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Important information

  • The TYPO3 SnowBoard Tour 2019 takes place from 2019-03-09 to 2019-03-16 in Stubai in Tyrol

All the information and booking on

Important note: Please subscribe to our slackchannel #t3board at
This will be our main communication channel for interns, urgent cases, etc ...
Feel free to follow us on Twitter too: @t3board!

What the accommodation offers

Look here:

and here:

Ski Ticket Infos & Inclusives


The hotel offers free WiFi. But as usual we will bring our own WiFi on top!

Packing list

  • Snowboarding/skiing equipment
  • Helmet: if you have got some brain you should protect it!
  • Backprotector if you have one
  • Shoes/boots for sledging/tobogganing (snowboarding-softboots e.g. are fine for most people)
  • Sun glasses/lotion
  • Network cables
  • Power distributors (Steckdosenleiste)
  • Beamer for presentations in the evenings
  • Earplugs!!! (You never know who's in your room)
  • Aspirin
  • Immodium or else (Diarrhea stuff or so)
  • Sauna Fragrances
  • Bathing trunks/bikini
  • TYPO3 Flag
  • Good mood

Daily overview, Sessions & Session Requests


Time Program Topic Speaker
- Arrival
18:30 - 20:00 Social event Dinner with session planning Clemens
20:30 - 21:30 Keynote Salutation and introduction, goodie-bag distribution, after dinner Clemens


Time Program Topic Speaker
18:30 - 20:00 Social event Dinner with session planning Clemens
21:00 - 22:00 Session the new rewritten tt_address Georg


Time Program Topic Speaker
18:30 - 19:30 Social event Dinner with introduction to sledging night Clemens
19:30 - 24:00 Tobogganing Tobogganing/Sledging night Canceled due to global warming
21:00 - 21:50 Session Documentation, RST, how to contriubte Daniel
22:00 - 22:30 Session Newsletter Stack in TYPO3 with direct_mail and according Clemens


Time Program Topic Speaker
18:30 - 20:00 Social event Dinner with session planning Clemens


Time Program Topic Speaker
18:30 - 20:00 Social event Dinner with session planning Clemens
18:30 - 23:00 TUGA / TUGT meets T3BOARD [Sessions] Members of the TUGA / TUGT are invited to visit T3BOARD19 for one evening


Time Program Topic Speaker
18:30 - 20:00 Social event Dinner with session planning Clemens
20:00 - 22:30 Sessions [Sessions] Short time for sessions
22:30 - open end Dance night


Time Program Topic Speaker
18:30 - 20:00 Social event Dinner with session planning Clemens
~20:30 Social Event Après Ski/Board & Farewell evening - After closing session time for missed topics/sessions Clemens


Time Program Topic
11:00 Departure

Further Session Proposals

  • [SESSION] #gigacommerce: How does e-commerce in TYPO3 with 1 billion products work? - Norbert
  • [SESSION] T3BOARD behind the scenes: Planning and organising a traditional TYPO3 community event - Clemens
  • [SESSION] EXT:tt_address refurbished: what have been done, what's next - Clemens and/or Georg
  • [SESSION] DNSSEC, DoH, DoT, DMARC, SPF, security-headers, wtf u're talking about?: domain settings, connection security and http-headers from the point of view of a modern webdeveloper/devops - Clemens
  • [SESSION] TYPO3 Newsletter Stack: Sending newsletters with TYPO3 and EXT:direct_mail and according extensions (subscription double-optin and the like) - Clemens
  • [SESSION] Auth0 and TYPO3 via EXT:auth0 - Florian
  • [SESSION] Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - Florian
  • [SESSION] toujou Web Site Builder - Jochen
  • [WORKSHOP] Discuss possible migrations from wiki to docs for documentation-related topics (see also slack-channel typo3-wiki), maybe already move contents etc... - Josef, Daniel
  • [WORKSHOP] Newsletters with TYPO3: enhancements for EXT:direct_mail - Clemens, Josef
    • TYPO3 v9 compat.
    • Filter for duplicates
    • Enhancements for imports - e.g. textfield + date for adding information on source of data (GDPR)
    • Multiple hosts for sending
    • Enhancements for bounces-task
    • Enhancements statistics, e.g. GDPR-compliant cleanup of statistics
    • FSC-based newsletter-ready templates for CEs:
      • headline
      • text
      • text/img
      • img
    • Zapping gremlins (see:
  • [SESSION] Introducing blugento shop factory - multi store management at global scale - Christian

