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Sprint Review Notes

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This page belongs to the TYPO3 Neos-Development (category Neos development team)

Sprint Review Notes

Sprint 1

Present: Daniel Pötzinger, Christopher Hlubek, Tobias Liebig, Sebastian Kurfürst, Robert Lemke, Karsten Damblekans, Ben van 't Ende

May 26th 2010. Start 15.15 sharing with Webex


  1. Team presenting the stories.
    1. Hudson - Build, Selenium tests
      • Hudson should have emails for everyone to send notifications, maybe wait until we have CI on Forge?
      • Create standalone Selenium test job to simply run the latest tests against existing "latest" deployment
    2. Christopher Login
    3. Robert
  2. Sprint Planning
  3. Sprint Planning phase 2
  4. Sprint Retrospektive
  • First sprint was a success. The goals were reached.*

General Notes (minutes):

  • Centralised storage of sites etc.
  • Important feature: You can't edit in the life environment. You would need a workspace always. There is only a draft workspace actually.
  • Implement workspaces for Sprint 3.
  • Two weeks of Javascript work to create pages, edit pages, adding content. Split into technical requirements.
  • Overlay is not the final solution for the backend.
  • [Rob] We need a foundation for the inline editing.
  • [Chris] Hard to stick to Jens's mockup.
  • [Rob] Lot of issues from FLOW3 have not been solved due to Sprint.
  • [Chris] Workshop T3DD: 1. extJS beginners to attract more people, 2. extJS Phoenix, 3. Secret workshop
  • Start work on the dynamic navigation
  • We have a problem with the Javascript work
  • No real forms. Everything done thru JSON. Dynamic Form generation.
  • A lot of nice concept work.
  • Forge Issue 7918 and Forge Issue 7920 for Sprint 2 starting June 3rd.
  • Sprint 2 ends July 9th.