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General information

The TYPO3 SnowBoard Tour 2009 takes place in Laax, Switzerland from the 22. March till 29. March 2009.

Breakfast: 7:30  - 10:00

Dinner: 18:30

Get there

Careful need to be there before 16' o'clock on Sunday.

Swiss train schedule =>

If you already get there in the morning: the liftticket is valid for 7 days, so you can catch an extra day of skiing. The reception is open 8:30 to 10:30 am and you can leave your luggage in an unattended room.

Lost and found

  • Miss my puppet :(
  • Oakley Goggles and beanie (camoflage/brown-white) got it back
    • Christian Lange miss his Goggles. Probably he left it near the bar or in the upper floor. (scroll down to "contacts" to see how to get in touch with Christian.) => It is in room 8, just come by there.
  • Wallet / Purse
    • Klaus Markowski misses his purse. Lost on Monday evening after dinner on one of the desks in the dinning room (part behind the bar). Relevant information regarding the loss are welcome. Thanks in advance!
  • Volker Biberger (Room 9) misses a SonyEricsson Pi1 Stylus. He should have gotten an iPhone instead.
  • Nobody lost a canon ixus 750 with lots of photos from my colleagues from roomnumber 103

* Christian Kurta lost a black waistcoat "Mammut"! Please contact me or Room 11

  • Jochen Weiland (room 33) misses a white power connector strip with switch and adapter, someone took it from the Overflow, please return
  • Peter Kühn (wmdb) misses a powerbook pro (alu) power adaptor (contact via email ( Thanks
  • Julle forgot his leather-gloves, moped-style with a V-sewing on the back of the hand. Might've been in room 102 or 108
  • Jochen Rau is missing a red folder with some important documents (about a kindergarden ;-)).

• Dan Jensen (Wildside) misplaced his T3BOARD09 fleece jacket/shirt in size XL (Anybody has 2?)

Packing list

  • snowboarding/skiing equipment
  • your old lift ticket (worth 5,-SFr)
  • sun glasses/lotion
  • sport equipment for indoor football tournament
  • power cord / connector strip / power adapter for Switzerland
  • Network cables
  • Climbing equipment (might be unnecessary, see section "Misc")
  • Earplugs
  • lanyards
  • Aspirin
  • Immodium or else (Diarrhea stuff or so)
  • hall shoes (for soccer match)
  • Good mood

Gear rental

We have the same deal like last year. Rent your stuff at meini sports (at the gondola base station) and tell them, that you are from the TYPO3 Tour. We have a 15% discount.


Daily overview

This is the main overview. In case you have to say something (e.g. "the shower is mine from 6-7 pm"), write it down here. Moreover we announce special or daily events here.

Sunday 22.03.2009

Welcoming session at night.

Monday 23.03.2009

TYPO3 night of nerding, until network collapse

Tuesday 24.03.2009

The Gondola at 2am is for sure available!!
The famous soccer tournament in Falera. Take the gondola down at 17:00, the bus to Falera leaves 18:05. The Extra Bus from Falera back to Laax is leaving 20:30. The gondola back up to the hostel is leaving Laax Murschetg at 2:00 am

Wednesday 25.03.2009

TYPO3 v5, FLOW 3 and TYPO3 4.3 MVC
after dinner

Thursday 26.03.2009

Bug auction and fixing evening

Friday 27.03.2009

Kasper's auction

Saturday 28.03.2009

"The Brits" - Cafe NoName from 10 AM

Sunday 29.03.2009

"The Brits" - Cafe NoName from 10 AM

Skiing Courses


René Gulager - never tried snowboarding. So a beginners class would be most welcomed.

Ingo Augsten - advanced snowboarding session (kickers, halfpipe, spotting errors) would be most welcome.

Rainer Zeh - never tried skiing; absolute beginner (hi Rainer, today it did not work but maybe tomorrow. Send me a mail if you are still interested -- Erik) hin erik, thank you very much but i learned a lot by myself today and can continue alone.

Berit Jensen - just tried snowboarding once so I'd participate in a beginners class too, if there would be one.


Jochen Rau: I could give a half-day course in advanced skiing techniques (e.g. carving, trick ski, or moguls skiing)

Erik Sokoll: Maybe on Sunday, but sure on Monday I could do a normal Skiing course for beginners (NO SnowBoard).


