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General information

  • The TYPO3 SnowBoard Tour 2012 takes place in Laax, Switzerland from Saturday 25th of February to Saturday 03th of March 2012
  • Attending T3BOARD12, please add yourself here
  • Last gondola on Saturday the 25.02.2012 will be at 16:00 o'clock! (There is an inofficial one at 16:30 but they only bring down staff. The second empty cabin goes up the hill and will remain there for the night. Note sure if one can take it.)

Lift ticket/lift pass

All information about the price for the lift ticket is in your reservation paper, but I think it was published only in german and you have to read it carefully to understand.

The lift ticket is included in the whole price. So if you discount what you paid already from the whole price you get it. To give it a number, it's 291,- CHF and you have to pay it at the cash point in front of the big gondola.

This ticket is valid for seven days. Regarding that the gondola on Saturday between 15:00 and 16:00 o'clock is for free, you can use this ticket still on the last departure day (03.03.2012). For those who are early on the and want to ride on this day, please check on the desk what's the best offer.

And don't forget to print out and bring your reservation paper because you need it there.

As a result and as far as I understand: In case you are very late, try to get the last gondola at 16:00 o'clock (without ticket). On the next morning you can ride down the hill (by what ever you prefer) and get your ticket by than.

Last gondola

The last gondola is at 16:00 o'clock!!!

At 16:30 they have to bring down staff and because it's just one cable, the second cabin will go up the hill empty. It looks like that in absolutely worst case they can put someone in there, but I'm not sure if they will charge you for that (and if there is a worker who can open the door up the hill) (Erik)

Getting there

Swiss train schedule =>

Need a lift or got some free seats in your car?


  • Steffen Ritter
Start Bad Kreuznach, A61 south, most likely Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, then either Ulm or Villingen-Schwenningen (A81 / A7 depending on traffic/plans)
Golf V (3 doors), 1 or 2 places, roof-rack with box available
  • Andre Dittmar
Starting at Lenzburg (AG) / Switzerland, taking A1 to Zurich (pickup @ city possible), then A3/A13 to Chur
Opel Zafira, one (probably two, depends on bagagge and equipment) places left, no roof-box available
Please write a mail: *myself [at] andredittmar [dot] de*
Although nobody has requested a ride so far, just to say this: I decided to take the train together with my gangmembers of CS2, less stress / more fun 8-)


Suche MFG ab Freiburg oder Basel Kontaktaufnahme bitte über meine Website
  • Søren Malling ( + friends
We are 4 danish people arriving 11:35 in Zürich. No shuttle bus spots left, so instead of train why not get together :)
We decided to go by train, with all of our gear :) Thanks so much for all respond and helping hands! TYPO3 Community is so great to be a part of!

  • (Name)

Lost and found

Piss my muppet :)

I've lost my 2. edition Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter (for MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro).
It had a "EU plug" attached...
Finders fee: 3 beers

Packing list

  • snowboarding/skiing equipment
  • your old lift ticket (worth 5,-SFr)
  • sun glasses/lotion
  • sport equipment for indoor football tournament
  • power cord / connector strip / power adapter for Switzerland
  • Network cables
  • Climbing equipment (might be unnecessary, see section "Misc")
  • Earplugs!!! (You never know who's in your room)
  • lanyards
  • Aspirin
  • Immodium or else (Diarrhea stuff or so)
  • TYPO3 Flag
  • Good mood


The ATM on top of Crap Sogn Gion got removed. But you can get cash at the reception desk (with EC or credit card).

Gear rental

Voucher with 10% (15% if used by many people) for F*** Rental is provided. Change Material for free at any F*** station!

Bug Auction

Like every year there will be a bug auction. Please proceed to this page for more information: T3BOARD12/Bug_Auction

Daily overview

This is the main overview. In case you have to say something (e.g. "the shower is mine from 6-7 pm"), write it down here. Also we, or anyone, can schedule any sessions, workshop or meetings here. Please mention time, topic and place. We have the following rooms: Capalari Lounge, Overflow, Speedy or your personal Rooms. Moreover we announce special or daily events here.


