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T3Doc/doc tut templselect

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notice - This information is outdated

The following tutorial, Modern Template Building, is outdated and nowadays unmaintained. You should read the Templating Tutorial - Basics instead!

Notes for current readers of this excellent 2004 tutorial:

This document references wizard_crpages extension which I haven't been able to find. The wizard_crpagetree extension appears to be the current upgrade for this function.

There are inks to the TSref which has moved to a new location.

There are links to extension manuals which have moved. Use and search for the extension name to get the manual; or use the list at

In section 1.3, for adding content:

  • the css_styled_content extension is now a system extension, in the core
  • it uses the CASE object (not USER as in the text and screenshot) for the tt_content TLO

The "Cleaning everything up a bit" at the end of Section 1.3 isn't clear to me at all. I can't follow it, though it certainly looks like a great idea. Maybe this organization should have been used in the first place, rather than copy/move everything around afterward ?