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T3Doc/doc tut templselect

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notice - This information is outdated

The following tutorial, Modern Template Building, is outdated and nowadays unmaintained. You should read the Templating Tutorial instead!

Notes for current readers of this excellent 2004 tutorial:

This document references wizard_crpages extension which I haven't been able to find. The wizard_crpagetree extension appears to be the current upgrade for this function.

There are inks to the TSref which has moved to a new location.

There are links to extension manuals which have moved. Use and search for the extension name to get the manual; or use the list at

In section 1.3, for adding content:

  • the css_styled_content extension is now a system extension, in the core
  • it uses the CASE object (not USER as in the text and screenshot) for the tt_content TLO

The "Cleaning everything up a bit" at the end of Section 1.3 isn't clear to me at all. I can't follow it, though it certainly looks like a great idea. Maybe this organization should have been used in the first place, rather than copy/move everything around afterward ?