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Jochen managed to setup our T3BOARD WLAN (thx a lot Jochen!!):
Network Name: t3board15
PWD: t3board15
Enjoy ;)

Important information

  • The TYPO3 SnowBoard Tour 2015 takes place in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria from Saturday 7th of February to Saturday 14th of February 2015.
  • What is included? 1 week (7 nights) accommodation at Vorderlengau Hostel including the following: Accommodation, breakfast buffet and 3 course dinner, bed linnen, one towel per person, use of sauna, taxes and VAT. And of course a 6-days lift ticket for the skiing-area (the day of arrival, 7th of February, the ski ticket is valid from 3pm on, followed by the next 6 days from Sunday to Friday).

What the accommodation offers

  • breakfast buffet from 08.00 to 10.00 a.m.
  • 3 course dinner at 6.30 p.m. consisting of salad bar, soup, choice between meat dish or vegetarian dish, desert; partly own farming products are served like milk, butter, meat
  • integrated bar in the dining room
  • ski cellar
  • table tennis room
  • football kicker
  • small gym 15x10m (also equiped with lots of cushion stools, therefore the room is as well usable as meeting room)
  • sauna (6.- p.p., minimum of 5 persons required - please pre-reserve a time in the morning)
  • infrared cabine
  • car park
  • ski bus stop about 10 mins walk (direct access with skis for advanced)

Not available:

  • Beamer
  • Microphone
  • Indoor smoking area

Please note: Smoking is not allowed in the house and around balconys, but you'll find an open air smoking area in front of the house with lots of fresh air to make your lungs recover ;)

Ski Ticket Infos & Inclusives

In case of loss:
Please note / make a picture of your skipass number. In case of loss you'll get a new ski pass without extra costs if you know the number.

Keycard deposit:
The keycard deposit of EUR 2.- was NOT charged for our ski tickets. So please make sure that you hand over the ski ticket to Marion or Adrian ahead of your departure.

Packing list

  • snowboarding/skiing equipment
  • sun glasses/lotion
  • sport equipment / indoor shoes for indoor football tournament
  • bathrobe (for those using the sauna)
  • Network cables
  • Power distributors (Steckdosenleiste)
  • Earplugs!!! (You never know who's in your room)
  • lanyards
  • Aspirin
  • Immodium or else (Diarrhea stuff or so)
  • Sauna Fragrances
  • TYPO3 Flag
  • Good mood

Daily overview, Sessions & Session Requests

This is the main overview. In case you have to say something (e.g. "the shower is mine from 6-7 pm"), write it down here. Also we, or anyone, can schedule any sessions, workshop or meetings here. Please mention time, topic and place. Moreover we announce special or daily events here. We have a beamer ready to use for Presentations and Sessions at the room stub'n-


Check in at 2 p.m., luggage can be stored earlier
Ski pass is valid from 3 p.m.
Important: Please note / make a picture of your skipass number. In case of loss you'll get a new ski pass without extra costs if you know the number.


  • 6 p.m. Meet the Freeride Tour Guide Tom at the dining room to discuss & plan possible offpiste ski & snowboard tours
 => UPDATE: Tom cannot make it due to the heavy snowfall. See his offer for a tour on tuesday!


We reserved a table for 10 people at the Wieseralm: at 11:30 am. Everyone is welcome, we can also expand the 10, let's check out who will be there. It would be nice to have kind of a meeting point there for lunch. If it works out, we can meet there everyday and if necessary expand the reservation. The food is nice!


TYPO3 CMS7 current state, milestones, goals (20:30h somewhere downstairs)

Helmut will give a short introduction and demo and will be available for Q&A after that

Session requests

Can someone do a talk about Flux? Maybe Matthias Krappitz?


Freeride Tour!

Tom, the guide, suggests to go for a small tour (easy slopes), skis and snowboards mixed possible. max. 7 persons. Costs: 290.00 euros for 3 persons, every person added + 20 euros. Avalanche beep-machine will be provided by him. Who is interested?

- Adrian

tour is cancelled, not enough participants


Logging in TYPO3 CMS with monolog (20:30h somewhere downstairs)

Georg will give a short introduction about monolog and how it can be used in TYPO3 CMS. Slides are at

Session Proposal

If you are interested I can talk about "Continuous Integration and Deployment with Open Source Tools" and show how we implemented CI with Jenkins, Surf, Behat, Chef and Vagrant at our company.

Interested: - Yomo - Alvin

Soccer Tournament!

I'd suggest that it's 3 against 3. The hall is not too big.

Who would be in?

Team Switzerland One:

Martin Wiederkehr, Dani Hofmann, Nick Gehrlein, Adrian Zimmermann

Northern Germany?

Team France

Rapahel Geyer, Luc Muller, Pierre Henrion, Stéphane Fillion

Team Austria:

Josef Glatz, ???, ???



