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Important information

  • The TYPO3 SnowBoard Tour 2013 takes place in Zell am See, Austria from Friday 15th of February to Friday 22nd of February 2013
  • What is included? 1 week (7 nights) accommodation in the Hotel Schmittenhöhe including half board and 7-days skipass (valid from Friday to Thursday for Schmittenhöhe and Kitzsteinhorn Kaprun)
  • Attending T3BOARD13, please add yourself here
  • Last gondola on Friday the 15.02.2013 will be at 17:00 o'clock! (Please note: It's not possible to park your car overnight at the valley station where the gondola leaves - so be careful with your timing to arrive in time at the gondola! Parking information will follow)

Points of Interest & Online Map

You can look up important points of interest like the tourist office, parking possibilitites etc. in this Google Map

Check In: Tourist Office & Hotel

Please check in at the Tourist Office (Address: Brucker Bundesstr. 1a, 5700 Zell am See) when arriving in Zell am See on Friday. There you will get your documents and the lift ticket. Check-In time is between 08.00 and 16.00 o'clock, but *** please note ***: We recommend to check in not later than 15.00 o'clock, as parking your car and getting to the gondola could take time! And of course you should make use of your ski ticket already ;)

The hotel rooms will be available latest by 14.00 o'clock. If you arrive earlier and want to go skiing/snowboarding, there's a luggage compartment at the hotel. It has been taken care of your wishes regarding the room booking (who is with whom in which room) as far as possible. Thanks for organizing yourself on Sunday for the case that something is not ok yet.

Car Parking

There are several possibilities where to park your car, but first of all please note: Longterm / overnight parking is NOT ALLOWED at the parking grounds belonging to the cablecar valley station. The reason is that if there's snowfall, the parking ground has to be empty in the early morning hours for snow removal. And of course you don't want your car to be towed away... So please choose one of the following parking solutions, and please arrange the parking in a space-saving way so that we can park a max number of cars:

  1. Parking ground #1 of Berghotel Schmittenhöhe, approx. 20 cars - Exact Location
  2. Parking ground #2 (private) for about 20 cars - Exact Location
  3. Parking garage in Zell am See (costs are extra) - and then take the ski bus to the cablecar station - Exact Location
  4. Find your own... ;)

Check out the Google Map.

Lift ticket

The lift ticket (which you get at the Check-In at the Tourist Office) is included in the package price and is valid for the ski region Schmittenhöhe and the glacier skiing region Kitzsteinhorn Kaprun) The ticket is valid for seven days (Friday to Thursday) - and of course for the cablecar ride down to the valley on the departure day. So you better arrive early the to check out the slopes and get into "T3BOARD Mode" right away... :)

Welcome @T3BOARD13

The day of arrival we meet at 18.00 o'clock in the conference room to have an initial hello and welcome session. ... don't miss to get your T3BOARD13 T-Shirt as well ;)

Breakfast & Dinner Times

Breakfast is from 08.15 - 09.45

Dinner starts at 19.00

Departure information & First Gondola on Friday

For those of you having to leave early on Friday, 22.02.:

On Friday it's possible to take the first (unofficial) gondola down to the valley at 08.00 am. You have to be at the departure point of the gondola at 07.50 with your luggage.

Getting there

Arrival by train:

The main Train-Station Zell am See is a 10 min walk from the tourist information check-in.

After the check-in take the bus to the gondola-station (about 3 min walk, Tourist Office > Busstation)

Austrian train schedule =>

Need a lift or got some free seats in your car?


  • Stuttgart to Zell, if interested please contact jweiland (bei) jweiland (punkt) net


  • Leipzig - Zell (or from any bigger town inbetween) - Ingo Augsten ( info (ät) web-bereiter [.] de , +49/176/20900614)
  • I'm looking for a lift from Freiburg i.Br. (or nearby) to Zell (only one-way), Basel, Zürich, Karlsruhe would be fine also: Nico de Haen mail æ

Packing list

  • snowboarding/skiing equipment
  • your old lift ticket (worth 2,- EUR)
  • sun glasses/lotion
  • sport equipment / indoor shoes for indoor football tournament
  • bathrobe (for those using the sauna)
  • Network cables
  • Power distributors (Steckdosenleiste)
  • Earplugs!!! (You never know who's in your room)
  • lanyards
  • Aspirin
  • Immodium or else (Diarrhea stuff or so)
  • TYPO3 Flag
  • Good mood


  • There's a cash machine directly at the valley station of the cablecar leading to the hotel

Gear rental

Daily overview

This is the main overview. In case you have to say something (e.g. "the shower is mine from 6-7 pm"), write it down here. Also we, or anyone, can schedule any sessions, workshop or meetings here. Please mention time, topic and place. Moreover we announce special or daily events here.


