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Team Meeting at TYPO3 Developer Days 2009 in Elmshorn/Germany

Core Team Meeting in Hamburg prior to T3DD:

Start date: Monday, 11 May 2009 (13:00)

End date: Wednesday, 13 May 2009 (until evening)

On Monday, we will start at 13:00, on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will start at 10:00 am in the morning.



A lot of the core devs will stay at the YoHo Hotel Hamburg.
Unfortunately the YoHo is fully booked on 12.05. already

There are still places in Mercure Hotel for those who have no room yet. Reserve online and choose "2 Tage Kurzurlaub" (€93,50 including breakfast!). Ernesto will be there, for example. :)

Another alternative may be the "Hotel Boritzka". A Twin Bed room costs about 75,00 Euro and a double room costs about 87,00 Euro (per night/including breakfast). "Hotel Boritzka" is located pretty near to the YoHo. Christopher and Tobias will be there, for example.


Members who will participate

(please write down whether or not you have booked an accommodation for these nights)

  1. Benjamin Mack (arriving at the airport at 11.35am)
  2. Oliver Hader
  3. Michael Stucki
  4. Ingmar Schlecht
  5. Robert Lemke
  6. Karsten Dambekalns (only Monday + Wednesday)
  7. Andreas Förthner
  8. François Suter (arriving at the airport at 12:00)
  9. Steffen Kamper
  10. Patrick Broens (staying at Yoho, room 30)
  11. Tobias Liebig
  12. Sebastian Kurfürst
  13. Ingo Renner (staying at Hotel Mercure, arriving 11.35 at HH main station)
  14. Christopher Hlubek
  15. Jochen Rau (only on Wednesday)
  16. Andreas Wolf (arriving on Monday evening, staying at the DJH hostel near the Landungsbrücken)
  17. Bastian Waidelich
  18. Andreas Otto (Staying at Hotel Mercure)
  19. Ernesto Baschny (only Tuesday+Wednesday)
  20. Thomas Hempel (Monday + Tuesday)
  21. Jens Hoffmann
  22. Christian Kuhn (all days, no bed needed, staying at a friends place)
  23. Thorsten Kahler
  24. Julle

Members who will not participate
  • Martin Jakobsen
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Konrad Zuse
  • Martin Fowler
  • Dmitry Dulepov
  • Albert Einstein
  • John Doe


This is the work-in-progress agenda for the TYPO3 Core-team-Meeting. The detailed timetable is yet to be defined.
Please add your name behind suggestions you make!

  • Recap Transition Days -- Sebastian Kurfürst & Ingmar Schlecht
  • short Presentations of (transition) developments -- Sebastian Kurfürst & Ingmar Schlecht
    • Extbase
    • Fluid
    • Extbase Kickstarter
    • Caching Framework
    • FE editing
    • EXT:rsaauth
    • Reports module
    • Validation (FLOW3) -- "Robert Lemke"
  • Organizational stuff (core team issues)
    • Sponsored projects review and outlook (Francois) -- Sebastian Kurfürst & Ingmar Schlecht
    • TYPO3 4.3 lookback (Olly, Stucki) -- Sebastian Kurfürst & Ingmar Schlecht
    • Roles in v4 team, leadership (Ingmar, Stucki) -- Sebastian Kurfürst & Ingmar Schlecht
    • election of release manager for 4.4 (Ingmar, Stucki) -- Sebastian Kurfürst & Ingmar Schlecht
  • Visionary Development
    • next steps TYPO3 v5 (= Kickoff broader development with more people) -- Sebastian Kurfürst & Ingmar Schlecht
    • status quo of FLOW3 and TYPO3 v5 -- "Robert Lemke"
    • release strategy for FLOW3 -- "Robert Lemke"
    • Persistence issue in FLOW3 -- "Karsten Dambekalns & Robert Lemke"
    • CoreTeam - HCI Workflow -- Jens Hoffmann
    • T3UXW09 -- Jens Hoffmann
  • Specific development (= smaller, more concret problems which need discussion by whole branch core team (v4 / v5) to be discussed here, if time permits. Otherwise we could plan sessions for each of the topics on T3DD, so those who are interested can join.)
    • Backwards Compatibility -- Oliver Hader
    • Versioning and Workspaces (Stucki) -- Steffen Kamper
    • Installation of TYPO3 v5 -- "Robert Lemke"
    • Autoloader (Olly) -- Sebastian Kurfürst & Ingmar Schlecht
    • Distribution system/improved installer (François, Benni) -- François Suter
    • How to deal with mixed Extbase / "old" extensions? -- Sebastian Kurfürst
    • Inter-Domain-Linking (last bug from bugaction in laax) -- Tobias Liebig
    • must the cookie "fe_typo_user" always be set - open discussion? -- Tobias Liebig
    • Revive Trac for TYPO3core source code browser -- Michael Stucki

Agenda (for Core team on regular T3DD days)

There are some topics that should have the interest of the core team but must be discussed during the days:

  • ...

Collective Dinner on Wednesday

On Wednesday, we'll have dinner together at the Balutschistan in Hamburg. It's reserved on the name "Gina Steiner" starting at 19:00 on the 13th May 2009 (Qype entry: [1]).

Core Team activities during T3DD09

Work session together with non-Core people

The idea would be to form small work groups, with maybe 1-2 Core team members plus a couple of non-Core people, and work together and some Core development. Please list your ideas for topics below and put your name alongside it:

  • refactoring of BE initialisation, typo3/init.php (François)

Content Domain Model

Content Domain Model sketch 1.JPG
Content Domain Model sketch 2.JPG
Content Domain Model sketch 3.JPG
Content Domain Model sketch 4.JPG