Suggestion for common activity Wednesday evening (instead of having dinner at the hostel): Let's take a hike (about 45 min) to Lindlingalm ( and for those not being afraid of heights let's go for the "Baumzipfelweg" (, a wooden path high up through the tree tops. After finishing the walk, we have dinner at the Lindlingalm and go back on toboggans. Please let us know, who wants to join the tour (please note: it's on own costs.) Costs are as follow (besides dinner):
Toboggan rental at Lindlingalm for guests: free of charge!
Baumzipfelweg (tree top path): € 9,00 (including "Zipfelmütze" jelly bag cap ;)
Pferdeschlittenfahrt: € 14,00 per person for both ways (optional)
Group discount possible according to number of participants (will check)
To get an idea about food & beverage offerings & prices: Menu card Lindlingalm
Anybody interested Käse Fondue (Cheese Fondue) at the Lindlingalm? Need more than 4 persons! - Mhhh snow and cheese fondue, lecker!

UPDATE: Pferdeschlitten ist one-way / back with Toboggan (8€ per P. for Pferdeschlitten, but WE Need more persons!)
UPDATE II (Marion): There are 4 guaranteed seats in the Pferdeschlitten now, they add our 4 people to another group. If anybody else is interested, please try - but I can't tell if there are more places left than the 4 guaranteed seats. IMPORTANT: Those taking the horse sledge HAVE TO BE AT THE DEPARTURE POINT at 6 p.m. - it's a little further than the ski bus stop, at the turning point of the bus - so please leave at 5.45 to catch the sledge!!

Lindlingalm & Baumzipfelweg
No. First name Surname Baumzipfelweg yes / no
1 Marion Eher yes
Jochen Weiland yes
3 Jürgen Godon yes
4 Helmut Hummel yes
5 Julian Hofmann yes
6 Matthias Krappitz yes
7 Frank Kübler yes(+Pferdeschlitten)
8 Yomo Guiamo yes
9 Adrian Zimmermann yes
10 Andrea Moroni yes
11 Alvin Abad yes
12 Georg Ringer yes
13 Alexander Grein yes
14 Josef Glatz yes
15 Jan Christe yes
16 Martin Brüggemann yes
17 Andy Lenz yes
18 Lars Budde yes
19 Eike Biestelkamp yes
20 Alex Heinzelmann yes
21 Ercüment Topal yes
22 Hasenau Joey yes
23 Hasenau Petra yes
24 Peter Riederlag yes
25 Kösterke Jessy yes(+Pferdeschlitten)
26 Hasse Katrin yes
27 Hasse Maurice yes
28 Sokoll Erik yes (+Pferdeschlitten)
29 Sokolowski Thomas yes (+Pferdeschlitten)
30 Tim Lochmeier yes
31 Raphael Geyer yes
32 Luc Muller yes
33 Stéphane Fillion yes
34 Pierre Henrion yes



Après Ski/Board

Today we have the last chance to meet us all together for Après-Ski. Ekki found a nice place called 'Hinterhagalm'.

It is in the near of slopes 52 + 53 at Kohlmaiskopf in Saalbach. The idea is to meet us there at 4 pm.

Who is interested?

- Jürgen - Peter - Julian - Eric(?)

Using composer for TYPO3 CMS

Using composer to describe the code dependencies of your project can give you reliability and confidence in different areas. Set up your development environment for a project, deploy your project, test your project on CI.

I'd like to give a quick introduction into composer (we could skip that) and then explain how I use composer for my TYPO3 CMS 6.2 (or higher) projects for setting up development environments and for deployment.

I will also point out how the recent changes in TYPO3 CMS (6.2.10 and 7.1) could be beneficial for your TYPO3 CMS projects

TYPO3 Styleguide and who the hell is this Design Team?

If there is some intrest I can talk a bit about what we are doing at the TYPO3 Design Team and can give you some views at the beta Version of the new styleguide. Btw. I can explain to you why we need a styleguide :) Fabian Stein

Session requests

- Can someone do a talk about Vagrant with Typo3?


In the evening: Please hand over your ski tickets to Marion after your last ride. Normally EUR 2.- are charged for the keycard - as they didn't calculate these costs in the package it's important to return the tickets (46 skitickets should go back).


Current state of the TYPO3 THEMES project

I can give you a quick tour through the current state of the demo, that is already publicly available at Additionally there is a vagrant box available at which usually has the same code base as the demo. I will explain the basic functionality and what we did to achieve standardization for themes in TYPO3.

Provider: Joey

Interested and still there on Friday evening:


Check out (after breakfast, latest at 10.00 a.m.) Please make sure that your ski ticket is handed over to Marion or Adrian.

