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We have a possible maximum of 35 rooms at the location for about 30 T3UXW and up to 10 core sprint participants. So depending on the availability of the participants there might be some spare beds left for people who would like to join for one or two days.

The actual event will happen from 21st to 28th.

Please enter missing data as soon as possible. If you are able to do other jobs than the one you applied for, please mention that as well. For example there are quite a lot of people who applied as project managers, who can certainly do some other jobs as well ;-)

Participant List

First name Last name Possible Positions Availability (from-to) Arrives on Friday Arrival (Flight/Train) Car sharing T-Shirt (f/m) + size + design Special Food Comments
Petra Hasenau Event Organisation 20 - 29/03/2015 yes on location provides shuttle service f XL 1 - ordered nothing special
Paul Blondiaux Project manager 21 - 25/03/2015 Arrives on Friday Flight+Train no m XXL - ordered no longing to be there! Provides field guiding training + Cooking course
Patrick Broens T3BATMAN / Core 21 - 29/03/2015 Saturday Car from Tilburg, NL m XL - ordered Coffee in the early morning Provides a good walk in the early morning
Nicole Cordes Developer 22 - 24/03/2015 no train m S 3 - ordered nothing special
Thomas Deuling Developer 21 - 28/03/2015 No m S - ordered Provides Sky Go for Football Sessions
Alexandra Dörner mixed 22 - 28/03/2015 arrives on Sunday Car from Hamburg with Frank Nägler f M 2 - ordered nope provides Poker chips
Andreas Fernandez Active Contributor 21 - 28/03/2015 No Car (starting from Heidelberg, DE) Yes (up to two more persons) m M 3 - ordered / Single room please, I'm a snorer :).
Kerstin Finke Frontend / Themes 21 - 28/03/2015 No 21/03 15:44 in ZOB Clausthal No f XXL 1 - ordered -
Carla Froitzheim Mixed / frontend,developer,design 21 - 28/03/2015 No Car from LEV up to 2 persons with small luggage, way back difficult (maybe we return on Sunday) m M 3 - ordered vegetarian, allergy against "Geschmacksverstärker" Provides guided geocaching adventure game, share room with Ingo Nolden
Jo Hasenau Mixed / Accessibility 20 - 29/03/2015 yes on location provides shuttle service m XXXL 3 - ordered nothing special hopefully there will be some Glen Els at the bar ;-)
Jan Helke Developer 21 - 27/03/2015 nope ETA BF Goslar 2015-03-21 17:54h and then by bus to CLZ m 3XL / 4XL 3 - ordered Willing to share a room with Christian Kuhn. A working power plug next to the bed is mandatory for my CPAP device
Helmut Hummel Active Contributor 22 - 24/03/2015 no train m L 1 - ordered nothing special
Dirk Jüttner m M ordered
Natalie Klinke Mixed 21 - 29/03/15 No - Car from Bielefeld (1 seat free) i got one allready -
Benjamin Kott Active Contributor 21 - 28/03/2015 No Car from Düsseldorf Full m XL - ordered
Christian Kuhn CMS Core Team 21 - 28/03/2015 no ETA BF Goslar 2015-03-21 17:54h and then by bus to CLZ m XL 1 - ordered May the source be with you. Willing to share a room with Jan Helke
Riona Kuthe Mixed frontend/design/UX 25 - 28/03/2015 no Train from Stuttgart to Goettingen (Shuttle needed) - f M 3 - ordered -
Robert Lindh m M ordered
Peter Linzenkirchner mixed 21-28/03/2015 no Train, Bus to Goslar or Clausthal-Zellerfeld - m xxl ordered -
Benni Mack CMS Core 21-08/03/2015 (arriving late on 21st) no Car from Stuttgart (leaving around 17.00) - m M ordered Single room would be great, as I'm a snorer
Soren Madsen Mixed frontend/design/UX 21 - 28/03/2015 Yes Not sure yet Anyone else from DK? m XXL - ordered Not too fond of brains and testicles Looking forward!
Radu Mogos Developer + frontend 21 - 28/03/2015 no sharing the ride with Raphael Splivalo m M - ordered no
Andrea Moroni Mixed 21 - 28/03/2015 No by car/batmobil f L 3 - ordered
Frank Nägler Active Contributor 22 - 28/03/2015 Sunday Car no m 5XL 3 - ordered coffee, coffee, coffee I am a heavy snorer, a single room is advisable
Ingo Nolden Mixed 21 - 28/03/2015 No Car from LEV see Carla Froitzheim m M 1 - ordered lactose intolerance Provides guided geocaching adventure game, share room with Carla Froitzheim
Daniel Sattler Active Contributor 21 - 28/03/2015 No Car with Benni Mack m L ordered -
Tilo Schmidtsdorff m M ordered
Mathias Schreiber CMS Product Owner 21 - 28/03/2015 No Car from Düsseldorf Full already has one
Raphael Splivalo Project manager - some dev 21 - 28/03/2015 No Car from Lausanne / Switzerland 2 places left m - 3XL (or 4XL?) ordered no need a power plug near the bed for my cpap device
Pascal Stammer frontend-developer, typo3 integrator 23 - 27/03/2015 No Train from Hamburg to Goslar, Train from Goslar to Bremerhaven - m M ordered no
Kay Strobach Developer 21 - 28/03/2015 no car or train, depends if there is one who can be picked up, via DD - L - CZ m XL - ordered no porc
Sacha Vorbeck Gov, Adminstration, User support, Accessibility, TS 21 - 27/03/2015 no car m L ordered I prefer veg. food MTB, I can sharpen knives, I snore noisily and will bring earplugs
Heike Wiese Developer/Grafik 21 - 28/03/2015 no Car from Oldenburg Yes (up to one more persons) m XXL 1 - ordered no