List of Teams at the T3BOARD09 (e.g HCI and so on).

Please announce here that your team is existing and who is to contact (maybe with your room number or a personal remark like a big nose or what ever). --Please remove this line as soon as you made a propper "template".

Soccer Tournament

Latest News


  • When: Tuesday, March 24nd, 18:30 pm
  • Where: Sports hall, Falera
  • Who: Teams of 5 people and (hopefully!) many fans & cheerleaders
  • Tenue: Please play in sportswear and clean sneakers. Due to insurance reasons it is not allowed to play barefoot, in socks or ski boots :-)
  • Showers: There will be showers at the sports hall.
  • Motto: Play fair and have fun!
  • Lunch: Those of you who will go to the soccer game will get a free lunch pack and dinner is provided as usual for [the nerds, who are usually more attractive than football players...] who stay at the hostel.

More information

If you have further questions, contact Stucki.

  • If you should get lost on the way to Falera, call +41 76 317 71 68 (Claudio). Don't call, if you miss the last gondola at 2 am! We will not be able to help you then.


You are still welcome to support (mentally or physically ;-)) the teams of course!

Teams can have more than 5 members, but only 5 can play at a time.

Team List

  • Northern Germany (responsible: Jan)
    1. Jan Christe
    2. Andy Lenz
    3. Mad Herr
    4. Ingmar Schlecht
    5. Peter "die Katze" Niederlag
    6. Christian Lange
    7. Ekkehard Gümbel
  • German Summer Fairytale (responsible: Sebastian Böttger)
    1. Sebastian Böttger
    2. Peter Kraume
    3. Thomas Löffler
    4. Bernd Gaißmaier
    5. Sebastian Kurfürst
    6. Helmut Hummel
  • Switzerland (responsible: Thomas)
    1. Thomas el Capitano Büehler
    2. Michael Stuckinho
    3. Claudio 'caca' Cathomen
    4. Amrun Zico Werkehau
    5. Berninho Pfister
    6. Daniel dos Huf
    7. Philippe Moreau do Quebec
    8. Moni Wireless
  • Team Middle Germany (responsible: Kian)
    1. Kian Gould
    2. Joern Bock
    3. Timo Schmidt
    4. Fabrizio Branca
    5. Oliver Hader
    6. Holger Gebhardt

Referee List

We need referees! Thanks to anyone who volunteers for this job.

  • Thomas Löffler can make referee, but is in the German Summer Fairytale Team. I can whistle all teams but mine. :) AND I have a wihstle!:)
  • Erik Sokoll


  • Team 1: Northern Germany
  • Team 2: Middle Germany
  • Team 3: Switzerland
  • Team 4: German Summer Fairytale

Play mode

  • 2x5 minutes
  • 5 Players (exchange is possible)
  • no behind, no out
  • within the marked area around the goal, the goalkeeper can hold the ball with his hands
  • Fairplay
  • 2 minutes pause between games
  • the referee is the boss!

Ranking mode

  • Winner gets 3 points
  • Looser gets 0 points
  • Draw = 1 point each for both teams
  • If two teams have the same number of points, the team that won the direct game between the two is ranked higher
  • Final: 1st vs. 2nd of the ranking
  • 3rd of the ranking = 3rd place


  • The winner team wins the T3BOARD challenge cup for one year (must be returned on the next tour)
  • The first three teams will also win a medal
  • The fourth team may share the dressing room with Moni

Playing schedule

  • 18.30 Hall is open
  • 18.45 Team 1 vs. Team 2
  • 18.57 Team 3 vs. Team 4
  • 19.09 Team 1 vs. Team 3
  • 19.21 Team 2 vs. Team 4
  • 19.33 Team 1 vs. Team 4
  • 19.45 Team 2 vs. Team 3
  • 19.57 Final
  • 20.30 Return to Laax

Pay your bill!

Apparently not all people who participated in the tour down to Falera and up again to the mountain paid their share for the gondola, bus and rent of the sports hall. I was only 10 CHF per person, but not all paid. This is just unfair and not in line with the spirit of the TYPO3 community.

