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Running GIF enabled packages on Debian Woody

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notice - This information is outdated

While some details may still apply in specific situations, this page was written for packages of TYPO3 that are no longer current.

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Add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list

  deb woody all

Run "apt-get update"

GraphicsMagick 1.1.2 (I prefer this one!)

   Run "apt-get -u install graphicsmagick graphicsmagick-im-compat \
        libgd2-xpm php4-gd2"

ImageMagick 4.2.9 (statically linked binaries)

   Run "apt-get -u install imagemagick-typo3-4.2.9 libgd2-xpm php4-gd2"

ImageMagick with LZW support

   Run "apt-get -u install imagemagick libgd2-xpm php4-gd2"

Restart Apache: "/etc/init.d/apache restart"

Backup your typo3conf/localconf.php!

Customize localconf

Download this file and add the contents to the top of your typo3conf/localconf.php (but after the "<?php" tag, of course):

If there was already a line containing the "edit point token", make sure it does now only occur once. Therefore delete the upper one of them.

Make sure that there are no other lines that start with this:


As long as you're not sure, delete these lines (and remember that we have a backup of it...).

Check if everything works

Optional tuning: Installing "turck-mmcache".

This is recommended and works very well with TYPO3:

  Simply run "apt-get -u install turck-mmcache" 

and restart Apache when done.

That's it.