18:00 - 18:20 Welcome Infos
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari


08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari
19:00 - Night: Collaborative Review Session of the TYPO3 FAL System


08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
09:00 - 11:00 TYPO3 Certified Integrator Exams: Check the Details!
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari
22:30 - 23:40 HD Snowboard Movie "The Art of Flight" (Rescheduled as we have only one beamer tonight - let's try after the Typoscript Session, Still need Beamer, Speakers, vga- / hdmi-cable) @Capalari Bar


08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
09:00 - 16:30 Radical Testing Day
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari
20:00 - 21:00 Bug Auction

29.02.2012 (yes, this date is valid)

08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
09:00 - 16:30 Alternative Radical Testing Day

If you remain at the mountainhostel:
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari; Bar open until 24:00

All others:
17:00 Last gondola to Laax
17:45 - 19:15 Dinner @ Hotel Signina (Camino) (no Lunchpacks!)
19:30 - 19:45 Transfer bus to Falera
20:00 - 21:30 Soccer tournament in Falera
22:00 - 22:15 Transfer to Laax
03:00 Night gondola to the mountainhostel


08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari
21:00-21:30 TYPO3 Potential Automatic Installer Presentation - @Overflow

*** (canceled) ***

Presentation slides:


08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
18:30 - 20:00 Dinner @ Capalari


08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast @ Speedy
08:00 - 12:00 Check-Out

Skiing Courses


  • Michael Cannon - can't get off the lift well or follow a towline
  • Thomas Loeffler - got a snowboard on christmas and don't know how to use it. :)
  • Patrick Lobacher - just know how to write "Snowboard" - but have never stand on one. I've skiing skills - but I don't know - if this helps ;-) So I have no equipment too - but there should be a chance to rent one I guess.
  • Petra Hasenau - got a basic experience from the last tours in Laax and Schmittenhöhe but still need further advice - would be nice to do something together since it is kind of motivating to see others with the same problems as I got ;-)
  • Gernot Schulmeister has tried it once, many years ago
  • Rikke Perriard - "intermediate" boarder, but I'd like to learn some tricks/just improve in general.
  • Ole Fritz - also "intermediate" boarder and wants to learn some tricks. It's my second year on board.
  • Helmut Hummel - I can ski, but would love to try Snowboarding although my Skateboarding "skills" suck
  • Matthias Krappitz - Stood only 2 hours on a snowboard so far. Would like to learn from scratch more or less.
  • (put your names here)
  • Andre Dittmar - I drive fast and straight but gracile like a sumo wrestler... If anyone has the patience to teach me some better technique I would be very grateful!


  • Mikael Conley
@Michael Cannon: I will gladly give you some pointers about getting off chairlifts. I've had my challenges with them and have worked out a few nice tricks to make your dismount smooth :)
@Mikael Conley: Thanks, I did pretty well last night at Oberaudorf, but I'm still slow to try the towline again at Laax. It seems, that my confidence and practice is all that needs to increase to be smooth.
  • Erik Sokoll
@Andre Dittmar: What's wrong about "fast and straight"?!?
@ Erik: Generally nothing, but fast and out of control is a pretty dangerous combination :-)
If you want you can join us (Philip and Stephan and me) on the first days. But both are beginners with one week of experience.
Thanks for the invitation, I may take you up on it!
  • Claudio Cathomen (> 80 km/h or bored ladies)

Soccer Tournament

Switzerland I

  • Claudio Cathomen
  • Reto Zahner
  • Davide Caldelari
  • Michael Kohler
  • Adrian Zimmermann
  • Dani Hofmann

Switzerland II

  • Stefan Ramer
  • Kevin Häfeli
  • Martin Wiederkehr
  • Andri Steiner
  • Michael Birchler

Team Danish Vikings

  • Søren Malling
  • Henrik Møller Rasmussen
  • Aske Aertmann
  • Rikke Perriard
  • Ole Fritz

Germany 1

  • Andreas Grunwald alias "Andy" ?
  • Tim Lochmüller alias "Locher"
  • Peter Niederlag alias "Katze" ?
  • Andy Lenz alias "nd"
  • Martin Brüggemann
  • Jan Christe


