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Running with TypoScript and CSS

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The idea with this approach is to control most of the layout through an HTML/CSS template. A small set of TypoScript in the TYPO3 Template indicates what portions TYPO3 should replace with Typo3 content and menu items.

I manage several websites within one installation of TYPO3, so I like to keep things modular. I'm still learning and this helps me make sure improvements to my code are implemented across all of my sites, but still lets me tailor the details of each website without losing track.

HTML/CSS Template

Once again we need to design an HTML file in advance, to serve as our template.

By way of example, I am using a very, very simple HTML layout. But complexity can be added in the HTML and/or through CSS. I'm assuming you'll know how to do that yourself.

The "CSS Styled Content" Extension

The "CSS Styled Content" extension needs to be installed through the Extension Repository.

The Typo3 Template Record

Now we're ready to setup a Typo3 template record for our website. Here's how it goes step by step...

That's it!

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Some relevant reference material

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What initially helped me get this concept was a simplified example buried in the following thread from the mailing list: "My experience with TYPO3" thread.