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T3DD08 CoreTeamMeeting

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This page belongs to the Core Team (category Core Team)

Team Meeting at TYPO3 Developer Days in Elmshorn/Germany


Members who will participate

If you arrive later than May 7th, 10.00 please add the time of your arrival here!

Ordered by arrival time:

  • Thomas Hempel (will be there anyway)
  • Robert Lemke (hey, I almost live here!)
  • Karsten Dambekalns (hah, closest-to-home meeting point ever)
  • Ernesto Baschny (May 7, 7:45, Hamburg Airport)
  • Dmitry Dulepov (May 7, 7:50, Hamburg Airport)
  • Michael Stucki (May 7, 8:25, Hamburg Airport)
  • Andreas Otto (May 7, 9:49 Elmshorn Main Station -- have to travel back same day at 19:00)
  • Ingo Renner (May 7, 10:00 Hamburg Airport)
  • Patrick Broens (May 7, 10:00 Hamburg Airport)
  • Martin Kutschker (May 7, 10:35 Hamburg Airport)
  • Benjamin Mack (May 7, 11:15 Hamburg Airport)
  • Ingmar Schlecht (May 7, morning)
  • Oliver Hader (May 7, 13:00, travelling by car -- however I could also come earlier on May 6 in the evening)
  • Sebastian Kurfuerst (May 7, Evening, will come for dinner)
  • Bernhard Kraft (May 7th, 22:09 Hamburg-Altona, I'll meet you during dinner)
  • Kasper Skårhøj: I plan to arrive in the evening, time enough for the dinner - but not the days meeting.
  • Peter Niederlag (TODO: arrival date/time to be defined)
  • Jan-Erik Revsebch (May 7th. unknown arrival time)
  • Christian Jul Jensen (May 7th. unknown arrival time)
Members who will not participate
  • Jeff Segars (Stuck in the US until T3CON :) )
  • Stanislas Rolland (Best regards from Montréal!)
  • Wolfgang Klinger
unknown yet
  • [move your name from here to one of the sections above]
  • René Fritz (TODO: arrival date/time to be defined)
  • Rupert Germann (TODO: arrival date/time to be defined)
  • Thorsten Kahler (TODO: arrival date/time to be defined)
  • Michael Scharkow (TODO: arrival date/time to be defined)


This is the work-in-progress agenda for the TYPO3 Core-team-Meeting on May 7. The detailed timetable is yet to be defined.
Please add your name behind suggestions you make!

  • Review 4.2 development (Ingo + Stucki)
    • What was good?
    • What can be improved?
  • Planning 4.3 development (tbd.)
    • Collecting ideas, projects
    • Building development teams(?)
  • HCI-Related Discussions (Benni.)
    • Skinning API / Default Skin etc.
  • Community collaboration (Sebastian)
  • CGL changes (Dmitry)
  • ...

Agenda (for Core team on regular T3DD days)

There are some topics that should have the interest of the core team but must be discussed during the days:

  • "Workspaces" technology: A session where we discuss the internals of workspaces. Basically we should try to find out where the black-spots of the technology is for the rest of the core team members so they are better able to support and fix workspace related code without messing up the concept.
  • "Localization": I would like a session with Daniel Zielinski about localization, the extension l10nmgr (ok, maybe not core dev relevant... :-)