  • Thomas "spooner" Löffler
  • Sven "Mad" Wolfermann
  • Volker Graubaum
  • Sebastian "CO2" Böttger
  • Jürg Langhard
  • Markus "foo" Günther
  • Dirk Döring

T3C★T3AM Fans

  • Patrick Lobacher
  • Jochen Weiland

Slovak Hockey Team

  • Branislav Kotik
  • Rasto Birka
  • Florian Megyesi
  • Ladislav Cernicky
  • Michael Stucki
  • Andre Dittmar

★ The ★ Amazing ★ International ★ Team ★

  • Gernot Schulmeister (wants to play a little, no team so far)
  • Philip Almeida (Portugal)
  • Raphaël Geyer (France)
  • Stéphane Fillion (France)
  • Jérôme Schneider (France)


  • any suggestions? mauis :-)
  • What's about Naomi ? Could somebody bring her a torch for her ride down the slopes at night and maybe one of this key-ring-finder which make noise if you whistle?

Latest News

Internet Access

We have Internet access at the hostel (25 Mbit/s down / 2.5 Mbit/s up). If you need the WPA key: look at the flipchart in the bar/capalari restaurant.


List of Hardware we can use at the MountainHostel.

Main Hardware for networking

2 x 4-Port Router (Claudio Cathomen)

2 x Cisco Access point (Claudio Cathomen)

Additional Hardware for networking

Airport Extreme (Jochen W.)

Hardware for video/podcasts

Audio Hardware / PA


Georg Ringer will have a HD Cam (HD Hero)

Jochen Weiland will bring HD Hero cam

Dirk Döring will bring 2 Motorola Walkie Talkies

Weather forecast


Climbing wall

The climbing wall at the hotel is closed.

Photos / Videos


Sauna is open from 16:00 till dinner (18:30). Plenty of towels available there.

Is there something we should think about? Yes there is.

IRC channel

For IRLC Channels /join #bar /join #capallari /join #overflow


(+1 to grant success)

  • One show of juggling from Peter Niederlag before dinner (maybe without shoes).
  • Smoking only outside.
+1 Luc Muller
+1 Jerome Schneider
+1 Ingo Renner
+1 Thomas Loeffler
+1 Steffen Gebert
+1 Peter Kraume
+1 Kian Gould
+1 Daniel Pötzinger
+1 Joern Bock
+1 Ole Fritz
+1 Artem Matevosyan
+1 Karsten Dambekalns
+1 Sebastian Kurfürst
+1 Georg Ringer
+1 Kai Vogel
+1 Mikael Conley
+1 Dan Jensen
+1 Karsten Madsen
+1 Xavier Perseguers
+1 Julian Hofmann
+1 Dirk Döring
+1 Tim Lochmüller
+1 Steffen Ritter
+1 Markus Goldbeck
+1 Sven Wolfermann
+1 Patrick Lobacher
+1 Sebastian Böttger
+1 Nina Böttger
+1 Martin Brüggemann
+1 Andreas Lenz
+1 Jan Christe
+1 Søren Malling
+1 Bastian Waidelich
+1 Alexander Grein
+1 Jochen Weiland
+1 Michael Cannon
+1 Frank Kübler
+1 Matthias Krappitz
+1 Jens Hoffmann
  • Smoking only outside or (some / late night) directly at the bar. Not in the rooms behind that.
+1 Petra Hasenau
+1 Ingo Augsten


If there are other boardgame geeks ready to spend an evening playing Agricola or something like that, +1 below here.

+1 Dan Jensen
+1 Peter Kraume (count me in, but I need the rules explained. I can provide Carcassonne.)
+1 Mikael Conley (anything but Agricola)
+1 Michael Cannon (played Chutes and Ladders and Mousetrap as a tyke, would like to learn something newer)
+1 Peter Niederlag (might bring a boardgame with me)

Classifieds / Wanted / Offers

This is something I missed at the past snowboard tours: We have a lot of talented people together for a week, this would be a great opportunity for exchange of knowledge. Use this section to search for or offer stuff.

