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General information about Slack: Slack

Hi, I am Botty

I am in some channels on slack, feel free to invite me into your channel.


  • @botty help: shows global help

Review Command

I can talk with try the following commands:

command prefix: review:

  • review:help: shows this help
  • review:count [PROJECT=Packages/TYPO3.CMS]: shows the number of currently open reviews for [PROJECT]
  • review:random: shows a random open review
  • review:show <Ref-ID> [<Ref-ID-2>, [<Ref-ID-n>]]*: shows the review by given change number(s)
  • review:user <username> [PROJECT=Packages/TYPO3.CMS]: shows the open reviews by given username for [PROJECT]
  • review:query <searchQuery>: shows the results for given <searchQuery>, max limit is 50
  • review:merged <YYYY-MM-DD>: shows a count of merged patches on master since given date

Forge Command

I can talk with try the following commands:

command prefix: forge:

  • forge:help: shows this help
  • forge:show <Issue-ID>: shows the issue by given <Issue-ID>

Util Command

command prefix: util:

  • util:help: shows this help
  • util:coin <options>: coin toss with <options> (separate by comma)

Beer Command

I can give someone a beer, try the following commands:

command prefix: beer:

  • beer:help: shows this help
  • beer:stats <username>: show beer counter for <username>
  • beer:for <username>: give <username> a T3Beer
  • beer:all: show all beer counter
  • beer:top10: show TOP 10

Tell Command (Private Message Service)

I can tell someone about a review, issue or simple send a message. The idea is to deliver a notification to the user, if the users online status change to active. To use this feature, send me direct message:

  • /msg @botty tell <@username> You are a very nice person :) I will send <@username> the message: "You are a very nice person :)" after the user is online again the next time.
  • /msg @botty tell <@username> about review:12345 I will send <@username> a message with details about the gerrit review 12345.
  • /msg @botty tell <@username> about forge:12345 I will send <@username> a message with details about the forge issue 12345.

This feature works only, if you talk to me in a direct chat!

Gerrit Hooks

Gerrit talk to Botty on merged patches and new pushed patchsets. In this cases, Botty sends a notification to the following channels:

Channel Notification, Description
#typo3-cms-coredev Notification for merged patches
#cms-ad-hoc-reviews Notification about new patchsets, but only the first patchset
#rst-updates Notification about added, deleted and changed rst files


Please create an issue on github.