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General information

  • The TYPO3 SnowBoard Tour 2011 takes place from Sunday 27th of March to Sunday 03th of April 2011
  • Best way to communicate your questions upfront the tour is the newsgroup: typo3.t3board
  • Official Assoc-T3 board website with details to be found here and here

Poll T3BOARD12 - Your opinion wanted!

Please participate at this very short poll for T3BOARD12 to get to know your preferences - Thank you!

Certification Test on Monday

Meeting place: 4.00 pm at the reception


There was the wish from several participants that the bar should be non-smoking area in the evening. Thanks for understanding!

Changed Dinner Time

Dinner time is 06.30 instead of 7.00 pm

Getting to Kitzsteinhorn by bus

Possibility #1: via Schmitten Gondola

First Gondola going down: 8.20 am / Last Gondola going up: 5.00 pm

Take the ski bus to Zell am See  and from there change to the skibus to Kaprun / Kitzsteinhorn

Skibus Schmitten valley station > Zell am See every 1/2 hour (takes 5 min):

  • Morning: 08.30 / 09.00 / ... / 11.30

Skibus Zell am See > Kitzsteinhorn (takes 35 min):

  • Morning: 08.50 /  09.20 / ... / 

Possibility #2: via Areit / Schüttdorf (Slopes 1 & 10)

  • Go down slopes 1 & 10 to Areit 1 Valley Station (or use the cable car - opening hours from 08.45 on)
  • Skibus from bus stop "Areit" to Kitzsteinhorn: 08.29 / 08.59 / 09.29 / ...

Getting back from Kitzsteinhorn:

  • Skibus Kitzsteinhorn > Zell am See: every hour from 11.20 - 14.20; 14.20 / 14.38 / 15.08 / 
  • Skibus Zell am See > Schmitten valley station: ... / 15.50 / 16.20 

Also see pist map & ski bus info provided in your CheckIn Package!

Lost and found

I LOST MY ADIDAS JACKET!! It's brown with light brown stripes. From the Adidas classics series so with the old logo. Forgot to take it with me from the diner of nerd room and now it's gone.

If you find it please take it to the Hotel reception.

I forgot my sweater (fleece, dark grey with orange stripes) at the bar on bug auction day (thursday), and now it's gone. Please call me +49/176/20900614 (Ingo) or give it to hotel reception, thanks!

Packing list

  • Foto for ski pass!
  • snowboarding/skiing equipment
  • sun glasses/lotion
  • sport equipment for indoor football tournament
  • power cord / connector strip / power adapter for Austria
  • Network cables
  • Earplugs
  • lanyards
  • Aspirin
  • Immodium or else (Diarrhea stuff or so)
  • hall shoes (for soccer match)
  • Good mood

Gear rental

Daily overview

This is the main overview. In case you have to say something (e.g. "the shower is mine from 6-7 pm"), write it down here. Also we, or anyone, can schedule any sessions, workshop or meetings here. Please mention time, topic and place. We have the following rooms: ???

27.03.2011 -

18:00 Welcome-Infos at the conference room

28.03.2011 -

Certification Test on Monday

Meeting place: 4.00 pm at the reception Responsible: Peter Niederlag

29.03.2011 -

20:30 - 21:00 conference Room 1st floor: Intro & Overview Apache Solr for TYPO3 by Ingo Renner

30.03.2011 - Human TYPO3 Logo / Soccer Tournament / Party Night Zell am See

Let's form a TYPO3 Logo with our bodies in the snow - meeting time 4.00 pm at the Schnaps Hans Bar

Please enter your soccer teams (min 5 player) here:


  • Michael
  • Andri
  • Christoph
  • Reto
  • Beat
  • Thomas
  • Adrian
  • Claudio

Northern Germany:

  • Jan Christe
  • Andy Lenz
  • Martin Brüggemann
  • Tim Lochmüller
  • Alexander Heinze
  • Peter "Die Katze" Niederlag
  • Daniel Costas

Middle Germany:

  • Daniel Poetzinger
  • Ole Fritz
  • Timo Schmidt
  • Fabrizio Branca
  • SteffenG
  • Patrick Rodacker
  • ...? (More players welcome...)

TYPO3Camp Soccer Team

  • Thomas "Das Schöngesicht" Löffler
  • Sebastian "Der Zugroaste" Böttger
  • Sven "Der Ossi" Wolfermann
  • Kevin Albrecht
  • Volker "Kiezkönig" Graubaum

International team (anybody up?)

