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We have room for a possible maximum of 32 participants at the location. So depending on the availability of the participants there might be some spare beds left for people who would like to join for one or two days.

The actual event will happen from 15th of April to 22nd of April.

Please enter missing data as soon as possible.

Participant List

First name Last name Possible Positions Availability (from-to) Arrives on Sunday Arrival (Flight/Train) Car sharing T-Shirt (f/m) + size Special Food Comments
Frank Nägler Development Sun-Sat (maybe Sun) yes Car maybe from HH, starttime could be really late m (5XL) no Banana?
Susanne Moog Wizard, Unicorn Sat-Sun yes Car car from BRE, will pick up Marco & Philipp f (XL) no here is a nice comment for you.
Gernot Ploiner CEO, Dev, ... Sun-Sun yes Car from WT (AT) via DD (DE) m (XL) no -
Rens Admiraal UX Disc., dev, ... ? ? Car Preferably with batman m (3XL) no -
Patrick Broens A11Y, development Sun-Sun yes Car Takes Rens (no more places left) m (XL) no Organizes walks in the early morning
Kai van Grunsven UX Design Sun-Fri yes Train(?) - m (XL) no NLD
Carla Froitzheim Mixed Sun-Sun yes Car m M allergic to Geschmacksverstärker
Ingo Nolden Mixed Sun-Sun yes Car share car with Carla m M no share room with Carla
Rachel Foucard Mixed Sun-Sun yes Plane f M no
Jo Hasenau Concept, Development Sun-Sun yes Car Can pick up people sunday afternoon at Hanover airport or main station m 3XL no Whisky?
Sandra Pohl Concept, UX Design, PM Sun-Sun yes (but late) Car f L no
Oliver Hader Development Sun-Sun yes (most probably) Car from Hof, picking up Holger Will m M no
Tom Warwick Documentation Sun-Sun yes Flight Arrive 10:25AM Sun / Dept 11:15AM Sun - - -
Michael Straschek Development (BE/FE), UX Sun-Sun yes Car traveling w/ M Schreiber from Düsseldorf m M vegetarian -
Artus Kolanowski Development Sun-Fri (maybe Sat) yes Train - m M mostly vegetables, more organic less convenience -
Holger Will Concept, UX/UI Design Sun-Sun yes (most probably) Car will get picked up by Oliver Hader m S no
Richard Haeser Development Sun-Sun yes Car - m 2XL no
Andreas Fernandez Development Sun-Sun yes Car - m L no
Marco Krenn UX/UI, Frontend Sat-Sun yes Flight/Car with Susi m XXL vegetarian
Philipp Hamid Mixed Sat-Sun yes with Susi - m XL no
Björn Jacob Concept, Documentation, PM, Testing Sun-Sat yes Car Yes m M no
Ralf Zimmermann Concept, Development Sun-Sat yes Car Share car with Björn m S no Gin?
Marc Wessels Development Sun - Fri (maybe Sat) yes Car - m XXL no
Thomas Maroschik Concept, Development Sun-Sun yes Car from Fürth/Nürnberg m L no
Luis Pato Concept, UX Design, Frontend Sun-Sun yes Car share car with Thomas Maroschik m S/M Vegetarian
Dirk Jüttner Concept, UX Design Sun-Sun yes Car from Wertheim m M no
Kay Strobach Concept, UX / UI, Development Sun-Sun yes Car from Dresden via A38 m XL no hazelnut, no apple bido bido ...
Mona Muzaffar Mixed Sun-Sun yes car with Benji f S/M no pork or alcohol for me please