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T3DD 150px.jpg

Ideas for workshops

  • TypoScript for extension developers

How to include the power of TypoScript into your own extensions to make them easily extendable, flexible and future proof)

  • ICE pack in action

How to easily create impressive individual content elements with the upcoming final version of ICE box & co.

  • Pimp my TypoScript

aka stdWrap for everybody - let's implement stdWrap for almost any of the "official" TypoScript objects and parameters

Result of task "missing stdWrap Properties"

  • S.C.O.T.T.Y.

let's create the concept for a global Semantic Category Ontology Tag and Taxonomy sYstem -

  • Extbase Kickstarter Workshop
  • Using Git and Git svn for extension development
    • pointing out differences of DVCS(git/bazaar/...) and VCS..;)