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General information

  • The TYPO3 SnowBoard Tour 2010 takes place in Laax, Switzerland from Sunday 28th of February to Sunday 07th of March 2010
  • Best way to communicate your questions upfront the tour is the newsgroup: typo3.t3board
  • Official Assoc-T3 board website with details to be found here

Getting there

Swiss train schedule =>

If you already get there in the morning: the liftticket is valid for 7 days, so you can catch an extra day of skiing. The reception is open 8:30 to 10:30 am and you can leave your luggage in an unattended room.

Check-in will be on Sunday 28th of February starting at 15:00 in the moutain-hostel on top of Crap Sogn Gion. If you choose your 7-day skipass to start on Sunday 28th you can take the gondola to the Crap the whole day. When you start with the ski-pass on Monday 1st of March you can take the free lift-up after 15:00 on Sunday 28th.

Car-Parking: You can leave your car down the station at the for 105.00 CHF a week.

Lost and found

  • Rupert misses his TYPO3 fleece jacket since Tuesday evening. Last seen in capalary in front of the fireplace. There are some cigarettes and lighters in the pockets.

  • Erik: Miss black 'North Face' gloves and a silver 'SuperTalent' USB Stick
  • JHH - Public list of current subscribers ;-)
  • gk: T3BOARD10 - wikipage
  • Miss my puppet :(
  • The Iphone of Jochen Rau is missing.
  • Andy Grunwald (andreas.grunwald (AT) wmdb (DOT) de): Miss a charging cable of an ASUS EEE PC. Last seen Saturday evening at the capalari bar.
  • Thomas Loeffler (tomalo(at)stuttgart(dot) Miss my ipod touch. Last seen Friday.
  • Mathias Schreiber (mathias.schreiber (AT) wmdb (DOT) de): Missing a iPod Classic Silver with lots of Skatepunk on it and a Burton Fleece in Black with a Burton Logo down the right side of the zipper

Packing list

  • snowboarding/skiing equipment
  • your old lift ticket (worth 5,-SFr)
  • sun glasses/lotion
  • sport equipment for indoor football tournament
  • power cord / connector strip / power adapter for Switzerland
  • Network cables
  • Climbing equipment (might be unnecessary, see section "Misc")
  • Earplugs
  • lanyards
  • Aspirin
  • Immodium or else (Diarrhea stuff or so)
  • hall shoes (for soccer match)
  • Good mood

Gear rental

Checkout Meini-Sports at the Gondola's base-station. we had a 15% discount the last years;

New Deal wit F*** (Free) Shop and Boarderworld. 25% Discount on all material. Free change of material through the week.
Several Bases: Gondola base-station; Outside Mountain Hostel; ...
For any annoiances call Claudio +41 76 317 71 68

Daily overview

This is the main overview. In case you have to say something (e.g. "the shower is mine from 6-7 pm"), write it down here. Also we, or anyone, can schedule any sessions, workshop or meetings here. Please mention time, topic and place. We have the following rooms: Capalari Lounge, Overflow, Speedy or your personal Rooms. Moreover we announce special or daily events here.

28.02.2010 -

18:00 - 18:20 Welcoming Infos
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari
20:00 - 23:00 Full-Moon skiing; if you want to join you can buy a ticket for 15.00 CHF. Only if weather is nice and clear.


08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
16:15 - Discussion about Validation in TYPO3 v4 and v5 in the overflow. T3BOARD10/Validation
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari
20:00 - 22:00 TYPO3 Integrator Certification @ Overflow, Crap Sogn Gion
20:00 Discussion about building big ExtJS applications; Creating guidelines to be used for TYPO3 v5. Participants: Nils, Karsten, Sebastian, Christopher, whoever is interested :-) Will take place @Overflow, or if this is used, some other place. T3BOARD10/TYPO3Neos


Breaking News

Moni ist heute Abend da !!!

* 02:00: There is the danish song course, held by Dan. 
  No need to subscribe to it, just be there after drinking one or the other beer. 
  There are also no limitations on the number of participants. (jh)

08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari

Wed 03.03.2010

08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
16:30 People who want to join or watch the soccer-game must take the 16:30 gondola down. Do not ski or board down! We are not allowed to take skis or boards up again with the 03:00 am gondola!
18:05 bus to Falera post leaves from gondola base station (Murschetg)
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari (for the ones who don't join or watch the soccer tournament)
19:00 - 21:30 Soccer / Volleyball tournament in Falera, beers and disco in Laax, spectators very welcome!!!
03:00 am: Gondola home !!!! Don't miss it !!! No other way up to the hostel !!! Be there at least 10 min. before !!!


