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Restart your webserver

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SuSE Distribution

  1. Start Apache with rchttpd start
  2. Shutdown Apache with rchttpd stop
  3. Restart Apache with rchttpd restart
  4. Get status with rchttpd status


  1. Start - apachectl start
  2. Stop - apachectl stop
  3. Restart - apachectl restart
  4. Graceful Restart - apachectl graceful

IIS Microsoft's Internet Information Server

As for the Apache server, there are several ways to start, stop and restart Microsoft's Internet Information Server IIS.

DOS box

Using a DOS shell you might start and stop any given services by simply typing

C:\ net stop "Service Name"
C:\ net start "Service Name"
Please note: Service Name is language dependent - you have to figure out yourself what service name the IIS service has on your system! Normally, w3svc is a good guess. A list with all service names is displayed by simply typing net start
Please also note: Use the double quotes if Service Name contains whitespace!

MMC (Microsoft Management Console)

The Management Console is meant for administrators and provides a graphical interface for various server administration tasks. The MMC is a general tool which can be customized for your needs. Customization means that the administrator may load one or more so-called Snap-In's into the MMC and save his configuration to a MSC file (Microsoft Common Console Document).

  1. Select Start, Run and type %systemroot%\system32\inetsrv\iis.msc
  2. This command opens the Microsoft Management Console MMC with the IIS Snap-In preloaded
  3. Click on the Webserver you want to configure
  4. Use the stop, start or restart button in the toolbar to control the service


Basically, this program is a shortcut for the MMC with the preloaded IIS Snap-In.

  1. Select Start, Run and type inetmgr
  2. Procede like in the MMC section


services.msc is another way to control system services like the IIS

  1. Select Start, Run and type services.msc
  2. This opens the MMC with the system services Snap-In pre-loaded
  3. Locate the IIS service in the right window and single click it
  4. Use the start, stop or restart button in the toolbar to control the service
  5. Double clicking the service in the right window gives you additional configuration options:
  • Boot time start options
  • Service failure behaviour
  • ...