Wanted-1: SOMETHING-Lesson

SOMETHING Description; Contact SOMEONE interested in SOMETHING. (room#123)


Participants selfmade entries

lets try this one...
No. First name Surname Room Nr. Gender for Shirt (Male/Female) Size (S/M/L/X/XL/XXL/XXXL) Cut (Regular/Slim Fit) Contact information
- (Firstname) (surname) (room number) (Gender) (Size) (Cut) (contact)
1 Volker Graubaum ??? male XL Slim Fit @multanifx (Twitter + Skype)
2 Christian Kuhn ??? male XL Regular @lolli42
3 Markus Günther ??? male XL Regular @markus306
4 Erik Sokoll ??? Male M Regular erik [ät] t3media [dot] de
phone: +49 175 REMOVE 4446662
5 Luc Muller ??? Male XL Regular @viper82 (Twitter)
6 Raphael GEYER ??? Male XL Regular r(dot)geyer(at)ameos(dot)com
7 Jérôme Schneider dunno Male M Slim Fit mail #REMOVE# AT #REMOVE# jeromeschneider #DOT# fr
8 Robert Lemke n/a Male M Regular @robertlemke
9 Sven Wolfermann n/a Male L Regular
10 Steffen Ritter n/a Male L Regular @sritterkh / Skype: sritter-kh /
11 Daniel Hofmann n/a male M regular dhofmann at snowflake dot ch
12 Helmut Hummel n/a male M regular helmut at typo3 dot org / @helhum
13 Philip Almeida (room number) Male L Regular philip.almeida at freedomson dot com
14 Adrian Zimmermann ? Male L Regular,,
15 Thomas Löffler 666 M M Regular, @spooner-web, Google+
16 Karsten Dambekalns n/a male L Regular
17 Mikael Conley 42 (I hope) Male L Regular
18 Dan Jensen ? Male L Regular
19 Bo Andersen ? Male L Regular
20 Karsten Madsen ? Male M Regular
21 Filip Bech-Larsen ? Male L Slim
22 Georg Ringer ? Male S Slim t3board et ringerge dot org, Twitter: @georg_ringer
23 Andri Steiner - Male M Regular asteiner at snowflake dot ch
24 Kai Vogel - male M Regular kai.vogel(at)
25 Bastian Waidelich C-C-Crazyroom male L Regular @bwaidelich
26 Jochen Weiland - male 3XL Regular jweiland(at), Twitter: @jweilandnet
27 Stefan Weiland - male XL Regular sweiland(at)
28 Peter Kraume ? male L regular @cybersmog
29 Andreas Beutel ? male M regular Andreas.Beutel(at) Twitter: @abeutel
30 Thomas Layh ? male M regular @tlayh
31 Ingo Renner ??? male M regular @ingorenner
32 Sebastian Kurfürst ??? Male S Slim @skurfuerst
33 Dirk Döring ??? Male XL Slim!/faulancr
34 Steffen Gebert ? Male XL regular
35 Michael Cannon * Male L regular
36 Christoph Buchli k.A. Male L Loose // Regular @chefvodrch
37 Martin Wiederkehr k.A. Male L Regular @moedech
38 Julian Hofmann ? Male M Regular j.hofmann(at)
39 Stefan Ramer - Male S Regular sramer at snowflake dot ch
40 Cornel Boppart - Male M Slim cboppart at snowflake dot ch
41 Simon Sharp - Male XL Regular ssharp at snowflake dot ch
42 Benjamin Berger - Male M Regular bberger at snowflake dot ch
43 Michael Stucki - Male M regular @stucki
44 Branislav Kotik - Male L regular
45 Rasto Birka - Male M regular
46 Florian Megyesi - Male M regular
47 Ladislav Cernicky - Male M regular
48 Andre Dittmar ? Male XL Slim andre.dittmar[at]cs2[dot]ch
49 Reto Zahner ? Male L Regular reto[dot]zahner[at]newmedia[dot]ch
50 Philippe Moreau - M M Regular philippe.moreau[at]
51 Patrick Lobacher - M XXL Regular patrick.lobacher[at] @PatrickLobacher
52 Jan Christe - male L Regular @janchriste
53 Martin Brüggemann - male L Regular @brgmn
54 Andy Lenz - male M Regular Google+
55 Susanne Moog - male XL Regular @psychomieze
56 Petra Hasenau - female L Regular ph[at]
57 Xavier Perseguers ? male M Regular @xperseguers
58 Markus Goldbeck ? male XXL Regular @MarkusGoldbeck goldbeckmarkus[at]
59 Nico de Haen n/a male XL Regular @t3ndh
60 Ingo Augsten ? male XL loose -> regular info ät
61 Sebastian Böttger ? male XL loose -> regular sboettger ät
62 Nina Böttger ? female M loose -> regular ninmey ät
63 Philippe Fekete ? Male XL Loose / Regular philippe.fekete[at]
64 Søren Malling dunno.. Male L Regular OR soren.malling[at]
65 Claudio Cathomen n/a Male L Regular claudio.cathomen[at]
66 Stephan Seitz - Male XXL Regular s.seitz [at] netz-haut [dot] de
67 Beat Hausheer - Male L Regular beat.hausheer[at]
68 Alexander Grein - Male M Regular @rabe69 ag-Ä
69 Gernot Schulmeister - Male L Regular gernotschulmeister[at]
70 Jens Hoffmann ? Male L Woot
71 Rikke Perriard ? female s slim rp[at]
72 Steffan Röpke ? Male XL Regular S.Roepke (BAT) skyfillers (SPOT) com
73 Ole Fritz ? Male M Regular @surffritze or
74 Kian Gould ? Male M Regular gould[youknowwhatsmissing]
75 Ekkehard Guembel ? Male XL Regular
76 Michael Birchler Z2B4 Male L Regular @snowflake
77 Frank Kübler - Male M slim mail [at] fkuebler [dot] de
78 Matthias Krappitz - Male M Regular matthias [at] aemka [dot] de
79 Joern Bock 109 Male AFAIK M Regular joern.bock[dingeding] , @jobock
80 Stefan Bauer 31 Male M Regular , @Marit_AG
81 (first name) (surname) (room number) (Gender) (Size) (Cut) (contact)