08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari
(Maybe BugAuction ?)
Funeral of the IE6 in Denver († March 1, 2010)


08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari


08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari ??


08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
08:00 - 10:00 Check-out

Skiing Courses


ExampleFirstName Lastname: Have seen snow on the telly, however dunny how it tastes; have however been adviced not to eat yellow snow; would like to learn skiing / boarding.

Ingo Augsten: Interested in park lesson (I'm Quartermediate in the park)

Nils Dehl: Interested in a ski powder technique lesson

Anita Versic: Did some Snowboarding loong time ago, but would now like to learn Skiing. Beginner.


ExampleFirstName Lastname: I could give a half-day course in basic skiing techniques (e.g. carving, trick ski, or moguls skiing)

Mathias Schreiber: Could give beginner traning or intermediate training in the park (beginner training only if I got really wasted the night before and going into the park would be too dangerous)

Huf Daniel: Could give a hand in the park, tell me Mathias if you need one.

Claudio Cathomen: Ski Lessons for beginners or for bored girlfriends


Soccer / Volleyball Tournament

We try to get the hall from 18:00 to 21:00, so we can play from 18:00 to 19:15 volleyball and from 19:30 -21:00 football, depending how many teams we get.

Soccer Teams (min. 5 players / team)


  • Michael Stucki
  • Claudio Cathomen
  • Pascal Meury
  • Thomas Bühler
  • Daniel Huf
  • Adrian Zimmermann
  • Beat Hausheer
  • Reto Zahner
  • Curdin Venzin
  • Beat Hausheer
  • Bernie Pfister

Germany 1

  • Andreas Grunwald alias "Andy"
  • Tim Lochmüller alias "Locher"
  • Peter Niederlag alias "Katze"
  • Oliver Hader (is powerless concerning more sports today)
  • Stefan Bauer
  • Nils Dehl
  • Lars Zimmermann

Team "Gangsta Wrapper":

  • Thomas Loeffler
  • Michael Fritz (injured, possibly broken bone)
  • Johannes von Bargen
  • Franz Ripfel (handicapped, but hopefully fit enough then)
  • Micha Strelow
  • Sebastian Boettger
  • ---please join---

Team get cozy >>> Short notice: We are not coming. * Thomas Layh

  • Johannes Feustel
  • Fabrizio Branca
  • Steven Bailey
  • Kian Gould
  • Jon Steinfeld
  • Dirk Reinbold

Referee: NOT ME! (Eike - bitte bitte bitte) ;)


  • any suggestions?

Volleyball Teams

Team "TTT - TYPO3 TowerTeam" (oder so)

  • Ingo Augsten
  • Mattes
  • Sebastian Böttger
  • Sebastian Kurfürst (to be confirmed)
  • Mikael
  • Tobias Liebig

Team "Lets see who dares" ;)

  • Nils Dehl


Ingo: 1 What about Volleyball instead/additional to succer, why not ultimate frisbee? ;-) We had some fun (and skills) at the developer days in the pool.

Mattes: +1 Volleyball

Mikael: +1 Vollyball (I suck slighly less at volly than football ;))

Nils: +1 Volleyball

Andri Steiner: +1 Soccer

Claudio Cathomen: +1 Soccer

Michael Stucki: +1 Soccer

Franz Ripfel: +1 Soccer

Pascal Meury: +1 Soccer

Thomas Loeffler: +1 Soccer

Daniel Huf: +1 Ultimate Frisbee

Adrian Zimmermann +1 Soccer

Michael Fritz +1 Soccer

Johannes von Bargen +1 Soccer

Tim Lochmüller: +1 Soccer (hey guys... i am looking for a team?!?!)


Latest News

Internet Access

We have Internet access at the hostel. If you need the WPA key: look at the flipchart in the bar/capalari restaurant.

- T3Board10OF (OwerFlow)
- T3Board10CA (CApalari)
For any annoiances call Claudio +41 76 317 71 68


List of Hardware we can use at the MountainHostel.

