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simulatebe generalities

Simulates a backend user with a frontend authentification, that way you can use the pencils to edit the content in the frontend.

login in fe

in the frontend you have to add a loginbox:

for example the loginbox_macmade: that for you need

  • loginbox_macmade
  • api_macmade

In the template typoscript add:

lib.login < plugin.tx_loginboxmacmade_pi2 
//the pi2 is a simple version of the loginbox

be user

Add to the backend users TSconfig this code :

* Admin panel configuration
admPanel {
// Hide
hide = 1
// Force edit icons
module.edit.forceDisplayIcons = 0
// Force edit field icons
module.edit.forceDisplayFieldIcons = 1
// Enable edit
enable.edit = 1

fe user

link your frontend user to the backend user with the drop down menu.

add this code to the templates typoscript

page.config.admPanel = 1
page.headerData.10 < plugin.tx_simulatebe_pi1

Check the page rights if you want to edit them in frontend


Version 1.0.0 of the extension works with feedit in TYPO3 4.1 and 4.2. With 4.3 and the extension feedit the extension works. But there seem to be problems when using it with the extension feeditadvanced: Editing is not possible here...