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Next Steps

  • Create more bugtracker categories
  • GUI Mockup cleanups (Nils, Christopher, Sebastian)
  • Management area integration (Mathias)
  • Server version of v5 mockup!!! (Andi, until wednesday!)
    • Must work without Firebug
    • Mit htaccess schutz
    • ( -> Sebastian
  • Jens - GA: Discuss the communication strategy for v5 UI
  • write down Naming conventions / CGLs (Robert, Karsten, Christopher) -> in 1/2 Wochen!
    • xtype same as full JS class name
    • event based
    • Bootstrappers
    • Naming conventions of submodules, files, ...
  • Ext Direct support in FLOW3 (Robert, Karsten)
  • Integrate into TYPO3 package (Robert, Karsten)
  • Bundling of CSS, JavaScript, Images (Robert, Karsten)
  • Priorisierung und Aufteilung von Tasks
  • Lokalisierung GUI API (Robert, Karsten)
  • Fehlerbehandlung / Error Messages (Jens)
    • Senden an Agentur
  • (Optional): Wie geht man mit Right-To-Left um? (Jens)

Discussion in the beginning

ExtJS Brainstorming for bigger applications -- TYPO3 v5
Goal: Clickable interface of v5 (prototype) at the snowboard tour
-- Take the mockups of Jens, Implement some views with standard extjs components to get going

- Include Management (JS files, JS code, …)
-> Conventions, File Structure, CGLs, Packages, …
- JS part of application "lives" inside Resources/Public/JavaScript/
- write a ViewHelper which includes JS files / including bundles
- bundles are an array of files, and a name
-> Dependencies of JS files?? Should this be part of the package management (analyze xTypes)?
- for development context -- JSLint check / Eclipse plugin: SPKet /Eclipse plugin: JsLint / YSlow
- CI integration?
-> use some annotations in JS (like @depends …)
-> should work with resource manager
-> minify / merge

- CGLs
- one file per class
- Class Name: Package Key+PHP namespace? F3.TYPO3.BackendPanel -> Resources/Public/JavaScript/BackendPanel.js
- how to deal with nested JSON arrays (with extjs) -- Pattern: Preconfigured component
- Unit Tests? In Ext JS 3.2 Beta contains tests, we have to check out and use them for our needs (nils)
-> How to name the XType?
- Better JSON serialization!
- Application Bootstrap
-> To add something to the bootstrap, define a class (with some "interface")
-> Includes history management / Browser Back-Button support
-> Navigation support
- Dynamic Code Loading (how much code loaded on start vs on each click)
- Extensibility of "Menus" / Modules / Use of Extension Points
- API of client-Server communication
- Dynamically created JS? (for configuration, localization, …)