  • 18.00 Welcome Session at the conference rooms
  • 19.00 Dinner




  • Get a grip on grids session. Presentation of the current Grid Elements state and your chance for last minute changes. Finalizing of Grid Elements 1.4 and 2.0 will happen live during the whole week. (Jo Hasenau)
  • Workshop: Moved to 19.02. 11:30 AM


  • Workshop at 11:30 (Nerd room): How to setup a TYPO3 Flow development environment with Vagrant, Chef and github + Travis-ci. (Mick)
  • (after dinner) Sneak Preview: I'll give a presentation about "Building modular JavaScript applications" with RequireJS -- I'll have this presentation on jQuery conference on Friday in Vienna, so I'll do the presentation here as well (Sebastian Kurfürst)



Important information: if you did not attend breakfast this morning, please visit the hotel reception to make your choice for dinner. Otherwise we may have starvation issues tonite.


Group for Vagrant workshop with Mick

Everybody should have a account on and configured SSH-key.

Unfortunately we should move the workshop to daytime tomorrow due to have better internet connections which is required.

Location: Nerd room

Date: 19.02.2013

Time: 11.30 AM

List of attendees
No. First name Surname Operating system
1 Nico de Haen Mac OS

Groups for Flow & Neos Workshop with Robert Lemke

The workshop is included in your T3BOARD13 package price and everbody is invited to join. We decided to offer one and the same Flow and Neos Workshop on two different dates, so that the group size keeps acceptable. Please enter your name in one of the tables below - the workshops will take place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

Group #1 Wednesday afternoon, 13.00 - 16.00 o'clock
No. First name Surname
1 Mick Klapper
2 Steffen Gebert
3 Georg Ringer
4 Julian Hofmann
5 Manfred Egger
6 Dietmar Lamprecht
7 David "Dex" Vogt
8 Beat Hausheer
9 Florian Megyesi
10 Erik Kalinak
11 Cornel Boppart

Group #2 Thursday afternoon: 14.00 - 17.00 o'clock
No. First name Surname
1 Thomas Löffler
2 Michael Stucki
3 Nico de Haen
4 Jochen Weiland
5 Lord Hader

Weather forecast

Avalanche alert services & warning levels

Time table for Ski bus

Interesting Spots & Highlights

Skiing Courses





I would be interested in SkiTouring. The idea would be to rent a guide for a day if we gather a group of at least 4 people, better 6. Either you have to bring your own gear or rent it there.
+1 Frank Kübler +1 Nico de Haen: I use my touring ski on the pist anyway and will bring my equipment. I just have to borrow a LVS

Soccer Tournament & Nightlife Zell am See

The legendary T3BOARD soccer tournament for all soccer fans will take place on Wednesday starting at 5 pm in Zell am See centre. After the tournament enjoy the nightlife in Zell am See!

  • Location: Gym at primary school Zell am See, just about 50 meters from the bus station: - enter at the side entrance from "Gartenstraße"
  • Time: Meeting time at the Gym is at 5 pm, so please take the gondola down latest at 4.30 pm
  • Instead of dinner there's a lunch package which will be provided by the hotel before descending to town

Nightlife & Bars

Night Gondola

There’s a special Gondola trip back home in the night - the first Gondola is leaving at 02.00 am, the second at 02.15. Don't miss it! (Please note: You'll have to get a taxi to get to the valley station of the Gondola!)

