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TYPO3 Code Sprint, Stuttgart 2010

Date / Location

  • When: 14. October (Thursday) to 17. October 2010 (Sunday) (4 days)
  • Where: Stuttgart
  • Location: TTI-Technologiezentrum, Nobelstraße 15, 70565 Stuttgart
  • Map of the location

Location and infrastructure sponsored by cron IT GmbH


The goal of the code sprint is to concentrate on the last features we want to include in the 4.5 release (LTS). Our aim is to wrap up things for the feature freeze that will happen in November 11th, 2010 with the release of 4.5 beta1. We invited the whole Core Team and other active contributors like yourself for really productive sessions and interesting discussions. If you have any specific topic or suggestion on what do you want to have covered during these days, just contact Ernesto Baschny.

Find the list of tasks and groups here:


Participation happens on invitation basis. A group of around 50 active contributors have been individually invited to the event already. In case you want to participate and think you will be able to provide some contribution to the sprint, please contact the release team.

Please register until Wednesday, October 6th.


Please add your names here. If you cannot participate the whole four days, just specifiy in which time range you will drop by. The Römerhof Hotel has 3 people, double and single apartments, incl breakfast.

Here is a map of where the attending people are coming from.

Name Days Coming from Route Available Seats Accommodation
Ernesto Baschny Thu-Sun Stuttgart home
Steffen Kamper Thu-Sun Haan (near Düsseldorf) Haan 2-3 (Thu morning) appartment Römerhof (Ingmar, Olly, SteffenK)
Benjamin Mack Stuttgart
Oliver Hader Thu-Fri Hof, Bayern appartment Römerhof (Ingmar, Olly, SteffenK)
Jo Hasenau Thu-Sun Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Oberharz Göttingen, Kassel, Fulda, Würzburg, Heilbronn
Maybe Göttingen, Kassel, Gießen, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Karlsruhe
Thu <=2
Sun 1
will leave the other 2 seats in CLZ unless somebody needs them
Drive In, since Römerhof had no single rooms left and I didn't want to waste T3A money for a 3-bed-apartment
Tolleiv Nietsch Thu-Sun Thu: Chemnitz
Sun back to: Wiesbaden/Frankfurt
A72 Bayreuth / A9 Nürnberg / A6 Heilbronn 4 Appartment Römerhof (SteffenG, Jens, Andreas, Tolleiv)
Steffen Gebert Thu-Sun Würzburg Appartment Römerhof (SteffenG, Jens, Andreas, Tolleiv)
Steffen Ritter Sa/Sun definetely,
Friday, start in Bingen from 1:15pm (arrival approx. 3pm)
Bad Kreuznach (Fr. from Bingen, Rhein, Sun: back2 Bad Kreuznach) A61, A8, A5 (Worms, Karlsruhe, Pforzheim) 3 Appartment Römerhof (Steffen Ritter, Stefan Galinski)
Stefan Galinski Sa/Sun Munich Appartment Römerhof (Steffen Ritter, Stefan Galinski)
Lars Zimmermann Fri/Sat Frankfurt Maybe at Benni's Apartment?
Jigal van Hemert Thu/Fri Nieuwegein (NL) E35/E52 1 Hotel Dachswald
Ingmar Schlecht full time Frankfurt appartment Römerhof (Ingmar, Olly, SteffenK)
Jens Hoffmann Thu-Sat (Sun) Mainz Mainz - Darmstadt - Mannheim - Heilbronn - Stuttgart Appartment Römerhof (SteffenG, Jens, Andreas, Tolleiv)
Andreas Wolf Thu-Sun (presumably) Karlsruhe - (train) quite some... depends on the train ;-) Appartment Römerhof (SteffenG, Jens, Andreas, Tolleiv)
Sonja Scholz Sat/Sun Basel Basel -A5- Karlsruhe -A8- Stuttgart 4 Römerhof
Susanne Moog Fri-Sun Bremen Train? - Römerhof
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