Main Hardware for networking

- 24 Port 100mbit Network Switch (by Mathias Uhl)
- 30m, 10m, 5x2m CAT5 Cable (by Mathias Uhl)
- 2x 24 port switches (by NEWMEDIA, Claudio Cathomen)
- 2x W-Lan Router (1x Capalari, 1x Owerflow)(by NEWMEDIA, Claudio Cathomen)

Additional Hardware for networking

Hardware for video/podcasts

- Small Kodak ZX-1 camera with HD (720p) and 4GB storage card (can be used outside, it's a little water resistant) (by Thomas Loeffler)

Audio Hardware / PA


- Beamer (by Claudio Cathomen)

- Nintendo Wii (by Thomas Loeffler) - Microfone and "Band Hero" Wii (by Petra Hasenau)

Weather forecast


Climbing wall

The MountainHostel has an outside climbing wall.
Unfortunately the Hotel says, that we cannot use it.
So if you have no problems about space in the car, take your things (I will do so). There are other places like the one in Flims [1] which is not best choice, but maybe we are lucky and they allow us to use the one at the Hotel.


What is your name? I'am Alexander Grein and also interested in climbing. Just contact me, i am in room 15.

Photos / Videos

If your are posting material to Flickr, Youtube, etc., please make sure to tag the items as t3board10

Hey... first pictures on More pictures in the next hours/days...



Sauna is only open until dinner (18:30). Plenty of towels available there.

Is there something we should think about? Yes there is.

IRC channel

#t3board10 on freenode

Classifieds / Wanted / Offers

This is something I missed at the past snowboard tours: We have a lot of talented people together for a week, this would be a great opportunity for exchange of knowledge. Use this section to search for or offer stuff.

Wanted-1: SOMETHING-Lesson

SOMETHING Description; Contact SOMEONE interested in SOMETHING. (room#123)


Offer: Ext JS Session

Discuss Ext JS related Topics ( Contact: Nils

Offer: Ableton Live Session

Learn how to easily create track based music fast with Ableton Live 8 Contact: Mattes or Rupi

Participants selfmade entries

lets try this one...
First name Surname Room Nr. Contact information
Mathias Uhl
Bernd Thiessen
Ingo Augsten

Bodo Eichstädt
Mikael Conley
Dan Jensen
Mikkel Olrik
Bo (bö) Andersen
Jan-Hendrik Heuing

Georg Kuehnberger

Tobias Liebig

Georg Ringer

Erik Sokoll 17 --E-Mail: erik REMOVE @ REMOVE --skype: eso REMOVE koll --phone: +49 175 REMOVE 4446662 (remove the REMOVE and the spaces)
Steffan Röpke
Tim Lochmüller
Contact Infos on
Daniel Costas

Masa Örtüsü  ? Masa Örtüsü
Belta Tekstil
Belta Tekstil
Mathias Schreiber
Karolin Tesch
Peter Kühn
Diana Beer
Sebastian Hens
Andreas Grunwald
Fabian Dömkes
Bine Schwab
Oliver Hader
Nils Dehl
Claudio Cathomen
Daniel Huf  ?
Adrian Zimmermann
Stefan Bauer
Almeida Philip
Chambard Benoit
Schneider Jerome
Muller Luc
Fillion Stephane
Loeffler Thomas 13 University of Hohenheim,, XING
Krappitz Matthias 13 aemka

