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Content Type: FAQ.

Add abstract

This is how you add an abstract for the "Menu of subpages to these pages (with abstract)" to a web page:

  1. Click on the page's icon in the pagetree and choose "Edit page header".
  2. Choose "Standard" or "Advanced" in the Type field.
  3. Now you see a field called Subtitle. What you write there is shown in the Sitemap when you choose "Menu of subpages to these pages (with abstract)"!
Abstract for Sitemap.png

And the text in Subtitle field will still be there even if you later choose to change the page's Type to something else (for example Shortcut)!

That means you can have abstracts even for Shortcut and External URL page types!

Start at a different level

To set the starting point for the sitemap you can do the following:

  1. Create a new template at the sitemap page or at a higher level
  2. In the setup field type the following lines: = 4 = _self = _self = 0
  1. The first line sets the starting point (or in this case called entry level) to level 4.
  2. The next two lines set the target for level 1 and 2 to _self, so that links don't open in a new window like default.
  3. The last line tells TS to stop at level 2. Even if you had more levels, displaying it would be suspended.

Page Target

The Sitemap Plug-In without any further configuration opens a new window when klicking on one of the links. This, in most cases, is not what users want. There are many ways of how to accomplish setting the target to _self so that links are opened within the same windows.

Here is one of the possibilities:

  1. Create a new template at the sitemap page or at a higher level
  2. In the setup field type the following lines: = _self = _self = _self = _self = _self 

This would take care of the levels 1 through 5. If only three level are to be displayed just write the first three lines. The important value is the third number (after 20.2.) which corresponds with the appropriate level.

For site maps of the type, "menu of subpages to these pages (with abstract)," the procedure is different. Assuming that you are not using frames, set the following constant in your template rather than the setup entries mentioned above.

content.pageFrameObj = _self

This can be done in Template > Constant editor > Advanced by setting Pageframe Object to _self (see also

This a quick and dirty approach. Another approach would be to properly setup

More information about that at [1] or in general with google search [2].