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Important information

Wi-Fi: T3BOARD14 / t3board14laax

  • The TYPO3 SnowBoard Tour 2014 takes place in Laax, Switzerland from Sunday 19th of January to Sunday 26nd of January 2014. The T3BOARD14 will be a very special edition since we have the first part of the week at the Mountain Hostel, from Sunday, January 19th 2014 until Thursday, January 23rd 2014 (4 nights) and the second part of the week in the legendary Riders Palace down in the Village and Party-Zone; from Thursday, January 23rd 2014 until Sunday, January 26th 2014 (3 nights). The Room-Change won't be too complicated since the Riders-Palace is just beside the Gondola-Station and the Laax Staff will bring all your luggage from the Mountain Hostel to the Riders Palace. You'll just have to put it on the Gondola-Cart, the Staff will do the complete Transfer.
  • What is included? 1 week (7 nights) accommodation at Crap Sogn Gion Mountain Hostel/Riders Palace including the following at the Mountain Hostel: Accommodation, breakfast and dinner, bed linnen, one towel per person, use of sauna, taxes and VAT. and the following at the Riders Palace: Accommodation, ”Scarnuz Breakfast” = one croissant, 1 jus, 1 fruit and 1 cereal bar, bed linnen, one towel, 3 course dinner per person, taxes and VAT. And of course a 7-days lift ticket for the whole, huge skiing-area. We got a very good deal for that special Week: Price 1: EUR 756.00 (CHF 907.00) (incl. VAT and service charges) for a bed in a room with toilet/shower Price 2: EUR 696.00 (CHF 835.00) (incl. VAT and service charges) for a bed in a room with toilet/shower on the floor (Note: in the riders palace all the rooms have toilet and shower, only in the mountain hostel some of the rooms have toilet/shower)
  • Attending T3BOARD14, please add yourself here

Why you should be there

Check out what the mountain and the event is offering:

Once a year, the TYPO3 community meets in the Alps for a week of fun in the snow. The difference to the other two T3* events is, that the focus during the Snowboard Tour lies on sports, fun and socializing. But of course, TYPO3 is a big topic. There will be nights of nerding and days of outdoor fun. If you want to catch the spirit of the TYPO3 community, look no further and get registered! Places can be very quick to fill up!

In this time of the season (January) we expect lots lots of powder and less people. In January you don't have any scheduled school holidays in Switzerland, so this will be quite a good time on the slopes. We yould be happy to get your ideas and inputs for any activities you'd be interested during the week, like taking boarding lessons or go on a tour with a guide, do some ice-hockey or whatever.... just put your ideas on the mailing list, i'll try to take care of it:

Laax is the place to be:

Laax just received an award for "Switzerland's Best Ski Resort" from the organisation World Ski Awards. You get more information here.

Packing list

  • snowboarding/skiing equipment
  • your old lift ticket (worth 5,-SFr)
  • sun glasses/lotion
  • sport equipment / indoor shoes for indoor football tournament
  • bathrobe (for those using the sauna)
  • Network cables
  • Power distributors (Steckdosenleiste)
  • Earplugs!!! (You never know who's in your room)
  • lanyards
  • Aspirin
  • Immodium or else (Diarrhea stuff or so)
  • TYPO3 Flag
  • Good mood
  • padlock for your locker

Daily overview

This is the main overview. In case you have to say something (e.g. "the shower is mine from 6-7 pm"), write it down here. Also we, or anyone, can schedule any sessions, workshop or meetings here. Please mention time, topic and place. Moreover we announce special or daily events here.


Check in at the Mountain Hostel's reception desk (opening hours: 8:30 am to 10:30 am and 3 pm to 4:30 pm).
18:00 Welcoming at the restaurant Overflow
Breakfast from 8.00am until 9.30am, Dinner at 6.30pm Burton European Open, Half-Pipe Finals !!




After lunch at the nerd room above the speedy restaurant: I (Christian) will show you a solution for installing, uninstalling and updating patches on any composer packages and how to provide them within packages or from a server. Also I'll talk about our new TYPO3 composer installer. (Slides available here)


Transfer to the hotel riders palace
Pick up your breakfast bag at front office from 7.00am, Dinner at 6.00pm until 8.00pm

Please enter your name here for the freestyle academy training UNTIL Monday 16:00 pm, sponsored by the snowflake & T3A:

3. Bastian Waidelich
4. Ingo Augsten
5. Roland Bock
6. Christian Opitz

Infos Freestyle Academy:

From 19:30 the Freestyle Academy has capacity for 30 persons for a Beginners-Training, the Royal Coachman.

