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Support for XLIFF

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XLIFF support in TYPO3 core


The goal of the project is to replace LLXML with a standard translation format. This move is motivated by the lack of good tools to translate TYPO3. Translation teams need advanced features to manage their workload and improve TYPO3 translation quality. Actually we are quite impressed by the features set of Pootle (

More informations on Translation Team Forge Wiki:


First because it's standard, second because it's support more feature than LLXML, like plurals, suggestion, alternative translation, ...

More information about XLIFF:

The FLOW3 I18n component also uses XLIFF, see;f=Classes/I18n/Xliff;h=007da781ff2f2720bb0afbe9ea773b930bcd9b3e;hb=HEAD.

Why Pootle

Pootle is used by really big project like OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Debian, Gnome, Mozilla and many others ( The features set is quiet impressive, here a short resume of important feature:

  • Offline translation with standard tools (like Virtaal
  • User can translate or suggest (Eg. permissions management can force a user to suggest, and another user to work on validation)
  • Nice interface
  • Search, with the possibility to use Lucene for indexing and fast result
  • Terminology management (common vocabulary)
  • Machine translation and Translation Memory (Eg. google translate plugin)
  • Integration with GIT

The community is quite dynamic and the developer is really friendly and provide good help on IRC.

Complete feature list: Official Website:

Pootle Server

The Pootle server is available at the following URL:


  • Workshop / Conference during the DevDays 2011
  • Code Sprint during the DevDays 2011



  • Ben Van't Ende (Dutch Translation Lead)
  • Dmitry Dulepov (Core Dev, Current Translation Server Lead)
  • Dominique Feyer, ReelPeek (French Translation Lead)
  • Laurent Cheripit, ReelPeek
  • Karsten Dambekalns (FLOW3 Core Dev, "I18n contact officer")