Soccer Tournament Teams

Team #1 Northern Germany

  • Andy "Remy" Lenz
  • Jan "Whatever" Christe
  • Martin "low carb" Brüggemann
  • Tim "Locher " Lochmüller
  • Alex "Mario" Heinze
  • Peter "Katze" Niederlag
  • Tobi "Schnecke" Weinberg

Team #2 Danish dynamite

  • Aske Ertmann
  • Jesper Scheuer
  • Jan-Erik Revsbech
  • Ole Fritz (@olefritz)
  • Peter Andersen
  • Johannes Feustel

Team #3 Switzerland

  • Hausheer Beat
  • Michael Stucki
  • Christoph Buchli
  • Martin Wiederkehr
  • Martin Weissen
  • Cornel Boppart

Team #4 Southern Germany

  • Fabian
  • Björn
  • Dex
  • Thomas "Spooner"
  • Joey "Bunnyfield" (Goalie)
  • You?


  • Marion
  • Petra
  • Sabina
  • Ines

I want to stay at the hotel and enjoy dinner

Please sign up here:

  • Alvin Abad
  • John Davison
  • Tyler Kraft
  • Sam Parker
  • Steffen Gebert
  • Roland Behme
  • Georg Ringer
  • Markus Goldbeck
  • Michael Bentz
  • Miriam & Pelle
  • Michael
  • Nico de Haen
  • Bastian Waidelich

Internet Access


  • I will bring 2 WLAN routers (one for 255 clients, one for 50 clients) [Jochen]
  • Beamers: There are 2 beamers available, one in the conference room, one in the bar
  • Old school 8 port switch and network cables (Joey)
  • 2 power plugs for up to 10 users (Joey)
  • HD video cam + external mic and two tripods (large and mini) (Joey)


Photos / Videos

Let's do the ultimate collaborative T3BOARD13 image gallery here :) Thanks for joining!


  • Sauna devil Thomas in tha house. I will bring special salts for pre-sauna usage.
  • Towels: available in the hotel
  • Bathrobe: bring your own
  • Opening hours: Usually from 15.00 / 16.00 on, also depending on weather; ask at the hotel reception if you wish different opening times.

Apps for Boarders & Skiers

IRC channel



(+1 to grant success)


  • What about a snowball tournament with 3 or 4 teams?

If there are other boardgame geeks ready to spend an evening, +1 below here.

Classifieds / Wanted / Offers

This is something I missed at the past snowboard tours: We have a lot of talented people together for a week, this would be a great opportunity for exchange of knowledge. Use this section to search for or offer stuff.

