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Instant communication platform (Slack)

The TYPO3 CMS team is using a tool called Slack to openly communicate with each other and with the public. "Slack" replaces our old "Skype meetings" in a more open, inviting and modern environment. The Slack tool is also used by plenty of other teams around the TYPO3 ecosphere so it is easier to interconnect teams.

How to register for a Slack account

You need a account to register for a Slack account.

  1. Go to
  2. If you have a account, click login. If not, click "sign up"
  3. After you have logged in with your account, if current page is your profile go to "about" and then slack or reload URL in step 1
  4. Now, you should see a "create / connect" button under "Register", click it and follow instructions

Then join and the general support channel #typo3-cms.

If you are running into problems during the first time login after registering, please reset your password ( and try again.


Some general channels


This channel is used for important announcements. You will be automatically joined to this channel. Also, you can not leave this channel, you cannot write here.


This channel is for general discussion on TYPO3 CMS. It is also the main support channel for TYPO3. Feel free to ask questions related to TYPO3 CMS.


This channel acts as a central hub for all things related to CORE development. So if you want to stay informed about the latest in TYPO3 CMS development, this is a good place to follow. Please keep in mind that support requests cannot be handled here. Use #typo3-cms instead.


This channel is open for any discussion you like to have. You can also ask questions about topics, for which you did not find an appropriate channel.


You can enter this channel to get usage tips for Slack and to ask questions about using Slack in the TYPO3 workspace.

CMS interest groups (CIG)

In Slack we group our resources in different "Interest Groups". So once in Slack you might also want to join the channels with the prefix #cig for a specific topic you are interested in working in. This way allows you to get informed about what's happening on that specific topic.

Mini howtos

Create a channel

notice - Draft

Change the {{draft}} marker to {{review}} when you need a reviewer for text and TypoScript. info

In Slack, everyone can create channels. Please follow these simple rules to make it helpful for everyone:

  • use naming conventions (and your common sense)
  • add a "channel purpose"
  • optional: Additionally, add a title (you can see it in the top)
  • get a channel closed if it is no longer required

Set a channel purpose

notice - Draft

Change the {{draft}} marker to {{review}} when you need a reviewer for text and TypoScript. info

How to add a purpose:

Click on the "i" on the top and "Set a channel purpose" in the right under "Channel Details"

Why is it good to add a purpose?

Not all channel names are self-explanatory, especially when there are similar names. The purpose is listed in the channel selector and if someone clicks on "i" in the top.

How to get a channel closed

Notify an admin (with @username).

See list of admins.


"@someadmin Please close this channel because ..."

Naming conventions for channels

notice - Draft

Change the {{draft}} marker to {{review}} when you need a reviewer for text and TypoScript. info

Not all channels conform to these naming conventions and the naming are conventions are still in draft. Please help to finalize this section!

general tips:

  • Use names from more general to more specific, separated by dash ('-'). Example: #generalcategory-specificcategory. This way if someone is in several similar channels, they will be sorted in a way that is helpful for them.
  • Channels about a general topic often begin with #cig (e.g. #cig-performance)
  • Use well-known terms for things that are already being used. Example: #t3cs is used for TYPO3 camp Stuttgart. That is already being used as hashtag. #t3ch-hamburg adds additional clarification and disambiguation.

specific conventions:

  • Channels for specific extensions: #ext-<extkey>, example: #ext-news
  • Channels for user groups: #t3ug<usergroupname>'', example: #t3ughof (user group Hof), #t3ugrn (user group Rhein-Neckar)
  • Channels for camps: #t3c<location>, e.g. #t3ch (Hamburg) or #t3ch-hamburg (is longer, but avoids ambiguity)

Some examples:

  • #t3o-development
  • #t3o-team


Botty : Botty (or T3Bot) is a bot which is active in Slack. You can use Botty in most channels (Botty must be invited to a channel like a normal user for this to work).