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Validation Framework


  • Will be converted from FLOW3 to t3lib_validation (automatically)
  • TODO: Tear apart the ValidatorResolver into a SimpleValidatorResolver (just containing createValidator() ), and an AdvancedValidatorResolver (containing reflection stuff, etc)??
  • Error Messages:
    • in TYPO3 v4, we will use the following language keys: [full class name in lowercase].[errorName] -- Example: t3lib_validation_validator_stringlengthvalidator.length_exceeded
      • Please don't use a dot as separator, if you use a dot, you can't overwrite it by TypoScript. Or fix the TS-Parser ;) (F. Nägler)
    • There will be a new method inside AbstractValidator which resolves these language keys
    • Language Strings will contain sprintf-placeholders
    • Overriding messages: There will be a method overrideLanguageKey($errorName, $newLocallangKey) with which one can override single messages in validators.
    • TODO: How to do this in FLOW3??
  • Take a look at the validator classes in EXT:feuserregister:

Converters and Filters