Beginners Course "Royal Coachman" For that you can enjoy the whole infrastructure of the Indoor Base you need this Beginners Course. In this Course you'll get to know the basics of using the tools. Also you'll be trained in basics on the Airtrack, the trampolin and landings in the Foam Pit.


Pick up your breakfast bag at front office from 7.00am, Dinner at 6.00pm until 8.00pm


Pick up your breakfast bag at front office from 7.00am, Dinner at 8.15pm


Check out: 7 am to 11 am

weather forecast

weather Laax

webcam Laax

How to get there

The first Hotel

Mountain Hostel

Crap Sogn Gion

CH-7032 Laax

Tel: +41 (0)81 927 73 73

How you get to the Mountain Hostel on sunday the 19th of January:

Arrival by Train

If you travel by train you should either arrive in Chur or Ilanz. From there you have to take the yellow bus for 30 minutes to the station Laax GR, Bergbahnen. After your arrival you have to take the cable car from Laax basestation (Laax-Murschetg) to the Mountain Hostel. The cable car operates daily between 08:30 and 16:30.
Later arrivals are possible on request, at a cost between CHF 400.00 – 800.00 per trip.

Arrival by Car

You have to reach Laax GR, Luftseilbahnen with your car.

You can leave your vehicle at the car park at the Laax basetation. At the cable car ticket office, you'll receive your lift ticket when you present your booking confirmation. The hostel Mountain Hostel is accessible via Laasx-Murtschetg. The cable car will take you directly from there to your accommodation. When planning your arrival, bear in mind that the cable car only runs from 8:30 am to 16:30. Later arrivals are possible on request, at a cost between CHF 400.00 – 800.00 per trip.

Luggage transport
At the day of arrival, every guest is responsible for the transport of their luggage to the mountain Hostel. On Thursday, at the day of hotel change, the luggage can be stored on special trolleys and will be be transported by the Mountain Railway staff directly to the Riders Palace. Please note, that during that time, your luggage is unsupervised. Every guest is responsible of their own luggage.

Sunday 19th to Thursday 23rd of January 2014 (4 Nights)
Rooms will be ready for you from 3.00pm
Package includes:
Breakfast, 4-course dinner (at the Capalari Restaurant at 6.30pm), 7-day liftticket, keycard for liffticket, use of sauna, taxes and VAT)
Time schedule dinner/breakfast:
Breakfast from 8.00am until 9.30am, Dinner at 6.30pm
individual check out, latest 10.00am

Check in at the Mountain Hostel's reception desk. opening hours: 8:30 am to 10:30 am and 3 pm to 4:30 pm). In the case of groups, you simply need to provide a list of group members with the following details: Surname, first name, date of birth, occupation, country/state, city and street. The rooms will be ready to occupy from 3 pm on the date of arrival. The rooms will be available until 10 am on the day of departure. Your luggage can be stored in an unsupervised room.

The second Hotel

Riders Palace


7032 Laax, Switzerland

+41 81 927 97 00
Thursday 23rd to Sunday, 26th of January 2014 (3 Nights)
Package includes:
Scarnuz-breakfast bag (1 croissant, 1 fruit and 1 cereal bar), 3-course dinner (see time schedule for more information), taxes and VAT.
rooms will be ready for you from 3.00pm
time schedule dinner/breakfast:
23.01.14 You can pick up your breakfast bag at front office from 7.00am, Dinner at 6.00pm until 8.00pm, at the Casa Veglia Bodega y Tapas
24.01.14 You can pick uf your breakfast bag at front office from 7.00am, Dinner at 6.00pm until 8.00pm, at the Casa Veglia Bodega y Tapas
25.01.14 You can pick up your breakfast bag at front office from 7.00am, Dinner at 8.15pm at the Casimo Camino Restaurant (Italian - Signinahotel)
individual check out, latest 10.00am If you travel by train you have to take the train at the station Laax GR, Bergbahnen. timeschedule

Need a lift or got some free seats in your car?

  • Matthias Krappitz: Landing in Zürich airport on the 19th at around 11:20 AM with LX1051, if anyone wants to join taking train and bus to Laax, I'm heading off to Laax probably with the 12:13 train from the airport.



  • Julian Hofmann: Würzburg - Laax - Würzburg
  • Frank Kübler: Lindau - Laax

Opening times

You can find important opening times on the offical site of Laax.


