander Vogels
  • Jens Hoffman Meeting (November 29 2007)

A meeting is scheduled on friday the 29th of november 2007 in Dusseldorf



  • Mattes
  • Sander Vogels
  • ben van 't ende
  • Gina by cam
  • Jo Hasenau Meeting (June 8/9 2007)

A meeting is scheduled on friday/saturday 8/9 june 2007 in Dusseldorf


Focus groups and interest
  • What are the user's interest. What does he look for, where does he search things
  • What do they expect from the website. Are those criteria matched?
  • How do we focus on N groups with ONE website? Where do we "devide" paths, how do we reach the different groups in the shortest way possible.

GOAL: Define focus groups (maybe utilizing a persona concept)

Consolidation and new page structure
  • Brainstorm about a new page structure
  • What will be removed

GOAL: Define a "master" pagetree based on the results of the focus group meeting.


Current problems and responsibilities
  • gather current problems (where to find stuff, what does not work, missing tools)
  • remove unused stuff
  • create a list of responsibilities (who manages what). Get this graph online and keep it up to date

GOAL: a streamlined list of modules and responsibilities

Roadmap/Phases/Tasks/get things done
  • plan resources
  • plan timings
  • define teamheads
  • define milestones
  • get a date for the next meeting (max. 8 weeks from then)

GOAL: see above...

So we have 4 goals for 4 topics within two days.
I suggest friday evening for the portuguese dinner (but we can shift this around pretty fast if someone likes burger king better). 

List of participants of Rebuilding

  • Mathias Schreiber
  • Jo Hasenau
  • Gina Steiner
  • Ingo Renner
  • Jens Hoffmann
  • Christian Trabold
  • Bodo Eichstaedt
  • Wolfgang Zenker
  • Steffen Kamper
  • Ben van 't Ende
  • Sander Vogels


Mathias Schreiber, see newsgroup thread "Rebuilding".

Info and Roadmap

In the moment it's the planning-phase for the Rebuilding See the list of things what needs improvement and the Team Summit in germany.

Hello folks,

as some might already know it is my task to get to its limits in order to have all the features
running that have been working as well as a lot of new stuff to make your daily work with it more pleasant.

So I just want to inform you about the next steps that will take place as well as some administrational stuff
you should know about.

a) There will be a lot of work to do and this work will be covered by people willing to help (that's basically
you :))

b) ANY help is welcome, be it
  - HTML Templating
  - Building CSS files
  - writing PHP code
  - coming up with new ideas
  - helping me with the project management by becoming head of
    a smaller unit
  - raising sponsoring money

c) there will be no paid codelines
   The reason is simple: if I pay one person, I'd have to pay ALL
   persons. There simply isn't enough money for this.

d) Roadmap
  - Taking over from a technical point of view
    (no date settled yet)
  - Brainstorming session
  - Breaking the results of the brainstorming session into smaller
    chunks which are assignable to "units".
  - Call for volunteers
  - Assign volunteers to units
  - Getting things done

So right now I'd ask for help within all skill fields.
There are only two requirements:
- Keep your promises
- Keep your timings
This might sound a bit harsh, but it is not intended this way.
I just want to get things done and in order to do so I need to have reliable infos on the current state of work.

So if you want to help, just post here.