Participants extracted from the register-form

Name Firstname Company
(first name) (surname) (company)
(first name) (surname) (company)
(first name) (surname) (company)

Radical Snowboard- and Ski Testing

In order to help organizing ski testing try adding yourself there for anticipating need for models See Boarders, please bring your bindings! Please check your time and group below, the Radical-Crew will be at the F*** rental on Crap Sogn Gion.

No. Time Name Board / Ski Model Size
Group 1
1 09:00 Luc Muller Ski Carver 174
2 09:00 Norman Seibert Ski Freerider 185
3 09:00 Nico de Haen Ski Freerider 185
4 09:00 Xavier Perseguers Ski Carver 167
5 09:00 Mikael Conley Snowboard (soft boot) XX 166
6 09:00 Dirk Döring Snowboard (soft boot) XX or Rider >= 163 Wide
7 09:00 Markus Lange Ski Carver 167
8 09:00 Adrian Zimmermann Snowboard Rider 161
9 09:00 Steffan "The Original Röpke" Röpke Snowboard Rider 170 Wide
9.1 09:00 Steffan "The Original Röpke" Röpke Snowboard Surf 222
10 09:00 Peter Kraume Ski Carver 174
Group 2
11 09:30 Dan Jensen Snowboard XX 163
12 09:30 Stefan Ramer Ski Carver 167 / 174
13 09:30 Andri Steiner Snowboard Rider / XX 158
14 09:30 Frank Kübler Snowboard Rider 161
15 09:30 Cornel Boppart Ski Carver 170
16 09:30 Joern Bock Ski Carver 160
17 09:30 Jan Christe Snowboard Rider 161
18 09:30 Basti Waidelich Snowboard Higher 161
19 09:30 Alexander Grein Ski Freerider 175
20 10:00 Ekki Gümbel Ski Carver 175
Group 3
21 10:00 Jonathan Uhlmann Snowboard Rocker-Shape 159
22 10:00 Erik Sokoll Ski ? => 163
23 10:00 Ingo Augsten Snowboard Higher (oder Pro-Model) 166 (Schuhgr.45! - evtl Pro-Model 163 wide)
24 10:00 Michael Stucki Ski Carver / Allround 174/175