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Static File Edit

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notice - This information is outdated

The option BE/staticFileEditPath and associated settings have been removed in TYPO3 7.1 (see 63818: TYPO3 Core - Remove staticFileEditPath magic [Closed]).

Static File Edit AKA Static-file-write AKA static_file_edit

Makes Typo3 able to edit static HTML files with sections defined by subpart marker strings. For instance in a file made with Dreamweaver, a static file edit record can be configured to edit a limited portion of content with the Rich Text Editor. Please study how the default table in Typo3, to better understand static_file_edit. Creator: kasper (Kasper Skaarhoj)


  • FIRST CHECK extension is installed AND localconf.php FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS:
 $TYPO3_CONF_VARS["BE"]["staticFileEditPath"] = 'fileadmin/static/';

CREATE SYSFOLDER [say "Edit Static"]:

CREATE PLACE HOLDERS i.e. links with the exact file names in folder fileadmin/static/ in the sysfolder


-- Type: "HTML-file editing"
-- "File to be edited:" eg: static_file.html - should be a real file!
-- "Alternative Subpart marker:" enter different marker (eg: ZaQ) tag if you want this to be a link to another section of a previously setup link/file.
  - The names of these alt subpart marker links will be the same as the actual files so it might get confusing.
  - Better to set alt marker manually before hand in the HTML.

<!-- ###ZaQ### begin --><!-- ###ZaQ### end -->

-- "Always reload content from file:" check if you don't want the db entry to take precedence

Any content between marker will now be edited from this placeholder OR as I call it 'link'.

Link to view via web browser will be: http://DOMAIN/fileadmin/static/static_file.html


Inside TYPO3

Static file editor demo

Special Configuration Options



f1 is the fieldname which contains the name of the file being edited. This filename should be relative to the path configured in $TYPO3_CONF_VARS["BE"]["staticFileEditPath"]. eg: $TYPO3_CONF_VARS["BE"]["staticFileEditPath"] = 'fileadmin/static/';

f2 is the fieldname which will also recieve a copy of the content (in the database). This should probably be the field name that carries this configuration.

f3 is the fieldname containing the alternative subpart marker used to identify the editable section in the file. The default marker is ###TYPO3_STATICFILE_EDIT### and may be encapsulated in HTML comments. There must be two markers, one to identify the begining and one for the end of the editable section. Optional.

f4 is the fieldname which which - if true - indicates that the content should always be loaded into the form from the file and not from the duplicate field in the database. Optional.

f5 is the fieldname which will recieve a status message as a short textstring. Optional.

EG: STATIC_FILE_0 = privacy.htm 'STATIC_FILE_EDIT' => Array ( 'label' => 'STATIC_FILE_EDIT: Text field', 'config' => Array ( 'type' => 'text', ), 'defaultExtras' => 'static_write[STATIC_FILE_0|STATIC_FILE_EDIT|||]'