Session Requests

  • [SESSION] EXT:staticfilecache: Best practises, BoostMode, Queue - the more advanced use

Alternative activities

Weather forecast

How to get there

Stubai is near Innsbruck in Tyrol and easily reachable by plane, train and car:

Routing service:,null,47.099341,11.282664&b=0&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km

Need a lift or got some free seats in your car?


Driver Contact Date Route Note
Clemens 2019/03/09 and 2019/03/16 Innsbruck-Milders-Innsbruck I do not have plenty of space, because of all the equipment stuff, but I could get 1 person with me, e.g. from railway station or airport
Julian @xitnelat 2019-03-09 / 2019-03-16 Würzburg - A3 (Nürnberg) - A9 (München) - A93 (Rosenheim) - Innsbruck


Passenger Contact Date Start Note

Stubaitalbahn to Fulpmes.

Pics and Vids

Impressions from last year

Sharing photos and videos

Let's share our photos and videos on <-- because of Flickrs decision to delete photos this is a topic to be discussed --> with Hashtag #T3BOARD19

Gear rental

This one has a shop directly near our hotel (and more in the valley):

There are more shops in Milders (a hamlet of Neustift). Just try to stick with Milders, it makes things easier for you, if you do not arrive with a car.

Avalanche alert services & warning levels

New: Multilingual avalanche report of the Euregio Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino:

Maps & Points of Interest

Skiing and Snowboard Courses

Apps for Boarders & Skiers

Avalanche App in German and English:



Lost and found

Participants selfmade entries - Please fill in your data!

Participants Information
No. Firstname* Lastname* Company Room No. Contact information Ski or Board? Riders Skill Level (medium/advanced/expert)
1 Clemens Riccabona Riccabona eSolutions https://www.Riccabona.IT/ Ski Advanced to Expert
2 Matthias Krappitz aemka Snowboard Advanced
3 Florian Wessels Bitmotion GmbH Ski Advanced
4 Leon Oltmanns Bitmotion GmbH Board Beginner
5 Ina Vehling Bitmotion GmbH Ski Beginner
6 Nico Poggenburg Bitmotion GmbH Ski Beginner
7 Sebastian Afeldt Bitmotion GmbH Ski Advanced
8 Mirella Ehlers Bitmotion GmbH Board Beginner
9 Yomo Guiamo Flaxseed Solutions BV Snowboard Medior
10 Jürgen Godon Ski Advanced
11 Julian Hofmann Ski Advanced
12 Frank Kübler Snowboard Advanced
13 Josef Glatz and ski/board Advanced
14 Georg Ringer Studio Mitte Ski (fun carver) Advanced
15 Peter Niederlag datenbetrieb some cosy place for snorers ;) Ski Advanced
16 Alexander Grein MEDIA::ESSENZ Ski & Snowboard & Rodel Advanced
17 Erik Sokoll Ski Advanced
18 Markus Kugler Snowboard Beginner
19 Pascal Rinker Snowboard Beginner
20 Jörg Kienast kienastdv.e Hiker Advanced
21 Andrea Herzog-Kienast Hiker Advanced
22 Daniel Siepmann Codappix GmbH / Nothing yet :D Total Noob
23 Norbert Sendetzky Aimeos GmbH / Snowboard Advanced
24 Daniel Köther Bitmotion GmbH Board Advanced
25 Thomas Löffler Spooner Web Ski Between Beginner and Advanced
26 Mini Spooner Spooner Web Ski Noob
27 Stefan Busemann in2code Ski Expert
28 Helmut Hummel Ski Advanced
29 Nicole Cordes biz-design Ski Medium
30 Jochen Weiland Relax Advanced
31 Stefan Weiland Snowboard Beginner
32 Christian Opitz Netresearch Ski Advanced