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Work-Group Results


Working Mode

Participants: Ingmar Schlecht, Oliver Hader, Andreas Wolf, Steffen Ritter, Tolleiv Nietsch, ?

  • The TYPO3 Core Team hosts a "weekly" meeting every 6 days (excluding Sundays) at 5pm (Tue, Mon, Sat, Fr, ..., Tue, Mon, Sat). Every participant will be granted 4 minutes of talking just about status information (resolved, todo, impediments). Live protocol via etherpad has to be done and later posted to the forge-wiki. These meetings are publicly available to everyone (not restricted to the Core Team Members [CTM]).
  • General agreement to introduce a public calendar collecting all meetings of Core Teams, other teams or community members. Everbody in the TYPO3 community should be allowed to invite to a BBB-Meeting, shown in this calendar. should show a calendar feed including link to bbb session and protocol.
  • We like to introduce so called "Bug Managers". Every Core Team member should take over a "godparenthood" 2 weeks each year. In this time he will be the friendly ghost for the bugtracker. The tasks are to categorize new bugs, monitor bugs, add followers and estimate a difficulty level to fix an issue. In addition a report should be created ("Weekly Bug Summary"). New custom fields should be created on Forge. The friendly ghost marks bugs as "easy to fix for contribution newbies" and an overall difficulty rating has to be done. The friendly ghost of the week has to be presented prominently on including a "list" of the bugs tagged with new field to enable interested contributors to reach him for help, if needed.
  • A competence matrix is to be introduced. Every CTM will be asked about his technical competence (like ExtJS, Prototype, database, testing) and "deeply known" parts of TYPO3 (e.g. IRRE, workspaces, saltedpasswords, Extbase). The friendly ghost uses this matrix to add followers to new bugs, depending on its topic. Furthermore we emphasize people to use this matrix to "invite" reviewers in Gerrit.
  • We discussed to hire someone to review patches which had been laying around in gerrit longer than a time of x days. a possibility to pay this person furthermore to do post-merge reviews as quality assurance came up, as well as giving special submit rights if noone is interested. this has to be discussed in deep since there had nod been an consensus about the details how this could work.

These proposals have been accepted in an open election and will start in the week of July 11th, 2011

Community Collaboration

Participants: Patrick Broens, Anja Leichsenring, Jens Hoffmann, Thomas Maroschik, Nils dehl, Tobias Liebig, Ben van 't Ende


Anja is new to the TYPO3 Community and we asked her in the meeting how she got introduced to TYPO3. Her first acquitance with TYPO3 was the Hamburg BarCamp. For her it was a good introduction to the TYPO3 Community. Except for the Snowboard tour there are no community oriented events and the TYPO3CAMP seem to fill that gap. We have to make sure every event has a TYPO3 community representative speaking about how to join and contribute to TYPO3. This will typically be something for the evangelist orject. Ben will enquire about it's status. Christian Julle Jensen is in charge of that. He confirms he will activate the evangelists asap. Jens mentions Darren Cooper who he calls a Community manager without a community. He is the originator of webmontags. We might look at what he does to maybe adapt some of these principals. Iginition talks (15 min talks - 30 slides autoimatically) is also mentioned as something that can be used.

Talking about these possibilities ignited the idea of having a barcamp track at the Developer Days. At the end of the introductory talk for T3DD11 we will ask who want to hold a talk and who wants to have a presentation about a certain subject. The track will be done on friday from 13:00 - 17:00. The location will be announced on T3DD11/BarCampTrack.

Serious Gaming

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If you want to get your hands dirty, you can start by reviewing some pending patches.

  • Events overview
- Calendar/List of upcomming events
  - official TYPO3 Association Events
  - inofficial Events like TYPO3camps
  - register your camp (link to the contact form)
  - this we need to know: 
    - who 
    - where
    - what will be the topic
    - when and how long
    - do you need anything from us? (f.e. a participant to represent the association)
- How to setup a camp for yourself
  - Checklist with things to think about (Download)
  - FAQ
  - where to get your stuff from
    - Merchandise stuff from TYPO3 Association
      - what is there
      - how to get (link to the contact form)
    - other ressources
  - request funds (link to the contact form)
  • Teams overview
- What are teams in terms of TYPO3? 
- Where is the action (link to
- How can you join?
  - minimal requirements
  - how to find a team leader to ask
- How will you form an own team

Text proposal

Teams play an important role in the TYPO3 community. They take care about long term goals of distinct topics comprised of high skilled and enthusiastic members. Most teams formed themselves naturally by meeting and working together with like-minded members of the community. So feel free, join a bunch of guys around you, hold regular meetings, define your goals and make the community aware of you. Expose your activity on forge, irc and a mailinglist to get more members. Get in touch with other team's leaders and share your plans. Do you need help in kickstarting your team? Ask Ben, your community leader!


Current Developement states

TYPO3 4.6