Current Project Members

who last info-update what
Mathias "Mattes" Schreiber 2007-03-12 Coordinator of this project
  • it is my task to get to its limits in order to have all the features running that have been working as well as a lot of new stuff to make your daily work with it more pleasant
Jens Hoffmann 2007-03-12 I'm in !!
  • design/hci stuff
  • help out with HTML/CSS
  • already discussed some new ideas with Ingo
Ingo Renner 2007-03-26 Getting things done
Elmar Hinz 2007-03-12 contribute some suggestions:
  • TER: Automatically generated links from each extension to a wikipage
  • TER: A comment tool
  • Single-Singn-On for all tools
  • Demo Login like egw j s
  • Prominent one-click-links to central services of the community
  • Team pages with edit access for 2 editors of each team
  • A bunch of Web 2.0 community tools
  • A search configuration that enables a search in all parts of the tools
Bodo Eichstädt 2007-03-12 Count me in for (in this order):
  • advanced TypoScript'ing
  • Page-/Content: organizing / structure / linking
  • I have got a read-made quick-access menu made with pure TS that is working also with AND without JS (improved version of the "Go to:" one on
  • I can also throw in: devel / live server-resources + bandwith like T3 with backup/rollback/copy/rename, wikis, mailinglists, .. and I would sponsor my admin one day a week if it makes sense ;-)
  • server/php-code/sql-code optimization (for speed & traffic)
  • security audit of code (XSS, ..)
  • Intrusion detection / prevention for apache
  • FE-pi/BE-mod

Let's rock!

Wolfgang Zenker 2007-03-12 I'm willing and ready to help all required sysadmin stuff that is to be done on the machines in Karlsruhe
  • like installing additional SW that might be required
  • performance measurements and optimizations etc
  • Unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment to do anything more
  • As I am currently coordinating the TER mirror network, I will have a look at the TER developments to make sure they work with our mirrors
Daniel Brüßler 2007-06-01 Yes, I'm also going on with it!
  • Project-documentation using the Wiki
  • Rendering of OO-docs and DocBook-docs
  • check what we can centralize in a better way (one point stop)
  • bridges between official T3-sites (TER / bugtracker / newsgroups / current project-pages / documentation / wiki)
  • the linklist "Other resources"
  • Help to integrate the contributed components of the last weeks
JoH "Joey" Hasenau 2007-03-13 count me in
  • HTML Templating
  • Building CSS files
  • TS Templates
Tyler Kraft 2007-03-13 +1
  • HTML Templating
  • Building CSS files
  • TS Templates
ben van 't ende 2007-03-13 I am in.
  • Content Rendering
  • Fixed URL's documentation etc. Permalinks. A functional design will describe

where some stuff is located. This will NOT be decided by the way the software acts.

  • Proper/meaningful error messages.
Sander Vogels 2007-11-27 I am in.
Steffen Kamper 2007-03-12 contact me !
  • extensions / extension-coding for special proposes
  • bulding a snippet library
  • giving ideas
  • patching core (patches from bugtracker)
  • anything what is needed, just let me know
Dmitry Dulepov 2007-03-14
  • All TemplaVoila-related stuff
  • All realurl issues
  • HTML/CSS issues
  • Performance-related stuff
  • Can write articles specially for from time to time
  • Ask for more!
Martin Herr 2007-03-24
  • Integrate a TYPO3 social network based on interests:
    • Who wants to help? Who needs help for what? -> bringing interests and needs together!
    • Migrate the stuff
    • Display user relations (contact details, extensions, teams, companies, donations)
  • Press relations regarding the rebuild (T3N magazine)
  • Building an XML-brigde that we can publish english TYPO3-articles from T3N magazine directly on
  • Let's meet on the T3DDs :)
Gina Steiner 2007-04-01 content working group
  • Page and content organization and structure
  • Usability
  • Improve navigation over all official t3sites and resources
  • Let's meet on the T3DD07

Learning from others

* DEMO: administration testing login
* SCS: screenshots of the product for first orientation
* DDB: direct download button(s) of latest release
* MVD: multiple versions download page
* Bugs: bugtracker
* Blog: blogs of multiple writers
* Wiki: public accessible wiki
* Forum: public forum
* Search: Search tool covering most parts of the content with searchform on frontpage.
* Google: Google site search
* Shop: t-shirts, cups, books, DVD, etc.
* RNews: Latest news which are also available as RSS-feed

Are the features directly and prominently visible on the frontpage? (Jens Hoffmann add: As Designer I must say > LESS IS MORE! > Lets get a clean startpage!) (Elmar add: Form follows function. Usability first. It's just a tool, not a canvas.)

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