Alternative activities in Saalbach Hinterglemm

There are lots of alternative sports, fun and cultural activities offered in the region, please check out: Suggestion of alternative activities

If you are interested in sledging, the following information could be useful:

Sledging at Spielberghaus including uphill ride with piste basher and toboggan rental: € 8,00 per person, reservation requested: +43 6541 7253

Sledging at Reiterkogelbahn: Uphill ride is included in the ski ticket, toboggan rental: € 7,50 per person

Sledging at Lindlingalm: Please have a look at the suggested programme for wednesday evening

weather forecast

weather Saalbach Hinterglemm

webcams Saalbach Hinterglemm

How to get there

Hostel Vorderlengau

Vorderlengau 233

A-5754 Hinterglemm


How you get to the Hostel on saturday the 7th of February:

Arrival by Train

If you travel by train you should either arrive in Zell am See or Saalfelden. From there you have to move on with public transport: You'll find a bus stop about 10 min walk from the hostel.

Arrival by Car

You have to reach Hostel Vorderlengau with your car.

You can leave your vehicle at the car park directly at the hostel.

Recommended Shuttle Service / Taxi
Taxi 6620 Saalbach Hinterglemm: Fon:

Need a lift or got some free seats in your car?


Driver Contact Date Route


Passenger Contact Date Start


List of attendees
No. First name Surname Operating system

Interested persons for hiring a local FREERIDE GUIDE

Our local freeride expert Tom is available from 9th to 13th of February offering individual Freeride Tours for Skiers and Snowboarders. It is necessary to book him quite in advance (until latest 23rd of January), as he can't reserve the mentioned days longer than that. So please let us know, who is sincerely interested in joining a special Freeride Experience :) Of course your skiing / snowboarding skill level should be quite advanced in order to safely participate. The price is EUR 270.- per day for 3 persons, each extra person + EUR 20.- with a max. number of 6 persons per group. Tom can join the welcome evening on 7th February, so you can discuss details directly with him.

Group #1 Offpiste Skiing - DOWNHILL only
No. First name Surname Skill level (medium / advanced / expert)

Group #2 Offpiste SKI TOURS (with uphill climbing - special equipment required)
No. First name Surname Skill level (medium / advanced / expert)
1 Frank Kübler Level: Medium, I will bring my equipment anyway (Splitboard)
2 Eike Diestelkamp medium

Group #3 Offpiste SNOWBOARDING
No. First name Surname Skill level (medium / advanced / expert)

Impressions from last year

To see some pictures of last year click here.

Gear rental

The next Sports Rental Shop is located at the "Zwölfernord Bahn" in Hinterglemm:

Avalanche alert services & warning levels

Maps & Points of Interest

village map piste map attractions

Skiing and Snowboard Courses

Apps for Boarders & Skiers


Lost and found

Sharing photos and videos

Let's share our photos and videos on Flickr with Hashtag t3board15

Participants selfmade entries

lets try this one...
No. First name Surname Company Room number Gender for Shirt (Male/Female) Size (S/M/L/X/XL/XXL/XXXL) Cut (Regular/Slim Fit) Contact information
1 Adrian Zimmermann Male L Regular,,
2 Steffan Röpke Skyfillers GmbH Male XL regular,,
3 Ekkehard Guembel Bitmotion Male XL Slim
4 Fabian Martin Bitmotion Male L Slim
5 Mikael Conley Wildside Male L Slim,,
6 Jessy Koesterke Bitmotion Female S Slim
7 Søren Frørup Gourmetfood aps Male L Slim
8 Marc Willmann Marc Willmann. TYPO3-Freelancer. Male L Regular
9 Daniel Koether Bitmotion Male L Slim
10 Josef Glatz opendo GmbH, TYPO3-Freelancer Male L Slim,,
11 Katrin Hasse Bitmotion Female L Slim k.hasse(at)
12 Luc Muller Ameos Male L Regular
13 Xavier Perseguers Causal Sàrl Male L Regular,
14 Erik Sokoll Bitmotion Male L Regular walkman [ät]
15 Jürgen Godon Male XL Regular jgodon [ät]
16 Jochen Weiland Male XXXL Regular jweiland [ät]
17 Thomas Sokolowski Bitmotion Male M Regular,
18 Frank Kübler Male L Regular
19 Petra Hasenau Cybercraft Female XL Regular,,
20 Jo Hasenau Cybercraft Male XXXL Regular,,
21 Stéphane Fillion Ameos Male M Regular
22 Pierre Henrion Ameos Male L Regular,
23 Martin Wiederkehr snowflake Male L Regular
24 Andri Steiner snowflake Male L Regular
25 Raphael Geyer AMEOS Male XL Regular
26 Matthias Krappitz aemka Male L Regular
27 Daniel Hofmann snowflake Male M Regular
28 Peter Niederlag niekom netservice Male XL Regular
29 Dan Jensen Envison A/S Male XL Regular
30 Andrea Moroni web-to-date Female L Slim;
31 Julian Hofmann netzhaut Male L Regular j.hofmann [at]
32 Nick Gehrlein snowflake Male M Regular
33 Alexander Grein mediaessenz Male L Regular
34 Helmut Hummel Male L Regular;
35 Lihs Michael Male L Regular;
36 Stein Fabian Male XL Regular
37 Alvin Abad Male
38 Hicham Essaidi Male