Participants selfmade entries

- -
lets try this one...
No. First name Surname Room number Gender for Shirt (Male/Female) Size (S/M/L/X/XL/XXL/XXXL) Cut (Regular/Slim Fit) Contact information
1 Marion Eher ??? female M Slim Fit me [ät] bluechip [dot] at
2 Mikael Conley ??? Male L Normal Fit mikael [at] wildside [dot] dk
3 Dan Jensen ??? Male XL Normal Fit dan [at] wildside [dot] dk
4 Steffen Gebert (room number) Male XL Normal Fit steffen.gebert@t3o
5 Ekke Gümbel Male XL Slim Fit e.guembel [et] bitmotion [doht] de
6 Steffan Röpke ??? Male XL Regular Fit s.roepke [et] skyfillers [doht] com
7 Sebastian Kurfürst ??? Male M Slim Fit sebastian [at] typo3 [dot] org
8 Kjeld Weigelt ??? Male L Slim Fit kjeld [at] skyfillers-mail [dot] com
9 Michael Stucki ??? Male M Regular Fit michael [dot] stucki [at] typo3 [dot] org
9 Julian Hofmann ??? Male M Regular Fit j [dot] hofmann [at] netzhaut [dot] de
10 Peter Niederlag ??? Male XL Regular netservice [at] niekom [dot] de
11 Frank Kübler ??? Male L Regular mail [at] fkuebler [dot] de
12 Ingo Augsten ??? Mehl XL Regular info (ät) web-bereiter [.] de
13 Markus Goldbeck 203 Male XXL Regular goldbeckmarkus[Ät]gmail[dot]com
14 Aske Ertmann ??? Male L Slim Fit aertmann [at] gmail
15 Lars Dyhr ? Male L Normal Fit lars [at] dycon [dot] dk
16 Jochen Weiland ? Male XXL Regular Fit jweiland [at] jweiland [dot] net
17 Christian Opitz ? Male M Slim Fit christian.opitz [at] netresearch [dot] de
18 Andreas Lenz ? Male M Regular Fax?
19 Martin Brüggemann ? Male L Regular Fax?
20 Jan Christe ? Male L Regular Fax?
21 Kian Gould ? Male M Regular kian.gould@t3o
22 Roland Behme ? Male XXL Regular
23 Ole Fritz ? Male M Regular
24 Nico de Haen ? Male XXL Regular
25 Oliver Hader 317 Male M Slim Fit oliver.hader [at] typo3 [dot] org
26 Thomas Löffler 203 Male M Regular thomas.loeffler [at] typo3 [dot] org
27 Johannes Feustel ? Male L Slim Fit johannes.feustel [at] aoemedia [dot] de
28 Patrick Scherr ?! Male M Regular Fit patrick.scherr [at] flagbit [dot] de
29 Michael Bentz ?! Male L Regular Fit michael.bentz [at] flagbit [dot] de
30 Andreas Förthner ? Male M Slim Fit andreas.foerthner [at] netlogix [dot] de
31 Alexander Schnitzler ? Male M Slim Fit alex.schnitzler [at] typovision [dot] de
32 Eike Diestelkamp HDNET-Lounge male M Slim Fit eike.diestelkamp[ät]hdnet[dot]de
33 Beat Hausheer ??? Male L Regular Fit beat[dot] hausheer [at] newmedia [dot] ch
34 Yomo Guiamo ??? Male M Slim Fit yguiamo [at] gmail [dot] com
35 Andre Dittmar CS2 booth Male XXL Slim Fit andre.dittmar[at]cs2[dot]ch
36 Fabian Stein ? Male L Slim Fit f.m.stein[at]gmail[dot]com
37 David "Dex" Vogt ? Male L Slim Fit david.h.vogt[at]gmai[dot]com
38 Georg Ringer ? Male M Slim Fit typo3 et ringerge dot org
39 Sabina Loicht ? Female M Regular sl[at]plan2[dot]net
40 Martin Weissen (room number) Male XL Regular mweissen [at] snowflake [dot] ch
41 Martin Wiederkehr (room number) Male XL Slim Fit mwiederkehr [at] snowflake [dot] ch
42 Cornel Boppart (room number) Male M Slim Fit cboppart [at] snowflake [dot] ch
43 Tyler Kraft ? Male XL Regular tyler [at] netefficiency [dot] co [dot] uk
44 Sam Parker ? Male L Regular sam [at] netefficiency [dot] co [dot] uk
45 John Davison ? Male M Slim john [at] netefficiency [dot] co [dot] uk
46 Alvin Abad ? Male S Regular alvin [at] netefficiency [dot] co [dot] uk
47 Helmut Hummel Male L Slim Fit helmut [et] typo3 [doht] org
48 Ines Heberle ? Female S Slim Fit ineheb [at] me [dot] com
49 Reto Zahner ? Male M Regular reto [dot] zahner [at] newmedia [dot] ch
50 Christoph Buchli snowflake ;) Male L Loose cbuchli [at] snowflake [dot] ch
51 Petra Hasenau ??? Female XL woman-shirt please ;) ph [at] cybercraft [dot] de
52 Jo Hasenau ??? Male XXL regular fit info [at] cybercraft [dot] de
53 Jesper Scheuer ??? Male L regular fit jesper [at] moc [dot] net
54 Sven Wolfermann ??? male L Regular
55 Erik Kalinak CS2 booth male M Regular erik.kalinak[ät]cs2[döt]ch
56 Florian Megyesi CS2 booth male M Regular florian.megyesi[ät]cs2[döt]ch
57 Alexander Heinze HDNET-Lounge male M Slim Fit
58 Tim Lochmüller HDNET-Lounge male M Slim Fit
59 Tobias Weinberg HDNET-Lounge male L Slim Fit
60 Steffen Ritter 205 male L Regular Fit
61 Björn Ritter 205 male M Slim Fit
62 Sebastian Böttger ? male XL Regular Fit
63 Bastian Waidelich foam party room male L Regular Fit bastian [at] typo3 [dot] org

Lost and found