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Content Type: Extension Note for the extension captcha (captcha).
It is a list of tips indented to supplement the documentation. For more information about the extension, see the extension home page

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Official document: Captcha Library (anti bot obfuscated text string) CAPTCHA troubleshooting :

Formidable's CAPTCHA may not display because the font is not found.

You can try to load directly the page http://yourdomain.tld/typo3conf/ext/ameos_formidable/api/base/rdt_captcha/res/lib/ to figure if there any error messages (this is the url of the image file output script).

The fonts used must be located in directory /typo3conf/ext/ameos_formidable/api/base/rdt_captcha/res/lib/fonts/

If the font's exention is uppercase (eg: .TTF) it will likely not work on UNIX systems. It is thus recomended to use lowercase extensions in your font files.

Also the /typo3conf/ext/ameos_formidable/api/base/rdt_captcha/res/lib/fonts/ directory + all the fonts contained inside must be chmoded to 775 for the CAPTCHA to work.