Participants extracted from the register-form

Name Firstname Company
Stucki Michael
Bühler Thomas
Meury Pascal
Skarhoj Kasper
Cathomen Claudio Südostschweiz Newmedia AG
Zahner Reto Südostschweiz Newmedia AG
Hausheer Beat Südostschweiz Newmedia AG
Curdin, Ann, Claudia ? Südostschweiz Newmedia AG
Ringer Georg CYBERhouse GmbH
Gebhardt Holger development.IT
Reuther Stephan development.IT
Dehl Nils d.k.d Internet Service GmbH
Renner Ingo
Lange Markus bgm business group munich GmbH & Co KG
Eichstaedt Bodo TYPO3cluster Ltd. + Co. KG / wmdb
Zimmermann Lars artworx3D
Niederlag Peter niekom netservice
Gulager Rene aalborguniversität
Kalb Clemens netlogix GmbH & Co. KG
Foerthner Andreas netlogix GmbH & Co. KG
Kübler Frank
Staffhorst Martin Top50-solar
Löffler Thomas University of Hohenheim
Urlund Henrik Dcmedia Hosting
Völker Stefan NYXOS ONLINE
Zelles Vajk Redukt
Schlereth Tilman websight gmbh
Grein Alexander MEDIA: ESSENZ
Beutel Andreas mehrwert GmbH
Uhl Mathias MH-Computersysteme oHG
Thiessen Bern MH-Computersysteme oHG
Goettges Michael pixolith
Pracht Norman pixolith
Doehler Michel pixolith
Burchartz Christoph pixolith
Sokoll Erik t3media
Untenzu Dan webit
Kurfürst Sebastian sandstorm media
Beer Diana wmdb
Hens Sebastian wmdb
Kuehn Peter wmdb
Geuer Christian wmdb
Hoeppner Irene A.BE.ZET GmbH
Ripfel Franz A.BE.ZET GmbH
Schwab Sabine wmdb
Pas Caro wmdb
Ems Joerg wmdb
Shams Frank wmdb
Grundwald Andreas wmdb
Doemkes Fabian wmdb
van Doornik Martijn Drecomm
Kühnberger Georg plan2net
Loicht Sabina plan2net
Zielke Ruben netzbest GmbH
Strelow Michael netzbest GmbH
Laruelle Christoph typofaktum
Augsten Ingo
Weiland Jochen
Godon Jürgen
Biberger Volker Websedit AG
Egger Jannik Websedit AG
von Bargen Johannes Freelancer
Bauer Stefan Marit AG XING
Reinbold Dirk SCRBL
Steinfeld Jon SCRBL
Vogels Sander Netcreators
Genevace Willem Netcreators
Van Der Veen Frans Netcreators
Broens Patrick Netcreators
Hasenau Petra cybercraft media manufactory
van Kampen Natasja Sapienza Consulting
Hader Oliver TYPO3
Rau Jochen typoplanet
Zimmermann Adrian snowflake productions gmbh
Steiner Andri snowflake productions gmbh
Pfister Bernie snowflake productions gmbh
Erni Fabian snowflake productions gmbh
Chambard Benoit AMEOS
Schneider Jerome AMEOS
Muller Luc AMEOS
Fillion Stephane AMEOS
Gümbel Ekkehard GmbH
Hummel Helmut GmbH
Sippel Stefanie GmbH
Heise Dietrich GmbH
Versic Anita GmbH
Gould Kian AOE media GmbH
Bailey Steven AOE media GmbH
Bock Joern AOE media GmbH
Poetzinger Daniel AOE media GmbH
Layh Thomas AOE media GmbH
Johan Musaeus Bruun MOC Systems
Rasmussen Henrik Moller HMR-design
Scheuer Jesper MOC Systems
Revsbech Jan-Erik MOC Systems
Diestelkamp Eike HDNET GmbH & Co KG
Lochmueller Tim HDNET GmbH & Co KG
Costas Daniel HDNET GmbH & Co KG
Seibert Norman Norman Seibert
Moog Susanne NEUSTA GmbH
Willmann Marc Marc Willmann. TYPO3 Freelancer
Jendrsczok Julia IFP - (zu Jens Hoffmann)
Hoffmann Jens d.k.d. Internet Service GmbH
Fritz Michael Marit AG
Liebig Tobias networkteam
Jensen Berit networkteam
Hlubek Christopher networkteam
Germann Rupert rgData
Feustel Johannes AOE media GmbH
Branca Fabrizio AOE media GmbH
Klapper Michael AOE media GmbH
Böttger Sebastian Cross Content Media
Kraume Peter bgm business group munich GmbH & Co KG
Tilley Koen Semaforce
Dambekalns Karsten TYPO3
Schreiber Mathias wmdb systems gmbh
Tesch Karolin wmdb systems gmbh
Almeida Philip Freedomson
Goncalves Tania
Goncalves Tiago (2 1/2 years)
Fischer Sebastian Robert-Geritzmann-Höfe
Huf Daniel
Elischer Florian digiparden GmbH
Albrecht Kevin digiparden GmbH
Abad Alvin Net Efficiency
Kraft Tyler Net Efficiency
Röpke Steffan Skyfillers GmbH
Heuing Jan-Hendrik Skyfillers GmbH
Conley Mikael Wildside A/S
Jensen Dan Wildside A/S
Olrik Mikkel Wildside A/S
Andersen Bo Wildside A/S