  • Henrik Rasmussen (DK)
  • Raphael Geyer (FR)
  • Stephane Fillion (FR)
  • Jerome Schneider (FR)
  • Nils Dehl (DE)
  • Sebastian Kurfürst (DE)



France: All of them in the international team

country xy or mixed teams: feel free to add

Lunch Package

Get your lunch package for take away before leaving with the gondola instead of hotel dinner.

Transportation to the GYM:

  • Take the gondola down - latest 5 p.m.
  • Take the bus to Zell am See
  • Change to a bus to Schüttdorf
  • Get off the bus at bus stop "Schüttdorf - Hotel Alpenblick" (first stop after Zell am See)
  • Walk to the gym - see Important Places in Google Maps

The gym is reserved from 6 to 9 pm. There will be a shuttle service back to Zell am See.

Transportation back to the hotel:

The gondola back to the Berghotel is between 2 - 2.45 am.

There is a shuttle service from Zell am See to the Gondola Station: 01.45 / 02.00 / 02.15 / 02.30 

Starting point: Bus Station Postplatz (see Google Map Important Places

31.03.2011 -

20:15 bug auction @ conference room 1st floor

bugs evaluated by stucki and sebastian

32.03.2011 -

This is an extra sponsored day by: (fill in your company name here)

01.04.2011 -

  • 16:30 Contributing to TYPO3: Git and Gerrit introduction by Steffen
  • 20:30 conference Room 1st floor: Phoenix & FLOW3 by Robert
  • (after Roberts presentation) Aloha Editor HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor Presentation

02.04.2011 -

03.04.2011 -

Skiing Courses


ExampleFirstName Lastname: Have seen snow on the telly, however dunno how it tastes; have however been adviced not to eat yellow snow; would like to learn skiing / boarding.


ExampleFirstName Lastname: I could give a half-day course in basic skiing techniques (e.g. carving, trick ski, or moguls skiing)

Erik Sokoll: On the first days I will give a beginners course to: Stephan


Soccer / Volleyball / Ultimate Frisbee Tournament



  • any suggestions?

Latest News

Internet Access


List of Hardware we can use.

Main Hardware for networking

Additional Hardware for networking

Hardware for video/podcasts

Audio Hardware / PA

Misc 10 EUR vouchers for TYPO3 developers (Speed up your Unibody MacBook Pro)

As a TYPO3 developer you can use the following vouchers to get a 10 EUR discount on your (MacBook SSD HDD adapter) order (Please add an "X" in the "Used"-column if you have used one):

Voucher Used
sog2acd4dcc838130ed17576e5715b36 X
sogbf0d94c33b934f86765ca204b0abe X
sog1954245b711f70aaf44771f06c6e3 X
sog9d635593399de2ad577cb4ba4a136 X

Weather forecast




Photos / Videos


There is a sauna for hotel guests to sit back and relax in the evenings. (Please tell mr. Bauer)

IRC channel

Camera flights

Andre and Chris from network.publishing have brought a First Person Video RC glider. The plan is to shoot some aerial video footage with the onboard camera, flying around the Hotel at Schmittenhöhe.

The plane is equipped with two cams. While one records HD video on an SD card, the second one transmits its signal down to the ground station where you can put on video goggles for a live view of our beautiful location.

First video flight around Schmittenhöhe: watch on Youtube

All our raw video material is free for use. Bring a USB stick and get it from Andre or Chris (room 107).

Project: Human TYPO3 Logo Let's meet at the Schnapshans terrace on Wednesday, March 30th, at 16:00h to setup a human TYPO3 logo (we need around 50 people, so please spread the word) on the slope - we'll do some fly-overs of that and film everything from above.

Classifieds / Wanted / Offers

Wanted-1: SOMETHING-Lesson

SOMETHING Description; Contact SOMEONE interested in SOMETHING. (room#123)

Participants selfmade entries

lets try this one...
First name Surname Room Nr. Contact information
Erik Sokoll 207 ...
Mikael Conley ... Ready to Rock
Steffan Röpke ... Ready
Daniel Huf ... Ready to Ride
Sabine Hueber 124
Tobias Liebig ... ...
Andreas Kostner ...
Marion Eher ...
Christoph Möller 107
Andre Westbunk 107
Thomas Löffler 304
Sven Wolfermann 330
Fabrizio Branca 302
Adrian Zimmermann 301
Jochen Weiland 307

Participants extracted from the register-form

Name Firstname Company
xxxx xxxx xxxx