Internet Access

We have Internet access at the hostel. If you need the WPA key: look at the flipchart in the bar/capalari restaurant.

In the upper floor of the main restaurant there are two WLAN networks:

- T3BOARD09 N (supports 802.11n/b/g)
- T3BOARD09 BG (supports 802.11b/g)

at the capalari bar the SSID T3BOARD09

Attention: Internet Access will be available until Sunday morning 9:00 am


List of Hardware we can use at the MountainHostel.

Main Hardware for networking

Additional Hardware for networking

Erik Sokoll: A Linksys Wireless-G Access Point WAP54G, a Linksys Bridge WET54G and a LevelOne five port switch to connect areas in the hostel  which have no good WLAN access. Moreover some CAT5 cable with 15m and others.

Jochen Weiland: Airport Extreme WLAN access point, 5-port GBit switch, a few network cables (1-15m), beamer

Hardware for video/podcasts

Forgot to say... brought a SURE Micro with 5m cable (Erik) (Mobile PA from mathias got a wireless mic)

Audio Hardware / PA

Mathias: Mobile PA system.

Weather forecast


Climbing wall

The MountainHostel has an outside climbing wall.
Unfortunately the Hotel says, that we cannot use it.
So if you have no problems about space in the car, take your things (I will do so). There are other places like the one in Flims [1] which is not best choice, but maybe we are lucky and they allow us to use the one at the Hotel.


Photos / Videos

If your are posting material to Flickr, Youtube, etc., please make sure to tag the items as t3board09


Sauna is only open until dinner (18:30).

Is there something we should think about?

IRC channel

#t3board09 on freenode

Classifieds / Wanted / Offers

This is something I missed at the past snowboard tours: We have a lot of talented people together for a week, this would be a great opportunity for exchange of knowledge. Use this section to search for or offer stuff.

Wanted: Final Cut Express 4 Lesson

Yes, there is a manual (1200+ pages) and I know what a timeline is. But perhaps someone can give me some hands-on training on how to get some quick results out of Final Cut Express. I am bringing the software plus some video clips that I would like to put together. If someone is interested in doing this with me: this will get you an evening of free drinks. Contact Jochen Weiland (Room 33)

T3BOARD09 Review

Please write your reviews to the t3board mailinglist


What makes a good TYPO3 Snowboard geek tour?

  • slopes
  • accomodation
  • bars, party
  • price
  • internet connection
  • travel
  • conference rooms
  • designated non-smoking areas!!! The amount of secondary smoke that we needed to inhale in Laax was outrageous. +4

Where to go next year? suggestions?

  • where is it?
  • how much is it?
  • how many people fit in?
  • who takes over organization? you?


Honestly: Laax is hard to beat! Perfect for boarders, a fantastic location up in the mountains, lots of snow, good bar staff, etc. LAAX RULEZ


  • 3 skiing resorts in one place
  • a snowboard mekka like Laax
  • no idea where to stay though


Steffan R has made a request to the Sölden Turismusinformation 27.03.2009 with the following:

  • February / March
  • 120-160 People
  • 1. 120-160 People to be in one location
  • 2. High-Speed Internet Connection
  • 3. A large meetingroom with seating
  • 4. Breakfast and Dinner included
  • 5. Accomodation must be near the slopes, preferable "Hoch Sölden"
  • 6. Bookinglist comes from us, people pay directly to "Sölden Turismusinformation"
  • 7. The price should include a 6-day Skipass
  • 8. A Hotelbar with music where a large part of the TYPO3 Geeks can nerd around.

I gave them the info that we are a Mature group.

As soon as i get more info, i will place them here.


Erik Sokoll: Room Nr. 12 -- E-Mail: erik REMOVE @ REMOVE -- skype: eso REMOVE koll -- (remove the REMOVE and the spaces)

Jochen Weiland: Room Nr. 33 -- E-Mail: jweiland REMOVE @ REMOVE -- skype: jweiREMOVEland58 -- phone +49 160 5339376

Christian Lange: Room Nr. 110 -- E-Mail: mail REMOVE @ REMOVE

Network (WAN) & Ski / Board rental: Claudio Cathomen: Room Nr ?? -- E-Mail: -- Phone: +41 (0)76 317 71 68