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This page belongs to the Core Team (category Core Team)

This is the protocol of the T3DD09 Core Team Meeting.


  • Version numbers Extbase / FLOW3:
    • Automated comparison FLOW3 / Extbase APIs?
    • Deprecated annotations -> with version numbers
    • API Doc: do not render @internal (PHPDoc does _not_ render @internal)
  • Releases (4.3, FLOW3)
    • ToDo: When should we release FLOW3 alpha 1 (june 1st, then monthly releases?)
  • Extbase
    • ToDo: Basic domain models - as separate extensions -> Announce!
    • ToDo DevDays: add Extbase @internal annotations
    • ToDo (Ingmar, Jens): Talk about extbase kickstarter
  • Fluid
    • ToDo DevDays: look through Fluid ViewHelpers / API
    • ToDo: add CSS class for form validation errors (Christopher)
    • Should ViewHelpers be extensible? -> No
    • ToDo: Review Fluid: Sebastian, Bastian, Ingo, Steffen, Christopher, Everybody else not listed
  • Caching Framework
    • Memcached is mostly useful for multiple servers; APC is better for 1 server
    • it's "pretty fast"
    • FileCache: Problem with windows
  • RSA Authentication
  • Reports module
    • replaces "BE Log" module, and extends it
    • ToDo: IndexedSearch - Indexing statistics -> Reports
    • ToDo: Replace "yellow box" in about module
  • T3UXW
    • Great stuff!!!
    • Next steps: Finance the thing, Build up jury, Sponsorship
    • Thankx Jens!

Smaller discussions

  • Installation of TYPO3 v5
    • Problem: File permissions
    • Idea: TYPO3 installs itself (out of phar file)
    • Who does it? (Until 1st June) - Christopher, Tobi, Thomas
    • ToDo: implement!
  • Backwards compatibility
    • Problem: Remove @deprecated methods
      • Just tell people about deprecation warnings in 4.3
      • Encourage people to use alpha & beta versions
      • automatically create list of deprecated methods (for developers)
      • Remove deprecated methods in 4.4
    • Problem: What about deprecated TypoScript things?
      • log deprecated in PHP code as well
  • Versioning & Workspaces
    • Problem: There'll be a workshop about V&W at DevDays
    • Who has experience? -> Please join! (Ingo, Michael, Olly, Steffen, François, Patrick)
    • Sat 12:00
  • Autoloader
    • planned for 4.3
    • Solution Extbase: register autoloader in ext_localconf!


  • Server tour: 8:45 at entrance

How do you feel?

  • Very good team spirit; Joining the teams was great
  • there should be more activity on core list
  • Problem: Team is consensus-based; do we need voting / dictatorship?
    • How can we avoid really long discussions? / How do we stop the discussions?
  • How can we better communicate what we do?
  • How do we handle suggestions?
    • FAQs at one place?
    • ToDo: Page on t3org: How to get a bug fixed
    • Bug Days help to connect with people.
  • What should assoc money be spent on?
    • We create list of pressing, important bugs
    • Association members / people? should vote what bug is important
    • Xtreme Zap the Gremlins - Assoc pays travel expenses, ...


  • How we present 4.3: many 4.3 features are backports of FLOW3 (caching, fluid, extbase)
  • ToDo: Communication: weekly blog - many things extracted from commit messages; Michael, Robert
  • ToDo: RSS feed view on (Sebastian, Jens)
  • What are the benefits of the association?
    • Bug voting ?

Money allocation for v4

  • "urgent" projects will get decided by code responsible, and release manager -> then mail on internal list asking for implementor
  • "strategic" decisions by core team
  • ToDo: Talk to agencies what is acceptable to them in terms of money / compensation for bug days / travelling costs for developers (who does this?)

FE Editing

  • we can give Jeff help, if he says what's needed
  • please OPEN ISSUES on forge!
  • Steffen, Olly, Karsten, Robert would have time to fix something quickly
  • we decide on it tomorrow

Team roles

  • QA role and social affairs role will be reelected yearly
  • quality assurer: Stucki
  • organization of meetings / Events: Ingo
  • social affairs: Olly (after 4.3 release + break), Ingmar before
  • Release manager for 4.4: Benni
  • we'll finally decide that tomorrow

Core Team and HCI team: interaction

  • Currently: Skype or email Jens directly
  • Core team needs to accept HCI decisions
  • Suggested: Two-way workflow:
    • Developer: open "Request for approval" in HCI issue tracker, with screenshots, and HCI approves it.
    • HCI: if things discussed finally, add feature request (with screenshot) on forge for core
  • In RFC on core list: "Reference to HCI discussion", then just validate PHP quality
  • Publicity: tell people that there are tasks from HCI team
  • we need an HCI outlook / roadmap
  • ToDo: Each of us implements a feature request of HCI
  • ToDo: Speed improvements of forge (Christopher, Sebastian)

Discussion sponsored projects

  • more marketing might make more sense
  • maybe use first newsletter to communicate this
  • ToDo: Ask the agencies, what they need - Survey (Plan the next steps: François, Jens, Julle, Ernesto, Ingmar, Michael, Ingo)


Current status 4.3

  • New alpha release: today or tomorrow
  • With extbase, fluid, (maybe FE editing?)
  • ToDo: Commit patches: caching, autoloader, t3lib_db patch
    • Christopher: t3lib_db RFC
    • Jochen: caching RFC
    • Sebastian: clean up autoloader in extbase
    • Bastian: Extbase - add exception if eAccelerator strips comments
  • ToDo today: include extbase and fluid core
  • Expected final: end of june, beginning of july

Current status of Extbase / Fluid

  • Ready for alpha
  • ToDo for final:
    • mark everything as @internal except a few classes
    • lazy loading proxy
    • refactor persistence layer
    • stabilize API, introduce Query object

4.4 kickoff

  • we aim for some big extensions being ported to Extbase
  • on DevDays ask: which extension need to be ported to Extbase?
  • stabilize everything (Usability, consistency, performance, ...)
  • Mentor people to write extensions for extbase
  • Global categories / taxonomy
  • integrate basic DAM structure into core (common things like support for metadata, trees, ...)
  • Talk to Stanislas about HTMLarea vs tinymce vs ExtJS RTE - check with v5 guys as well
  • custom ExtJS skin
  • make retro style an extension, and integrate t3skin in core, use css sprites

FE Editing

  • we'll make it work together with Jeff :-)
  • committed: Olly, Benni, Steffen, Torsten, Jens

TYPO3 v5 content structure

  • Please upload the screenshots here


Thanks for such a great and productive meeting!