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Rte htmlarea

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Content Type: Extension Note for the extension htmlArea RTE (rtehtmlarea).
It is a list of tips indented to supplement the documentation. For more information about the extension, see the extension home page

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Since TYPO3 8, the system extension rte_ckeditor was introduced in the core, replacing the functionality of rtehtmlarea

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Change the {{draft}} marker to {{review}} when you need a reviewer for text and TypoScript. info

Information about RTE (Rich Text Editor)




Configure the shown buttons of the RTE in the page's TSConfig (e.g. root page of your site). Some examples:

The following TS Config has been tested with Typo3 4.5.0.

# do not convert <br> tags to paragraph <p> tags

# disable right click in RTE (only for tt_content.bodytext field - e.g. for using the browsers context menu)
# enable only the wanted buttons in the RTE
RTE.default.showButtons = left, justifyfull, center, right, link, bold, italic, strikethrough, superscript, outdent, indent, pastetoggle, orderedlist, unorderedlist, insertcharacter, removeformat, image, chMode

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