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This page belongs to the Core Team (category Core Team)

Core Team Meeting at TYPO3 Developer Days 2011 in Sursee/Switzerland

Location: Campus Sursee, 6210 Sursee, Switzerland

Start date: Monday, July 4th 2011 (1:00 pm CEST)

End date: Wednesday, July 6th 2011 (until evening)

On Monday, we will start at 1:00 pm CEST, on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will start at 9:00 am CEST in the morning.


  • We want to have a strategy for the TYPO3 project, and an outcome of that would be a common roadmap
  • We want to motivate people to contribute and participate - a tool for that is to improve the interaction of the community.


Core Team Members need to get the ticket individually on the T3DD11 site and

  • book the T3DD11 Admission Fee (Student)
  • book the Double Room MON-SUN 4.-10. JUL (which means room sharing with some other team member, of course you can also book a single room if you'd like to be on your own)
  • book the CoreTeam Meals MON-THU 4.-7. JUL (to get some food during the Core Team Meeting)

All of the above will include the following:

    • bed and breakfast
    • dinner on Monday
    • lunch and dinner on Tuesday-Saturday
    • lunch on Sunday

Travel and accomodation expenses

for TYPO3 v4 Core Team Members (v4 and v5)

The travel and accomodation expenses will be reimbursed after the event by the TYPO3 Assocation to an upper limit of 750,00 EUR. If your flight is expected to be expensive (since you're living outside Europe) there are possibilities to get that reimbursed as well - please get in contact with with your team leader (Robert or Olly).


Members who will participate

Please write down whether or not you have booked an accommodation for these nights.

# Name presence arriving
1 Oliver Hader fulltime Monday 10:30 (10:10 train station)
2 Xavier Perseguers fulltime Monday 10:40
3 Patrick Broens fulltime
4 Michael Stucki fulltime Monday 10:30 (10:10 train station)
5 Tobias Liebig Mon-Fri Monday ~12:30 or ~13:10 train station Sursee
6 Steffen Ritter fulltime Sunday 20:00 (by car)
7 Georg Ringer Mon-Fri Monday 11:00 (10:30 train station)
8 Nils Dehl fulltime Monday ~12:30 (by car)
9 Thorsten Kahler fulltime Monday ~14:10 train station Sursee
10 Susanne Moog fulltime Monday ~08:10 train station Sursee
11 Robert Lemke fulltime Monday ~23:30 train station Sursee
12 Karsten Dambekalns fulltime Monday ~23:30 train station Sursee
13 Christian Müller fulltime Monday ~13:30 (by car)
14 Ernesto Baschny fulltime Monday 12:10 train station Sursee
15 Bastian Waidelich fulltime Monday ~13:30 (by car)
16 Ben van 't Ende fulltime Monday ~13:30 (by train)
17 Tolleiv Nietsch Mon-Sat Monday ~13:30 (by car)
18 Jochen Rau fulltime Monday 11:08 train station sursee
19 Benjamin Mack fulltime
20 Andreas Wolf full time Monday 14:10 train station Sursee
21 Steffen Gebert full time Monday ~12:30 (with Nils)
22 Christian Kuhn full time
23 Ingmar Schlecht full time Monday 10:30 (10:10 train station)
24 Helmut Hummel full time Monday ~19:00 train station Sursee
25 Ingo Renner full time
26 Jens Hoffmann full time Monday ~12:30 (with Nils)

Members who will not participate

  • Stefan Galinski (Only there from Thu to Sun)
  • Sebastian Kurfürst (Only there from Wed evening to Sun)
  • Dmitry Dulepov (Thu-Sun)
  • Jigal van Hemert


The time slots are handled in a Google Calendar: TYPO3 Core Team Meeting T3DD11

During Core-Team-Meeting


  • Namespaces in Core -- Andreas Wolf
  • the future of TCEforms/TCEmain -- Andreas Wolf
  • Presentation of Antetype as Prototyping-Tool (just a suggestion, if we find time for it) -- Jens Hoffmann

During regular T3DD11 days

There are some topics that should have the interest of the core team but does not need to be discussed during the Core-Team-Meeting:

  • CGL changes regarding:
    • newline at end of file (though I think this is only a misinterpretation of the current policy) -- Andreas Wolf
    • guard clauses at the beginning of methods or in loops -- Andreas Wolf
    • ...
  • ...

Collective Dinner on Wednesday

  • tbd - collective Core Team Dinner with TYPO3 User Group

Core Team activities during T3DD11

  • ...

Brainstorming / Ideas

  • Usability Evaluation, like (SteffenG)
  • Working Spot: FORM project v4 (streamline for Extbase concerning validation, filtering, etc.) (Olly)
  • Working Spot: TCEforms refactoring by Andreas Wolf (Olly)
  • Working Spot: Aloha Editor in v4 Experiment by Georg (Olly)
  • Retrospective: Git/Gerrit - what happened, what is good, what is a barrier (Olly)
  • Retrospective: BugDay - is the current concept still good & how to motivate more Core Team Members (Olly), move it BBB? (SteffenG)
  • TCEforms: Insights in the rewrite (Benni / Andreas Wolf)
  • Status of the 4.6 development (Benni / Xavier)
  • XLIFF: What is it, how does it work? (Xavier?)
  • Introduction to the FORM project (Patrick)
  • Reviewing session for FORM project (Patrick)
  • GSoC Status? (Benni?)
  • Development Infrastructure
    • Extensions using Git, encourage people to use Git (SteffenG)
    • Close bugs.t3o (SteffenG)
    • Form group (from v4+v5 people), what we should improve in Git/Gerrit/Forge/Jenkins (SteffenG)
    • Make BigBlueButton the official meeting point for teams? Look and feel of BBB (better start page, list open meetings, TYPO3 branding etc.) (SteffenG)
  • Handling of Security Issues (SteffenG)
  • Working on Upload API (if someone else is interested / has time) (ChristianM)

Individual Team Meetings

Since the TYPO3 Developer Days offer a great possibility to join and meet in real life, also some other individual teams would like to meet prior to the regular event (e.g. Extbase, Workspaces, Semantics, ...). However these meetings are not related or part of the Core Team Meeting in general - but there would be the possibility to put smaller and well-defined topics to the agenda or the Core Team Meeting.

Workspaces Team (v4)

Date: Tuesday, July 5th 2011 - Wednesday, July 6th 2011

  • Michael Klapper
  • Marco Bresch
  • Tolleiv Nietsch
  • Steffen Ritter
  • Benjamin Mack
  • Oliver Hader

Semantic Web Team (v4 & v5)

Date: Monday, July 4th 2011 - Wednesday, July 6th 2011

  • Jochen Rau
  • Fabien Udriot
  • Thomas Maroschik
  • Andreas Wolf
  • [Write your name here]