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Extension detail information
rggooglemap/ rggooglemap
the description for this extension
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licence OCL
usergroups list of usergroups
author(s) Georg Ringer
TER category fe
dependency tt_address,xajax

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notice - Open Content License

This document is published under the Open Content License

The content is related to TYPO3 - a GNU/GPL CMS/Framework available from


What does it do?

A short description please. In the beginning it is a draft document.


Uploads via Special:Upload

Users manual


Please follow these steps

  • Install the following extensions:
    • xajax: is needed for all the ajax calls
    • de_addbodyjscript is needed to load the map, more information afterwards
  • To be able to display any Google Maps at your website, you need a valid key! This key is unique for every domain! Get your key(s) at and enter it in the Extension Manager after installation rggooglemap.

Create a record

By default rggooglemap works with tt_address but it can work with every table you want to (more later).

Create a googlemap category record

To be able to show any record, you need to create a category first! Create a sys folder or use an existing one and create a record POI Category. Enter at least a name and an image! The image is required because this is the icon which will be shown on the map later on.

Using the Backend Module "Google-Map"

  1. Choose the BE-Module "Google-Map"
  2. Choose in the dropdown-menu at the right side "1. Map & Saving Point"
  3. Move the Marker around until you have found the position you want
    1. Use the Geocoding by enabling the additional options: Just enter an adress and press "Search"
    2. Load an existing position with the 2nd input field in the additonal options. It is an auto-complete field
  4. Press Save
    1. a) ... to a new record: Click the link to get an empty record with prefilled coordinates
    2. b) ... to an existing record: Override an existing field by using the auto-complete field

Fill the coordinates in the record itself

  1. Open a new or existing record (e.g. of tt_address)
  2. Click on the icons next to the longtitude/latitude fields to open the wizard
  3. Search for the position you want (geocoding is also available in the options)
  4. Press Save & Close
  5. Don't forget to press "Save" at the record itself!

Insert the plugin into a page

  • Include the static TS from the extension (use an ext. template)
  • If you want to display a map, create a record Body onEvents Javascript and enter "makeMap();" in the field Java Script Call (This is necessary to load the js function which loads the map)
  • Be sure that you have somewhere at least a tt_address record with at least one rggooglemap category
  • Insert the Plugin and choose as mode Map and select the sysfolder with the tt_address records at the starting point!
    • Select Menu to show just the records with a link to the map

not used yet

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