List of attendees
No. First name Surname Operating system

Groups for an activity

Group #1 Ice Hockey Match
No. First name Surname
1 Adrian Zimmermann
2 Christoph Buchli

Group #2 any idea / wish
No. First name Surname


Here is a list of the nearest bank machines in Laax.

Impressions from last year

To see some pictures of last year click here.

Gear rental

The rental stations are located right by the valley stations, two of them in the centre of the skiing area. There are two categories of rental items: "Top" and "Standart". Have a look at the pricelist

Avalanche alert services & warning levels

Points of Interest & Online Map

Interesting Spots & Highlights

Skiing and snowboard and skating Courses

Click here for skiing courses and here for snowboarding courses.

If some people are interested in taking their first steps in Ice-Skating, state this in the table below. If there are enough interested participants, we'll try to organize something (maybe we'll just hit the ice for (half) a day instead of the slopes and have a match afterwards together with those listed above interested in playing ice hockey). If you have any questions or Ideas here, contact me:

First Name Second Name Skate Size (empty if you have your own) Skate skill level
Adrian Zimmermann 43/44 beginner

Image gallery

Let's do the ultimate collaborative T3BOARD14 image gallery here :) Thanks for joining!

Apps for Boarders & Skiers

AlpineReplay (iOS | Android)

MAPtoSNOW ( iOS | Android)

LaaxSnow ( iOS | Android)

Lost and found

FOUND from the hotel

  • black T-Shirt

Participants selfmade entries

lets try this one...
No. First name Surname Company Room number Gender for Shirt (Male/Female) Size (S/M/L/X/XL/XXL/XXXL) Cut (Regular/Slim Fit) Contact information
1 Adrian Zimmermann tbd Male L Regular,,
2 Steffan Röpke tbd Male XL Regular,öpke/2/781/926/,
3 Jöran Kurschatke tbd Male L Regular,
4 Mikael Conley tbd Male L Regular,
5 Dan Jensen tbd Male XL Regular
6 Christoph Buchli tbd Male L Lose
7 Tim Lochmüller tbd Male M Regular
8 Xavier Perseguers Causal Sàrl 10 Male M Regular
9 Christian Opitz Netresearch tbd Male M Slim
10 Luc Muller Ameos tbd Male L Regular /
11 Markus Goldbeck TechDivision 10 Male XXL Regular
12 Matthias Krappitz aemka tbd Male M Regular
13 Helmut Hummel tbd Male L Regular
14 Ekkehard Guembel Bitmotion tbd Male L Slim e(dot)guembel(at),
15 Julian Hofmann netz-haut Male M Regular j [dot] hofmann [at] netzhaut [dot] de,
16 Daniel Hofmann snowflake tbd Male M Regular
17 Eike Diestelkamp HDNET Male M Slim eike [dot] diestelkamp [at] hdnet [dot] de,
18 Rikke Charlotte Perriard MOC Female M Slim
19 David Brandt Advance Male L Slim
20 Tobias Zander Sitewards GmbH Male L Regular,, I have probably to cancel, is anyone interested in a last-minute ticket?
21 Ingo Augsten web-bereiter Male XL Regular info(ät)
22 Andri Steiner snowflake Male M Regular
23 Daniel Alder snowflake Male L Regular
24 Jochen Weiland 8 Male XXXL Regular jweiland [at] jweiland net,
25 Stefan Weiland 8 Male L Regular sweiland [at] jweiland net
26 Martin Wiederkehr snowflake Male L Regular
27 Erik Sokoll Bitmotion tbd Male L Regular
28 Daniel Koether Bitmotion tbd Male L SLIM d(dot)koether(at)
29 Koen Tilley Semaforce tbd Male L Regular koen(dot)tilley(at)
30 Cornel Boppart snowflake Male L Slim
31 Frank Kübler Male L Regular
32 Alvin Abad Net Efficiency Male S Regular
33 Lars Dyhr Dycon International Male L Regular lars[at]
34 Bastian Waidelich Male L Regular */bwaidelich
35 Gernot Schulmeister wfp:2 Male L Regular gernotschulmeister(at)gmx(dot)at
36 Martin Brueggemann t3n Male L Regular brgmn
37 Beat Hausheer newmedia Male X Regular
38 Claudia Kessel newmedia Female L Regular
39 Kevin Häfeli snowflake Male XL Regular
40 Roland Bock ÄrzteOhneBerge Male L Regular
41 Yomo Guiamo Guiamo Programming Male M Slim fit